Monday, November 28, 2011

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Huie’s 2011 Newsletter


The Huie’s 2011 Newsletter is coming soon! This is a place holder for now.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Halloween Tradition


Well not really sure if we can call it a tradition BUT it’s something we’ve done for two years in a row! It’s getting close to becoming a tradition I guess.

For the last  two years my neighbor and close friend (I know, how lucky am I) sit in my front yard and pass out candy together. We chat, laugh, and oh and aw over all the little cuties. Although this year we had lots of older kids  (teenagers) sans costumes.


Kent I laid down a ground rule for our future children. We’re cool with them trick-or-treating as long as they want but they must ALWAYS wear a costume or we won’t let them go. It sounds mean but I think that’s the price you pay as a trick or treater. You get free candy and in return the passer-outer (do you like that) gets to see you dressed up! It’s only fair! 



                IMG_8649-editblog    IMG_8650-edit

Ninja even got in on the action. He was a bubble bee and a mighty cute one at that!




Oh Mrs. Marsh May (that’s my nick name for her). She calls me Kendra Lou.
I just love this girl to pieces! She is such a special friend. I don’t think I could have picked a better neighbor myself. I know I’ve said that a million times but it’s true!  

It was fun dressing up! We felt a little like superstars. We had our pictures taken with random strangers and the kids excited to see the costumes. I guess my costume was a good choice because the elementary kids are learning about Cat and the Hat in school right now. They were all excited to tell me about it. 


I think I’m going to be a Disney princess next year!

Ps…..The Cat and the Hat costume was browed from Mrs. Marsha May. It was her Halloween costume when she was in the 7th grade! Isn’t that neat! I wish I would have hung onto some of my old costumes.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Back from Arkansas

I’m bAAAAAck! 
Y’all let me tell you something, the Ozark Mountains are stunning this time of year. No wonder I had such a hard time finding a cute cabin for us to stay in. We ended up staying in Hot Springs and took a day trip to the Ozarks. I am still on could nine thinking about all the beautiful things I saw……bold rich fall colors (the prettiest I’ve ever seen), natural waterfalls, maintains, old rustic bridges, vacant shacks…..the list just goes on and on. I was wishing my niece was with me. We would’ve had tons of backdrop options for her senior pictures. Oh my gosh to be a photographer in Arkansas this time of yea; I can’t even imagine! 


I now have trillions of pictures of fall scenery that I have no idea what I’m going to do with.


I was thinking about maybe making a fall picture calendar or may using the images on notes cards.
I have no idea! I know I’m going to frame a few and hang them in our living room…someday! I’ve been saying I’m going to do gallery way for the longest!



Kent and I pulled out the tripod and took our Christmas card photos. This is our second year doing this as Kent refuses to let me hire a photographer. Let me tell ya it’s not easy! We were able to get a few cutes ones. I will say we did a better job using the tripod this year. Last year was even more of a mess! I think we got maybe 2 good ones last year but we have 6 or so keepers. I’m cool with that!  


                 IMG_8971-editweb    IMG_9622-editweb

I was in need of a new headshot so my sweet hubby took over the camera for a bit. I feel pretty lucky that Kent also knows his way around a camera! I told him what type of pose and shot I was looking for and he took care of the rest.

On a side note I HATE being on the other side of the camera.

I now want some type of chemical peel.

Annnnddd I have one eye that’s bigger than the other when I smile….in some shots (you can see what I’m talking about in the pic on the right). What in the world is up with that? I think that’s a new thing.



Once I have a chance to work through more of our photos I’m going to share more about our trip to fall heaven! We already talking about going back next year!