Monday, January 14, 2013

Ugly PJ Post–For Your Viewing Pleasure

We’ve been…….oh shall I say Kent aka Mr. Genius has been updating the computer.

Which means I had to look through a bunch of my old crap aka random pics that I never do anything with to see what I wanted on the new hard drive.

Guess what I found?

Yep tons of random ugly Pj pictures! Yeah you may take pictures of yourself looking all suave but I seem to love taking pictures of myself when I’m looking my worst. 

I dedicate this post to Kelly from Kent and Kelly who left a comment on the last post saying that I’m photogenic. Below is further proof that you are sooooo right! Winking smile 



Maybe I should have titled this post “I’m sexy and I Know it”



Seems like there is almost always a coffee cup involved. If it’s not in the photo I can promise you it’s sitting somewhere close on a counter nearby.

            IMAG5180  IMAG5236


Just a little FYI I’ve usually already left the house by the time I take these awesome pics. I get dressed to go to the gym then come home shower and throw on a sweet ensemble like the one below on.



No ugly Pj photo is complete without the perfect accessory……big black mascara circles!

            IMAG0283  IMAG2754

Look past those bloodshot eyes to cute puppy. Awwww Brady was little! Those were the good ol’ days when we he would cry all night long. Good times, good times!


On the left: What I usually look like when I’m working. Notice the messy undecorated office in the background.
On the right: What I want my clients to THINK I look like while I’m working all the live long day. You know, stylish photographer editing in her swanky office.  



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  1. Too too funny... Luv all the random PJ's... not sure which you have more of PJ's or coffee cups? Lol

  2. You are so funny! I love love love all your pj pics!

  3. Love the slippers no PJ ensemble is complete without them! Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself.


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