Wednesday, July 29, 2015

This Month’s Stitch Fix & How I Make Stitch Fix Work For Me


This is my 3rd fix and my 1st time not purchasing something from my box but that’s all good! I’m working my way towards a streamlined wardrobe and I’m not going to buy an item unless I’m absolutely in love with it. Buying clothing that I’m eh about will get me back to closet explosion status. SEE HERE

Want to know what’s in my box? Watch the clip below.

Why I Stitch Fix:

1. I’m a busy mama. Unless I want to drag my boys shopping with me it’s just not happening. There are times when I can quickly pick up a shirt at Target but to actually shop and try on multiple items is a stressful gamble that I would rather not toy with. Trust me I’ve tried and it sounds a lot like this……

“NO NO don’t pour all your veggie sticks on the floor!” “Buddy don’t look under the dressing room. Someone is changing on the other side” “I’m so very sorry I couldn’t hang all this up (looks over at screaming newborn and toddler eating veggie sticks off the floor).

See it’s not pretty!

Stitch Fix fixes this for me! Clothing is delivered to my door and I get it try it on in my own home maybe during nap time along with a cup of coffee yippee! If there is anything in particular I’m looking for I can always make a note of it in my profile. In my next fix I’m asking for dark denim skinny jeans and a few loose breathable tops. HELLO TEXAS HEAT! The stylist can look at my style board on Pinterest and read my Stitch Fix questionnaire to get a feel of my style. They then pick a few pretties that they think will work and send them my way. Clothes handpicked by a stylist delivered to my door step, awesome right?

2. I just had a baby. Actually 2 babies in 2 years and my body is JAAAACKED. Not in a pumping iron jacked kind of way. More of a postpartum tummy wide hips extra weight jacked kind of way. I have no idea how to dress my new body. Things that I’m drawn to are things I would have worn before kiddos when I had a flat tummy and a more defined waist line oooorrr I go the COMPLETE opposite and try on burlaps sacks that end up making me look 2 sizes larger than I am and there’s always yoga pants which I pretty much lived in before I started using Stitch Fix.

Again Stitch Fix fixes this for me! A stylist sends clothing that they feel will flatter my figure thanks to my detailed questionnaire they know my body shape as well as the areas I would rather not show off. Thanks to my stylist I’ve tried on things I would have never picked for myself and loved them. I’ve opened my mind to different cuts of clothing and added things to my closet that make me feel pretty. Sorry yoga pants. I love you and all your stretchiness but there is a time and place for you and lately it’s been all day every day.

Pretty much in a nutshell I’m lost y’all so very lost and Stitch Fix is helping my get though this awkward postpartum body phase.

3. Working Towards A Streamlined Wardrobe. Again take a peek at our YouTube /  vlog from a few weeks back and you’ll see why. Yep I take ya into the dark messy depths of my closet. It’s not pretty but I’m working on it!

I spend way too much on cheap clothing. I get that that doesn’t make sense but stay with me…..I buy a $20 shirt here and a $15 shirt there just because it’s cheap, I’m in a hurry, and it kind of fits. What I’ve ended up with is a closet full of clothing that I’m just okay with. Many of those “eh it works” items I don’t  end up wearing. It’s a waste and a shame!

Stitch Fix to the rescue! With the items I get from Stitch Fix I’m able to sit on it and think before I make my purchase (they give you 3 days before you have to return it). Here are a few things I ask myself before I make a Stitch Fix purchase……… Can I style it with other things in my closet to create different looks? Is it something that I will wear often? Can I wear in other seasons? Is it too trendy (meaning will it be out of style in a couple months)? These are all things I think on before I give it the thumbs up. No more of this “It’s cheap and its kind of fits crap.” Nope, that got out of control and I’m spending way too much time trying to purge all those bad decisions. If it’s in my closet it’s there because  I love it and I’m going to wear it often! So far everything I’ve kept I’ve worn the crap out of and I’m only 3 boxes in so this whole interviewing (yes that’s a good word for it) clothing thing is working! I’ll talk more about my streamlined wardrobe in a later post.

4. I use their expertise as a guide.  There have been a few times that I loved something that my Stitch Fix stylist has sent (the cut, the style, the way it fit my body) but didn’t love the price. I sent the items back and used them as a guide to find something similar for a price point that I’m more comfortable with. For example I was sent a maxi dress that I absolutely loved. Since having Carson I didn’t think I could swing a maxi dress. I had previously tried on a few but the way most of them synch at the waist it made me look like I’m still pregnant wearing a maternity dress. My stylist was right on with the one she sent. It was beautiful. It had a very faltering pattern. The material was thick so it laid over my rolly polly tummy well, and the fit was great aka I didn’t look pregnant in it.  The thing I didn’t love was that it was $88.00. Yeah no way am I paying that much for a cotton maxi dress unless it comes with magic beans. So we parted ways. I kept the cut and style of the ones I liked in mind and did a little online shopping. Ended up finding 2 maxi dresses that I loved, a jean vest to go over them, and workout shirt for less than what the original Stitch Fix dress cost.

