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Monday, January 26, 2015

Cloth Diaper Storage and Q&A – Bloguary Day 13


You asked for it and it only took me a year to deliver! Today’s post is all about……….

Our cloth diaper storage
Things we use along with our cloth diapers
A round of Q&A where I answer your questions about cloth diapering

Let’s jump right in shall we?

IMG_0733 copy

Weston’s dresser doubles as his changing table and works out great for us!

The old wire baskets were a flea market score. I knew they would be perfect for his diapers!

The top basket holds our all in one Happy Flute diapers which I like to use in the mornings and when we’re hanging at home. The bottom bin holds some of our pocket Sun Baby diapers. I’ve tried many a brand of cloth diaper. Even took a little break from cloth diapering so that we could test a few out before I made my mind up. Most that I tried were more expensive than Sun Baby cloth but for us these were the winners! It’s different for everyone though so you really need to test a few out before you deiced what you want build your stash with.

The wooden box on top of the dress is used to store coconut oil, diaper liners, cloth diaper safe diaper rash cream and a few other odds and ends.

IMG_0691-Edit copy

I mean really y’all how cute, right? Yes I cloth diaper for cost and environmental reasons buuuuuut I’m not going to lie the cute factor is a major perk as well.

Now that Weston’s older he likes to pick out which diaper he wears. He enjoys the fun prints just as much as I do! The thing that’s not so great is when he runs up to a little buddy points to his diaper area and says “Giraffe!” then starts to pull his waist band down to show off his giraffe print diaper. Ha!

IMG_0739 copy

A few things we use with our cloth diapers……
*Diaper Liners: I’ll talk more about the liners in my video below. We use them with each diaper change.
*Coconut Oil: We all know about the many, many, maaaaaany uses of coconut oil. It’s also safe for cloth diapers. I’ll use it to moisturize his bum from time to time. It’s also great for diaper rashes and to butter between those sweet baby rolls when they’re little.
*CJs BUTTer: Cloth diaper safe diaper rash cream. Thankfully he’s never had a full blown diaper rash but if I ever see his little tush start to look the slightest pink I use this.

Random Tip: Not related to diapers but Weston’s face gets super dry in the winter. Every night we rub some CJs BUTTer around his nose and on his cheeks. It’s very thick so it stays on his skin throughout the night and has done wonders for his chapped cheeks. Yep it’s all natural and safe to use on other areas besides the bum!

IMG_0727 copy

IMG_0701 copy

I hung an over the door shoe organizer to store the diapers that don’t fit in the wire baskets. Once the baskets start to get low I pull a few from the closet organizer and fill the baskets back up, easy peasy!

IMG_0754-Edit copy

I have a designated drawer in his dresser that holds inserts for our pocket diapers. Usually I’m able to wash, stuff (if need be), then put away diapers in either the baskets or his closet organizer but I have some extra inserts I can add to his diaper if I want them to have a little more absorbency than normal. We’re also in the middle of switching from microfiber blend inserts over to a cotton blend insert so I have quite a few microfiber inserts that I keep stored in the designated drawer. I’ll be saving the microfiber inserts for Carson’s diapers (baby #2). They’re great for babies that aren’t wetting as much as a toddler but we need something with a little more absorbency these days. The inserts we use are also from Sun Baby! 

Next to the dresser is our Ubbi diaper pail. LOVE that thing! We usually have a 2nd smaller diaper pail next to the Ubbi for disposable diapers. It started to hold smell so I’m currently disinfecting and airing it out. One of the many reasons why I love the Ubbi pail. It’s made of coated steel which keeps it from absorbing and holding onto stink. They are not cheap but I’m glad we bought it and I’ll be buying a 2nd one for Carson’s room. 

When I’m ready to do diaper laundry I open the pail and grab the Ubbi cloth bag which is like a large wet bag and take it down to the washer and dump everything including the bag inside.

IMG_0758 copy

The top drawer right under the changing pad holds our disposable night time diapers and wipes. Yep we use disposables as well! I’ll talk more about it in the video below.

Time for the Q&A part! Be sure to make it to the end so you can see me make a fool out of myself. That’s always fun (I’ve included a few bloopers)

Links I mentioned in the clip:
Saving $ With Cloth
How Much Do You Save

Thanks to everyone who left a cloth diaper question on Instagram! I always get SUPER nervous to ask for questions so I appreciate you taking the tome to play along!

Want to win this cute wet bag? They’re not just for diapers. TONS of uses for wet bags. I even have one in my gym bag for sweaty gym clothes! We take one to the pool for wet swimsuits. The list goes on.

Details on how to win below! 

IMG_0770 copy

1 Entry: Leave a comment on this post letting me know what you would use your wet bag for. Do keep in mind that I have my comments set up to need approval before they post.
Please make sure that you have an email linked to your account so I can reach out to you if you win!
2 Entries: Like our Instagram page (Kendra.Pryor) and leave a comment under the corresponding Cloth Diaper post photo letting me know that you’re a new or current IG friend and that you would like to win the giveaway.
3 Entries: Tag 3 friends under the corresponding IG Cloth Diaper post that you think would enjoy our IG feed or would be interested in this giveway.

>>>>The giveaway opens 1/26 and closes 2/2

>>>>A winner will be picked at random and announced on 2/3!
If I’m unable to get in touch with you by 2/4 I will be selecting a different winner.

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  1. I would use this wet bag for my newborn (coming in June), it would be perfect for when he has accidents or we decide to try out cloth diapers. I am also a gym rat so it might even be used for that... like you said, the possibilities are endless! - Contact Info - Jordan Flowers

  2. I love your setup! It is so organized and cute! I came across your youtube video and found your blog. I am from the US and I don't have kids yet but I am researching CDs and my mom actually had all five kids in cloth when I was growing up. I would use the wetbag to begin my stash and probably use it when I bring cloth diapers out and about.

  3. Thank you for answering my question regarding your wash routine.
    I would definitely use the wet bag when I am out and about with my 4 month old son. We just started cloth diapering and have already learned how important it is to have multiple wet bags!!!

  4. What are the dimensions of your wired baskets?

  5. What are the dimensions of your wired baskets?


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