Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Snail Mail Love Package Swap

If you follow along on Instagram or Facebook you've heard about our little Valentine Snail Mail swap! We all enjoy getting a little snail mail love......am I right?

I thought hosting a Snail Mail Love package swap would be a great way to meet new friends, a good excuse to get my craft on, and fun way send a little love via good ol' snail mail.

All the info you need to join is below! 

Step 1. Register:  Let me know you want in through one of the options below. Be sure to include your email address if you register via social media. Once registration closes I'll be in touch to get your address.
Ways to register:
-Shoot me an email at: domesticprincessintraining@gmail.com
-Leave a comment under this post (include your email address)
-Let me know via Instagram or Facebook (include your email address)

Sign up closes at Midnight on January 20th. That's just one week from today. :o)

Step 2. Spread the Word: Blog, Instagram, Tweet, Facebook, Chi-Chat with your gal pals. However you choose to help us spread the word! This is our 1st year doing this so we need all the help we can get to get the word out about the Snail Mail Love package exchange! The more people that join in the more fun it will be! When sharing via Instagram or Twitter be sure to use #snailmaillove so we can find each other!

Step 3. Who's Your Buddy: On Tuesday, January 22nd I will email you the name and address of your Snail Mail Love exchange buddy. You will not actually be swapping back and forth with the same person you're assigned. You'll be sending to the person you're assigned and a different person will be sending you a package. This is great because you'll be able to meet to 2 new friends instead of one. Once you have your buddies info get started on your card and love package!

Step 4: Document The Journey: Share pictures of you getting your craft on, shopping for items for your package, shoot even share a photo of you waiting in line to mail your package. Get creative and share the journey with us! Seeing the process is all part of the fun and a great way to connect with others that are participating! I will pull some of my favorite photos to share on a later blog post. Don't forget to use the hashtag #snailmaillove!   

Step 5. Send Your Snail Mail Love: On or before Saturday February 2nd mail your package. This means your package should be on its way NO LATER THAN Saturday, February 2nd!

Step 6. Receive & Document: Blog, Instagram, Tweet, Fcebook about your Snail Mail Love package and your adventure with the exchange. Sharing about what you received and your experience participating in the Snail Mail Love swap is part of the fun. Be sure and use #snailmaillove on Instagram and Twitter so we can all find each other!

Step 7. Link up! For those that blog I'll be hosting a Linky Party on February 19th so bloggers can link up their Snail Mail Love blog post. Yet another great way to connect with other participants. Even f you're not a blogger be sure to keep sharing photos and hash tagging #snailmaillove! I'll pull a few of my favorites and share them during our Linky Party!

Snail Mail Love FAQs:

1. Do I need to have a blog to participate?
Nope everyone within the US blogger or not is invited to join in! If you live outside of the US read below

**I don't live within the US can I  still join?**
To keep shipping fair to everyone it's best if you live within he US. With that being said I really hate leaving folks out. Here's the fix! If you outside of the US but would like to participate shoot me an e-mail to let me know you want in and where you live. If we have another buddy enter that lives in your area I will match you up. I know there are several followers in Australia as well as UK and Canada sooooo it's worth a try! If I'm able to find a match for you I will be in touch to let you know!

2. How much should I spend?
You can spend any amount you're comfortable with but I would not spend more than $20-$25 which includes cost of shipping. If you get creative your can put together an awesome package for very little.  

3. What should I Include in my Snail Mail Love package?
Welllll this is up to you! The only thing that's required is a crafted or purchased Valentine card and a few goodies to complete your Snail Mail Love package. You can stalk (friendly stalk not cray-cray scary stalk) your buddy and see if they're into anything in particular. Ideas:  chocolate, crafting supplies if your buddy is a crafter, a small candle, funky Valentines socks,coffee/tea/hot chocolate mix, funky mug, dish towel, vintage coolness, handcrafted goods, stationary, accessories, some of your favorite inexpensive items like chapstick or a small bottle of your favorite hand lotion. The possibilities are endless BUT be sure to keep shipping cost in mind!  Have fun with your Valentine card and putting together your Snail Mail Love package. I'm giving you plenty of time to get creative (if you choose) so be sure to start ASAP so it's a fun experience for you! 

