Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bump Watch: Sharing the News, Gender Revel & The Name

13.5 Week sonogram

We had our 2nd sonogram at 13.5 weeks to check the development of the baby. It’s called the  First Trimester Screening. Basically they take blood from the mom to test for chromosomal abnormalities and use sonogram to check the baby for Down Syndrome. It’s non invasive and used as an entry level test.

The baby’s heart was beating strong and he/she looked healthy! After all the technical stuff was out of the way we got to sit back and watch the show our little nugget was putting on! The baby was moving all around. Arms and legs all over the place. At one point it stopped. The doctor moved my stomach around and the show started up again! So neat to think about what the nugget is doing in there all day while I’m up moving around or even working out!

One of the perks of scheduling this sonogram is the possibility of finding out the sex. We were told they would only tell us if they were 95% sure so we went in thinking that we may not find out the gender but were excited to see the baby. 7 weeks had gone by since we last saw the little gummy bear (which is totally what they look like in the beginning) and we were thrilled to see how much he/she had grown.

Finding out the Gender

Once the show was coming to an end the doctor said she noticed that we referred to baby as a he throughout the appointment. She was right! I had this feeling that the little one was a boy from the beginning! Come on I had a 50% chance of being right!  She then confirmed my intuition was correct. Our little nugget was in fact a BOY!!!!!


As long as I can remember Kent has always talked about wanting a boy. I on the other hand always dreamed of having a girl 1st. Since I had a feeling we were having a boy from the beginning I had time to get use to the idea. Once the doctor conformed we were having a boy I was just over the moon and tickled that I would soon have a little buddy by my side and excited for Kent to have the boy he always wanted.

I’ve been told that the bond between a mom and her son is like nothing else and I can’t wait to experience it with our little guy!



I Must Shop

Once we knew what was on the way I HAAAD to have a little shopping trip!

This little one is going to be styling! No cutesy baby clothes for him. Don’t get me wrong a puppy onsie is precious and I’m sure the nugget will find his way in baby themed clothing at some point but for our son I want him to have a more “Classic Old Man” style.  Do you like my description? Winking smile 

I LOVE anything from Baby Gap but man oh mighty they’re pricy.

That’s where a consignment store comes in handy. Most of the items I bought below are from Baby Gap. I got all of this for under $40.00 and everything is in awesome condition!


After I got a little shopping out of my system it was time to wait for the results from our screening

5 days later got the call with great news that our little one was healthy and we were in the clear!

Time to pick a name

Oh my goodness picking a name was the hardest. Kent and I could not agree on one stinking name. I was tired of the back and forth and wanted to get this out of the way so we could move onto other fun baby stuff so we set a deadline to have a name picked before we made our announcement.

Lots of looking online and several baby name books later we decided on Weston Blake Huie. We wanted something unique but not so strange that he would be embarrassed of it. We also loved the idea of having a nick name within a name and were drawn more to names with a county twang to them. I think Weston fits just about all of our “Must Haves” and the hubby approved so it was done!

The announcement

We have our Border Collie Brady to thank for this idea. He always has a pile of dog toys on the floor. On day I was picking up his toys and started thinking about how I will soon be picking up baby toys and BAM the announcement idea was born!

I took the photo (which turned out just how I imagined it) and printed them out on a 5X7 double sided card. We told most of our close friends and family before the announcement so this went out to my awesome clients and a few other friends.

I was so excited to share the news through snail mail! 






The text, emails. and phone calls started pouring in. Oh my goodness it felt so good to share the news!

Once I knew the cards had made there way it was time to share our news on social media (blog, instagram, facebook, and twitter). Yep I hit every platform we’re on!

I shared this clip of my mom’s awesome reaction to the news and a link to our announcement blog post


My mom’s reaction is priceless!
If you haven’t had a chance to watch the clip it’s worth a watch!

I had so much fun reconnecting with a few lost friends meeting new ones and reading everyone’s sweet comments yesterday (which I’ll be printing out and adding to our Project Life album). Oh my goodness did we feel the love! It meant so much that so many people even folks that we don’t personally know took the time to reach out and share in our joy!

So here we are!
I am now 15 weeks pregnant, the cat is out of the bag, and little Weston is on his way!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Bump Watch - 11.5 Weeks Pregnant


I’m playing catch up now that the news is out! Get ready for a few back to back bump post!


This Bump Post is going to be a hodgepodge of weeks 6-11.5.
The next one I post will be more current as I am now 15 weeks!

How Far Along: 11.5 weeks (in the pic above) Do you see a tiny little bump? I do but honestly I think it’s just bloat.

What’s the Baby Up To: The baby is the size of a fig. Although I can’t feel it he’s kicking up a storm in there! He’s growing tooth buds under his gums and forming his diaphragm.