Stitch Fix to the rescue! I would have never continued my maxi dress hunt if it wasn’t for my stylist. She showed me that I could in fact find a style that complimented my postpartum figure! Yay stylist! Before I buy a Stitch Fix item I really think on it “Is this something I can quickly find somewhere else for cheaper?” If the answer is yes I send the item on its way but try to keep my eye out for a replacement piece that resembles what my stylist sent. It doesn’t happen often because I’ve bought several things from Stitch Fix. If you decide to join don’t feel pressured to buy everything all the time. That’s the beauty of the program! There are many ways to be smart about it while making it work for you! 

I’m not sponsored by Stitch Fix in any way shape or form. Just sharing because sharing is caring my friends! If you decide that you would like to give Stich Fix a try I would LOVE it if you used my referral link. If you sign up through my link I’ll receive a $25 credit to use toward my next fix….yahoo!


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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hanging With the Huies *VLOG*


I’m kind of in love with this week’s vlog (is it ok to say that about your own vlog) besides the music flub at the end. That’s kind of a bummer buuuuuut other parts of the vlog I love……

Weston wishing you guys happy days of the week.
Ugh the part where Carson is Mr. Smiley, hashtag cuteness overload!
Weston cracking me up all the live long day! That boy is FUNNY, says his mama. I’m not biases at all.  

I had a lot of fun doing this! Trying to deiced if I want to keep sharing our vlogs on the blog with you weekly or keep them separate on our vlog channel. If you like seeing them here please leave a comment below, on our YouTube channel, or Instagram. I’d love to know your thoughts!  

2015-07-13 12.01.29 1-1

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

I couldn’t decide what to title today’s post.

Let me give you a little glimpse into what was going through my mind while I was trying to decide.

”Wordless Wednesday” Hummm I don’t do anything wordless. Is it ok to post a few words? If I post it with this title does that mean it’s now a thing? Oh that makes me nervous. 

I should be drinking some coffee right now.

“Happy Hump Day” Get it? See photo below.

Why don’t I have a coffee cup in my hand? Yes I need to get on that asap!

“Clothing Optional Cowboy Boots a Must” Wellllll yeah after typing that I can see how that could totally go the wrong way. Less cute toddler in his birthday suite playing in the water more Chippendales. Nope nope nope nope.

I’m going to be a rebel and go with “Wordless Wednesday”. Does that mean it’s a thing now? Maybe, I don’t know? If it is a thing that might be fun if you. Do you think they will care if I include just a few words? Maybe I should title it “Wordless Wednesday-ish”?


2015-05-31 08.05.39 1

While I failed at being 100% wordless for my “Wordless Wednesday” post I think it’s fair to say this fits in the “Wordless Wednesday-ish” category. We’ll make that a broad category!

Either way here’s a short but crazy cute clip of Weston playing in the water. One of his favorite things to do.

2015-06-05 08.40.22 2

Now it’s coffee time!

Monday, July 13, 2015

I DID IT!!!!

2015-07-12 09.14.06 1

I know some of you especially those who have more than one kiddo are going to read this post and laugh. Not a hahah Kendra is so funny laugh but more of a hahahah girl plllleeeeease I was on my own with 10 kids 1 day after I popped out #10 type of laugh.

I get it and you have my permission to laugh away.

Shoot you can even throw in a few knee slaps if you like.

Buuuut while you’re laughing I’m running victory laps around my house screaming………

“I SURVIVED! I SURVIED!” while throwing cups of coffee over my head.

Last week was my 1st week alone with both my boys.

Well besides the hubby he’s great help when he’s home but I’m talking the wee early hours of the morning throughout the day, outings, naps (if I’m lucky), getting everyone dressed, buckled in the car, meals, until their sweet little heads hit their beds type of day.

Y’all know my mother-in-law is our rock. Without her I’m afraid to think what things would be like in the Huie house. While Carson was in the thick of his Colic she was the one that jumped in and scooped Weston up so I could bunker down with Caron during the day. Kent would pick Weston up on his way home from work. We would divide and conquer then pressed repeat for the next day.