4. Is it a secret?
Yes! We want to make sure your buddy is surprised when they receive they receive their Snail Mail Love package. You can share, document, hashtag pics and talk allllllllll about your journey. You just might not want to directly tag your buddy with a picture of their Snail Mail Love package saying something like "Hey So-and-So this is your gift."  :)

5. What if I don't receive my assignment.
When you email/comment/Instagram/Facebook me to let me know you want in I will reply confirming you're in and asking for your mailing address.

If you do not hear back from me by 1/22 that means I did NOT receive your email,comment, or you did not include an email address for me to reach you at. Be sure to follow up. I wan to make sure that everyone that wants to participate gets in before the deadline! 

Eeekkkk I know that's a lot of info but aren't you excited! I know I am! 

Here's the Cliffs Notes Version: 
Sign Up by 1/20
 Spread the word Blog, Fb, Instagram, Tweet, don't forget to hashtag: #snailmaillove
Get your Assignment on 1/22
Start gathering your goodies for your package and working on your card.
Have FUN and document the process!
Send your Snail Mail Love Package on or before 2/2
Instagram, Blog, Fb, Tweet, About your Journey
Come Back Here and Link Up On 2/19

Please share this button on your blog and social media accounts.
Be sure to link back here so others  can find the swap!

Big big  THANK YOU to Katie from Building a House of Love for creating our super cute button!

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Ugly PJ Post–For Your Viewing Pleasure

We’ve been…….oh shall I say Kent aka Mr. Genius has been updating the computer.

Which means I had to look through a bunch of my old crap aka random pics that I never do anything with to see what I wanted on the new hard drive.

Guess what I found?

Yep tons of random ugly Pj pictures! Yeah you may take pictures of yourself looking all suave but I seem to love taking pictures of myself when I’m looking my worst. 

I dedicate this post to Kelly from Kent and Kelly who left a comment on the last post saying that I’m photogenic. Below is further proof that you are sooooo right! Winking smile 



Maybe I should have titled this post “I’m sexy and I Know it”



Seems like there is almost always a coffee cup involved. If it’s not in the photo I can promise you it’s sitting somewhere close on a counter nearby.

            IMAG5180  IMAG5236


Just a little FYI I’ve usually already left the house by the time I take these awesome pics. I get dressed to go to the gym then come home shower and throw on a sweet ensemble like the one below on.



No ugly Pj photo is complete without the perfect accessory……big black mascara circles!

            IMAG0283  IMAG2754

Look past those bloodshot eyes to cute puppy. Awwww Brady was little! Those were the good ol’ days when we he would cry all night long. Good times, good times!


On the left: What I usually look like when I’m working. Notice the messy undecorated office in the background.
On the right: What I want my clients to THINK I look like while I’m working all the live long day. You know, stylish photographer editing in her swanky office.  



Don’t forget our Valentine Swap is under way!
If you would like to join in click HERE for more info





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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

When a Facebook Update Turns into a Blog Post

I started to type this as a Facebook status update but thought “Um yeah wayyyy to long.”

Enter blog……..

Kent meet me for an impromptu lunch at my fave place….MARKET STREET! We chatted and enjoyed a yummy lunch. Y’all if you don’t take advantage of Market Street’s Café you’re missing out. It’s reasonably priced and a great place to pop in for a good healthy meal.

Okay back on track

I’ve been struggling with something that’s been a huge goal of mine for a long time. I’ve had several people support me to make this dream happen which means the world to me!

It was all there….right in my lap……. I just had to put myself out there and grab it.



What did I do?

I got scared
and downright sick at my stomach thinking about going for it.

I let my dream slip through my fingers and decided it just wasn’t meant to be. Pretty much I became a big fat chicken and lied to myself. What? It wasn’t meant to be? Who says? Fear said that’s who!

I let Mr. Fear get in my ear and sing his nasty negative song!



Kent gave me a firm talking to during our little impromptu lunch.

He reminded me that I’ve worked hard to get where I am and THIS was something that I really wanted.

He said things like……..
“You only fail if you don’t try.”
“All you need to do is go for it.”

He was so right and it was something that I really need to hear. To him we were just talking but to me he was filling me with inspiration and support.

Our little conversation made me think……….

Not only about what I was struggling with but about being that person of inspiration and support to others.

You never know when a friendly smile, a meaningful hug, or words of inspiration and positivity may be just what someone needed hear.

Because of our organic conversation about my struggles and being a BIG FAT CHICKEN. Kent inspired me to get back on track with my goal which I may have otherwise let fall by the wayside.