Best Moment of the Week: Eeek this is the moment I feel bad for just now starting these. So many awesome things have happened up to this point. Here are a few highlights:

-Someone (who shall remain nameless) telling me I need to cut my hair now that I’m going to be a mom. Totally out of nowhere and completely funny coming for an older man.

-Sharing the news with close friends and family. We didn’t fully spill the beans until we were 15 weeks but a small handful around us knew. It was so fun to see/hear everyone reactions. News of a new baby brings so much joy.

-Getting our new couches and revamping the living room!

-Spring cleaning 2013 is well under way!

-A man who I don’t know found out that I’m pregnant and looked me up and down and said “Oh so you’re going to loose your figure.” What the what….who are these people!

-Being able to eat what I want again! Ugh it was rough in the being but now I can get back on track and eat the good healthy stuff!

-Getting back to the gym! That was something else I missed. I just didn’t have the energy or the stomach to workout in the beginning but this girl is back! It’s been weird working out just to maintain and not going balls to the walls. I was still in the process of reaching my goal weight when we got preggers so it was clean eating and gym, gym, gym! Now it’s cleanish eating and making sure I get some type of workout in at least 6 times a week while. I constantly have to remind myself to slow down during my workouts. 

Clothing:  I’ve been raiding my closet for anything tent like and have had no such luck. Who did I think I was wearing all these form fitting tops that hugged my waist. I didn’t even notice until I needed to hide it! I went to my favorite store JCPenny (they have the best prices) and bought a few baggy tops! The one I’m wearing above was $8 and I should be able to wear it throughout my whole pregnancy! Oh and I’m lucky enough to work from home (I’m a photographer in case you didn’t know that) so I pretty much live in gym clothes 99% of the time which hides my new thicker waist line well.

Cravings: Hello yes! In the beginning it was all I could do to not eat mash potatoes 24/7. This from the girl that said good bye to bad carbs 2 years ago. I also loved pickles, tacos, and fruit. Alas mash potatoes are still a battle I’m fighting. Planning on making mashed cauliflower this week to see if it helps curb my craving.

Symptoms: I’ve been tired sooooo very tired. I never actually tossed my cookies but lived in a constant state of nausea for the first 12 weeks. No fun! Thankfully work was a little slower around that time and I was able to take it easy. I was a major bump on a log. I had no drive to do anything but lie in bed and watch TV like a bum. This actually drove me nuts but I still couldn’t pull myself out of bed. Thankfully my hubby LOVES to lay low and watch TV. I’m pretty sure he will look back to those days as some of the happiest days of his life. No ADD Kendra buzzing all over the place saying “Let’s do something.”

Oh oh oh and this one is a fun one. Ummm can we say hello boobs! I’ve always been a flat chested sister so these new ta-tas have been pretty exciting. I’m not going to lie I find myself checking them out in the mirror from time to time. I better enjoy them now because after nugget gets done with them I hear they are looooong gone! Hum maybe even saggy flat boobs are better than no boobs huh?

Oh the pee! I have to pee all the time and night time is no different. I’m starting to make peeace  with it (get it).

This one is a weird one. I had super chapped lips in the beginning. I asked my doctor about it and she said it’s not a common symptom. Even though I had something on them at all times they still peeled like crazy. 

Exciting Stuff: We got to hear the heartbeat at our last appointment which will put any expecting mama on could 9! We have a sonogram appointment with a specialist in 2 weeks and may be able to find out the gender! I am counting down the days!

Notes to Nugget: I’m feeling closer and closer to you as the days go by. What a gift I’ve been given to carry and help you grow. I never take that for granted and feel extremely blessed to be able to experience pregnancy and you growing in my belly.  Your dad is finally letting up and letting his fear of losing you subside. As we know he’s a bit of a pessimist but he helps keep your dream loving mama grounding. For that we are grateful! We have long talks about finding joy in the journey! We can’t always control what happens and it would be sad to look back and realize you miss the journey because you covered your eyes with fear.  No matter what there is always joy to be found! Your dad and I love to have long heart to heart chats. He is an amazing man and I know will be an awesome hands on father! Can’t wait to see you two together!

Random Nugget Instagram Pics (Kendra_Pryor if your want to be ig buddies):

From all of our family days in the bed while I was not feeling my best! Again look how content Kent looks!



Kent makes the BEST homemade soup and this ginger chicken and Asian greens is one of my faves.
It helped settled my tummy.



Gym and good for us (the nugget and I) food! Trying to get back into my routine even though I’m still exhausted and still craving mashed potatoes and tacos umm annnnnnd chips and salsa.



