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Thursday, December 17, 2015

We've Moved - Come See Our New Space

We’ve moved!
Well our blog has moved. 

I will no longer be posting from this account but you can find us over on our new little space in the web and let me tell ya Heather from Life Made Lovely did a fantastic job! 

I couldn’t be more in love with the blog design she’s created for us. I had such a rough experience with my last blog designer. Working with Heather was a breath of fresh air and I can’t sing her praises enough! 

This blog account will remain live and I may jump on just 1 more time to remind you to come find us over on our new blog but for the most part new content will be on our new site 

Why the Move?

I already had a Wordpress account and a hosted site that I wasn’t using for my photography business. Blogger has been great for the last 7 years buuuuuut……… YES I’ve had this blog for 7 years, can you believe it!?! I wanted more. I more control of my site, better photo display, a space that was more user friendly so it’s easier for me to connect with you, and a way to reach more views. Wordpress could offer me all of this. It was something I’ve been thinking on for the last 2 years. Heather helped guide me in making that jump! 

How Can I Follow Along With Your New Post?

-Over on our new site (HERE) You can subscribe via email! When a new post goes up you’ll receive it right in your inbox! 

- Follow us via Bloglovin! By clicking the cute yellow heart in sidebar of our new blog you’ll be directed to our Bloglovin page. You can follow us there and we’ll love ya for it!

 - Add us to your Google Reader. 

What Now?
- I’ll be taking a blog break until after the New Year as I prepare for Bloguaray! YES Bloguary is coming back this year!!!! Are you excited? I am! Well excited and nervous as usual. I’ll be chatting more about what to expect during Bloguary on our new site but I sure hope you’ll follow along! 

- We’ll also be doing our annual Valentines Box Swap (this is year number 4) All details about this will be available soon on our new site. 

- Besides all the fun stuff coming up the beginning of the year I’ll be keeping up with our weekly Wednesday post so you’ll get some type of new content (blog post or vlog) from me each and every Wednesday. While this move was going on I’ve been doing our weekly blog post live via Periscope which is really be fun! 

 -My writing style and the type of post will be the same! Full of randomness and chats about things from photography, motherhood, kiddos, DIYs, health and fitness, and of course our trips to the mountains. Same Kendra just a new pretty site. 

 -I’ve decided to keep this account open so “Domestic Princess in Training” will still be here, I just wont. All previous post from this account have been moved over to our new space so if you’re looking for something you read here you can find it over on the blog as well! 

I know some of you have been following along for a very very long time which warms my heart more than you know and I’d hate to lose you so…… 

I sure hope you’ll stop by our new blog and follow along! 

New Site (clickable link) Hanging With the Huies

Saturday, November 28, 2015


Shop Small Sat 2015 copy


Did ya know we have an Etsy store?
Yep we sure do!

I try to keep the “BUY FROM US” type post to a very very small minimum but I do love sharing about our little family run business on Shop Small Saturday.

To celebrate Shop Small Saturday we’re offering 40% OFF your order with the code JOLLY as well as an additional coupon that will be emailed to you after your payment has cleared for 20% OFF your NEXT order (20% off coupon is good until 1.1.16) for all orders placed on Shop Small Saturday. Yipee that’s a pretty sweet deal!

If our Etsy store is all new to you and you’re wondering what the what I’m talking about I thought I would also take today to share a little about how we got started and why DROOLZIES rocks!

IMG_1941The one that started it all

How We Came To Be: When Weston was itty bitty he cut his 1st teeth right at 4 months. Yep an early teether and man oh mighty was he a major drool bucket. I was constantly wiping drool from his chin and saying “Oh buddy you have droolzies” was something I said at least 20 times a day and shirts were changed throughout the day almost as much. I would put him in the typical bibs which were ok but I just hated the way they looked and they didn’t do the job. The ones that worked-ish had a plastic lining which are not breathable and many would not absorb drool due to that same plastic material that kept it from leaking through onto his clothing. Enter a mama with a need…….

I wanted something cute yet functional. Something that helped keep his clothing dry but also had a breathable material. Something that he would be comfortable wearing.

I reached out to my mother-in-law who was a professional seamstress and DROOLZIES was born.

In the beginning they were just something my mother-in-law made for Weston to wear but after tons of interest from friends, family and even strangers on the street we decided to open a little shop on Instagram.

I was blown away with how much support and love our little Instagram page received. I had a hard time keeping up with sales and as we grew found it more challenging to streamline the ordering process via Instagram so 2 years ago we opened our Etsy shop!