Words are powerful and uplifting!

You can choose to be a person of negativity and anger.


You can step outside of yourself and your world and be a person of light and love to those around you! I chose the latter.

Now get out of my way. I have some high-fives and bear hugs to pass out. Winking smile

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Project Life:I Want To Do It But Where Do I Start?


I have several friends that want to start Project Life albums this year but feel overwhelmed and are not sure where to start. Can you sympathize? If so this post if for you!

Let me start off by saying that I am in no way affiliated with Becky Higgins or Project Life. I’m just a customer who loves the product and wants to help!

The Good Ol’ Days:
I miss how Becky used to sale her kits. It was a one stop shop type of thing. You paid for a full kit and got everything you needed to complete an album in one whack. I’m glad I started Project Lifeing (It’s a cool word let’s go with it) before the change. Now everything is sold separately and you need to purchase the items you think you need for your kit. I get it but I can see how this could be overwhelming to someone who is new the whole Project Life craze.

Nuts and Bolts:
The great thing about PL is that it’s simple. It’s all done for you. All you need is a little time, printed photos, and a pen. That’s it! You can take it as far as you want to go after you have the basic items or you and keep it simple.  With that being said the Core Kit is a big part of the simplicity of Project Life. It’s the design element that’s pulls it all together. This is where you want to start!

Select a core kit that you love. This year I’m using Clementine!  Smile



The Album:
Now that you have your design elements picked out it’s time to add an album to your cart. Becky has an album designed to match each core kit. You can select your core kit’s album or choose her solid white album. I always go with the album that coordinates with the kit I’m using.



The Pages:
This is where it can get a little tricky. There are several different photo page designs and Becky is not the only company that sales great quality photo pages that work with the Project Life album.

My suggestion would be to start with  a pack of Design A. Get to know it use it in your layouts. THEN decided where you want to go from there. There are tons of ways you can use this layout.

Once you’ve become familiar with the Design A layout you can decide if you want to keep going with it throughout your album or mix it up a little. I’m one for mixing it up!

Design A and D (shown below) are the 2 designs that I use most often.

Becky tends to run out of photo pages. Don’t let that stop you! Check out other companies such as We are Memory Keepers for photo pages protector options.

We love it……right? It’s great for capturing those precious yet random moments which is what Project Life is all about.  If you’re a big Instagramer like myself you may want to include your Instagram photos in your album.


Love this photo page proctor for my Instagram photos!


The Extras:
You can go as far as you want with this. Nothing below is necessary. In fact my 1st album only included the items we’ve talked about above and it’s beautiful BUT if you want to add a little extra love to your album here are a few simple and cost effective ways you can do that!

Washi Masking Tape: You can find it online, at Target, and at you local craft supply store 


Smash Book Goodies: I love to use Smash Book accessories in my albums. They’re easy to find and not too pricey! You can find them at Target, online, and your local craft store.


Scrapbook Paper Kits: Becky sales scrapbook paper that coordinates with the album but I like to find design elements that coordinate while adding a little something different so I don’t purchase her scrapbook paper.

You can purchase scrapbook paper by the sheet or in a kit like the one shown below. I love that the kits usually include coordinating letters and design elements. Look for scrapbook paper kits online, at Target, Wal-Mart, your local craft store and even  discount stores like Tuesday Morning and Ross. Be sure you take a coupon along if your purchase yours at Michaels or Hobby Lobby! Every little bit helps, right?


Alphabet stickers: Yep! I use them a lot in my album! Easy and cost effective way to add a little pop to your pages! 


Stamps: Because they’re cute and easy to use! Tons of great stamps out there! Find a few that you like that complement the overall look of your album.


The Personal Touch:
Love that you not only add photos to your album but memorabilia as well. Here are some personal items I like to add to my Project Life album.
-Printed Blog Post
-Receipts from outings or things I want to remember 
-Printed out emails or fb comments
-Magazine articles or pictures that I like 
-Tickets from a movie/concert/show
-And the list goes on………

So what do you think? Are you ready to get your Project Life on? If you’re still not sure what to do I’ve included links to everything you’ve seen in this post. You can follow the links and just purchase what you see here and you’ll be good to go!

I’ll be sharing my Project Life layouts through Instagram! If you’re on Instagram let’s be buddies so I can see what you’re doing with your album as well!