Any moms or moms-to-be out there have weird craving while preggers?
Do tell!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I’ve Been Baking Something But It’s Not What You Think


I’ll let my mom do the honors!



Isn’t that the best reaction?
My mom is a self proclaimed private eye so I knew I had to tell her in a way she wouldn’t think something was up.

Nothing out the norm ya know.

Sharing the news in a crowded restaurant over lunch sounded just right until I saw her reaction then I felt bad.

I had no idea she would react as of I told her I’d killed her dog!

She doesn’t love that I’m sharing this clip but come on it’s the best! When you go into ugly cry you know something big is going down!

This was after she told me I looked like I ‘d lost more weight and I needed to stop! She was totally blindsided which was what we were going for…..YESSSS!

This is the card we gave my mom at lunch. The one that brought on the awesome tears.
The card we gave my mom said: Hi Grandma! Can’t wait to meet you this summer. I’m 8 weeks old. Mom thinks I’m a boy! Inside is our 7 week sonogram picture.


After lunch my mom couldn’t wait to tell my aunt and uncle so we headed over to her house to share the news. My mom continued to cry. Smile

IMG_20130210_161001 IMG_20130210_161035

IMG_20130210_161035I’m 8 weeks in the photos above.

We are excepting our little nugget in September! I can’t wait to share our new journey with you! Yep that means you better get ready for pregnancy overload followed but tons of baby pictures once the nugget makes its arrival. This poor little one is going to think my camera is my 3rd arm.  

I’ll be sharing our journey with friends and family through our blog so if you’re up for it YOU get to join us as well! Be sure to follow along on Instagram too! User Name: Kendra_Pryor

I have some catching up to do now that the news is out so coming up as in check your news feed today. I’ll be posting 2 other Bump Watch Post!

-11.5 weeks- The Bump Watch
-Spilling the Beans and Gender Revel
–yes we know!

Do you see 2 lines! Yes indeed it’s positive!
We took this shot the second we found out.  I was 6 weeks pregnant! 


So excited to share this with y’all!

Monday, March 04, 2013

Christmas in March

What you didn’t hear about the new trend “Christmas in March”

Well get with it! It’s all the rage.

Juuuuut kidding! Of course we celebrated Christmas on the actual holiday. I just never got around to blogging about. So I figured why no share now? Better late than never eh?

Here’s how we celebrated Christmas this year uh I mean last year.


Santa Bags:
This is a tradition for Kenty-Poo and I. We grab a bag and stuff it full with random goodness. We still spoil each other with gifts but our Santa bags are always our favorite thing to open.

Ps…Kent is obsessed with sponges just in case you’re wondering what the 3rd pic on the top is all about. Oh and he got me the best chap stick. It’s shaped like an egg and smells like strawberries!   




Seriously y’all how sweet is this guy?

If you follow us on Instagram (Kendra_Pryor) you know allllll how about how mischievous he is but just look at his widdle face. It makes all the “OH MY GOSH BRADY WHAT DO YOU DO?” moments worth it!



Kent and I celebrated Christmas together on Christmas eve this umm I mean last year because we were road tripping it to my mom’s lake house on Christmas day.  Little something new for us. I’ve never been away from home on Christmas but we were excited to getaway for a few days.

My mom is a super fab decorator and loves to fluff things up for the holidays. Isn’t her tree stunning?

We didn’t put a tree up so this was Brady’s 1st time to see one. I was watching him like a hawk  just waiting for another Brady mishap but he did pretty good. No ornaments died and it was still standing when we left. 




Kenty-Poo took this one of us. How precious….right?



Pretty table set by my mom!



Okay I know a lot of people think the canned stuff is gross and lets’ face it it’s pretty much junk in a can but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE canned cranberry sauce. My brother and I are the only ones in the family that eat is so my mom always makes sure to have a can of it for us.



My mom and I.

What do think, do we look alike?

I either get that I’m a spitting image of my Dad or that I look just like my mom. I’m not really sure. I have my Dad’s dark curly hair. My mom and brother both have straight blond hair.



Awe my sweet Kenty-Poo. I love him!



And then it happened……..

A white Christmas like I’ve never seen.

It was beautiful!





Being a Texas gal I’ve never seen this much snow.

I know it’s nothing compared to what folks get up north but to us it was a fluffy, white, winter wonderland.


We threw snow balls and enjoyed it until our fingers were ice cubes. 

We woke up the next morning and played it in some more. Oh and  I took a million pictures. Yeah that’s a different day a different post. Smile


Here a little peek at what we woke up to.

Our 2012 Christmas card.

We took these photos outside of the cabin we stayed in during our annual trip to Arkansas with a little help from a tripod and an auto shutter release button.


e226-frontknk 2012


e226-back KNK 2012 CARD