And here we are!

My mother-in-law is the brains behind the sewing machine and y’all she rocks in the quality department! I run the design, order fulfillment, and social media side of the buisness. Every now and then my father-in-law steps in to help and Kent (my hubby) is my right hand IT man. We’re the definition of a small family run business. 


Our bandana bibs are designed to grow with your baby and have 2 snap options. My boys started wearing their DROOLZIES when they were 2 months old and Weston wore his same DROOLZIES up until he was 1.5. I tried one on him just for fun the other day (he’s currently 2) and it still fits!

DROOLZIES has a flannel backing. This keeps the drool from soaking through onto your child's clothing BUT and this was a big one for me it’s still breathable…..not like that plastic lined bibs.

Quality that last! Weston always and I mean always had a DROOLZIES on during his teething years. He was such a drool bucket that I had to keep one on him or take 10 changes of clothing when me when we left the house. We washed and wore and washed and wore his DROOLZIES like crazy and those very same DROOLZIES are now being worn by my 2nd son.

We try our best to ship quickly! I know what it’s like to by something from an Esty vendor and wait weeks I’ve even waited months for an item to arrive. I don’t want to do that to you! If it’s in our store it’s made and ready to ship!

Many of our customers are return customers! I love seeing that little green star (noting that a customer is a repeat buyer) on an invoice! That means we’re holing up our end of the deal!

We keep our store stocked and add new prints often! We currently have 40 different prints in our store and sitting next to me as I type are 12 new prints waiting to be photographed and added to our shop!

Now let’s look at some of these cuties I’ve been chatting about:

Here Are Some of Our Holiday Prints:

IMG_9458 copy

IMG_6325 copy

IMG_9470 copy

IMG_9465-Edit copy

IMG_9477-2 copy

IMG_9463 copy

And JUST A FEW of the other options we currently have In our store be sure to visit our shop so you can see our other prints!

IMG_6336 copy

IMG_6319 copy

IMG_6375 copy

IMG_9452 copy

IMG_6386 copy

IMG_6373 copy

IMG_6339 copy




We hope that you shop small today and we would be tickled if you choose to shop small with us!

Link to our store: DROOLZIES on Etsy
Shop Small Saturday Sale: 40% OFF your order with the code JOLLY an additional 20% OFF coupon that you may use on your next order (20% off coupon is good until 1.1.16) will be emailed once payment has cleared for all order that are placed on Shop Small Saturday!

Please share with your friends and family and help us spread the word! 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Potty Training Diaries: I Ate my lunch on the bathroom floor

It’s the day before Thanksgiving
Everyone is busy preparing for the big meal…..
getting ready for company……
grocery shopping…..

No us!

For the last few years we’ve taken my in-laws out to eat on Thanksgiving day.
No dirty dishes to clean.
No long grocery lines to wait in.
No traveling.

We actually really enjoy this unintentional tradition.

So knowing that most are busy preparing for Thanksgiving with no time to read my little ol’ blog I decided that I wouldn’t put a post up for our weekly Wednesday post.

Buuuuuut here I am.

In the wee hours of the morning alone with my coffee cup sitting in front of my computer with really not a lot to say which is usually when things get all rambly and weird.

That can kind of be fun sometimes though, no?

So for those who happen to be here reading……

here’s your mini dose of ramble.

Perfect for potty training: For the Frozen lovers with a sense of humor.

Yesterday I ate my lunch on the bathroom floor while waiting for Weston to poop.

It was unsuccessful and I figured as much as he always has to go “poops” right at nap or bed time aka he’s trying to pull one over on his folks.

Are you done trying buddy?
“Nope I still trying. Can you sit witd me riiiiight here (pointing to the floor by the toilet)” said in the sweetest voice you’ve ever heard.

“But mama’s hungry. I’m going to eat some lunch while you keep trying. I’ll be right here (pointing to the kitchen)”
It was 2:30 and all I had eaten for the day was a protein bar.

“Can you eat your lunch in here witd me?” Again pointing to a tiny space on the floor next to the toilet.

Come on how can you say no to that?

So he wins.
A later nap time and a hungry mama singing songs about pop while she eats her lunch next to the potty hoping for poop to actually happen.

It definitely wasn’t a moment I‘m proud of. 

So if you too are eating lunch out on Thanksgiving and see a lady sitting on the floor in the bathroom with a plate in her lap signing songs about poop and pee feel free to pop your head under the door and say hi.

I’d love the company and I’d love it even more if sang some potty songs with us.