It’s full on moment to moment survival mode when you have a baby with colic and I’m not exaggerating or joking in the slightest.

I’ve known for a month or so that my Mother-in-law would not be able to watch Weston in July. I was afraid but excited to be throw to the wolves. Would I sink or float?

2015-07-12 09.16.33 1

About a week ago I started to notice some changes in Carson. His crying bouts were not lasting as long. He was happier. It was like a thick dark cloud was slowing dissipating little by little. I was afraid to say that we had beat colic. I fell into that trap already and was quickly reminded that the colic was in control. So I waited, watched, and counted the days that I noticed more and more positive changes. I got up to 7 days and decided it was safe to say that we may have beat colic.

We’re now on day 12 and things are still going well. He’s still a crummy sleeper and likes to be held 24/7 but that’s more him than the colic at this point. He’s happy like real happy. In fact I’ve been calling him my Sunshine Bear. If he gets upset it’s because he’s tired or needs something. Ya know typical baby stuff.

Can we talk about perfect timing?

If Carson’s colic hung around any longer I would have been juggling and active toddler and a colicky baby all on my own eeek! Doable if I had to but this post would definitely have a different vibe.

2015-07-12 09.15.43 1I have since realized that I had the car seat adapter on wrong. Whoops live and learn friends.  

So I’m here 7 days out and ready to start my 2nd week solo with my nuggets.

Last week was great! It’s wasn’t easy that’s for sure. I’m ready to pass out by 6:00 and I’m lucky to get a full meal in my belly but it was nice, just me and my boys. We left the house every day. I broke in my new double stroller which I love btw. The melt downs were minor and I even worked out (once but hey it’s a step in the right direction).

It felt good to manage them both on my own. Empowering as a mama! Lots of “I go this” and “Wow that wasn’t so bad” moments.

We’re starting to crawl out of the colic cave and it feels so very good! I push the world out while we’re knee deep in colic. It’s not a pretty time and I don’t want to bring others into it. The only way anyone is getting in is if they force themselves.

Now that we’re passed that and I know I can survive managing the 2 on my own play dates have been planned and outing are scheduled. I’m picking back up with Weston’s tot school. I’m getting caught up on house stuff and I have an itch ok more of a strong pull to start working out again.

I feel a little glimpse of myself creeping back in and I think that’s worth all the victory laps, high fives, and copious amounts of coffee I can get!

Yay me!

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Behind on Life

Yep it’s so very true!
I’m pretty much behind on life.
It all started when I became a mama and it’s just snowballed into one massive running To Do list since. 
From the simple things like laundry all the way to important adult stuff.
If you were given a grade on life in the “Stays on Top of Things” section I would get a big fat red F with a scribble circle around it.

Anyone else out there with me?
Behind on Lifers?
Maybe there’s a support group for us?
But knowing us most of us would show up late or not at all.
So maybe a support group isn’t such a great idea.
Oh but I would totally be down for a fun printed ‘'’Behind on Lifers” tee. We could support each other through cute comfy shirts…..YESSSS!
Let’s add it to the list. It’ll totally get done!

Speaking of to do list I started inching towards checking something off that’s been on the list for 2 years.

I’m a photographer which many of you already know.
I’m guessing you think our home if full of my work framed or print on beautiful canvases.


In fact most of the photos I’ve shot of Weston aren’t even edited and sit on my hard drive in RAW format waiting for attention and some PhotoShop love.  
No joke I haven’t even touched his 1st year cake smash photos and he’ll be 2 in September.

See BIG FAT F I tell ya!

But guess what?
Something special happened today!
The clouds parted angels sang unicorns danced in the sky holding hands with flying pigd and both my boys fell asleep AT.THE.SAME.TIME! That’s pretty big stuff for a mama with more than one little.
I took this awesome gift of time and started sorting though my photos……

Photos I need to edit
Photo edited that I wanted to include on our wall
Photos I wanted to print but place in an album.

I made some progress!
After my boys wake up and I can get into their closest aka where I store all my thrifted frames I’ve been collecting for said project for over 2 years. I’m going to see what size frames I have to work with and place my print order!

The Huie Gallery wall is happening friends.
But there is one problem…….

Do you think it’s okay to have a wall full of only Weston photos because that’s pretty much all I’ve got to work with right now?
Ya know behind on life and all.  
I’m sorry Carson mama loves you and I have tons of cute phone photos of you.
I better get my DSLR out and start taking quality photos of Carson fast before he catches on and says “No thank you. No thank you. No thank you” while looking at his feet like his brother.

Poor Weston has PKS (Photographer’s Kid Syndrome) the struggle is real my friends.

So maybe instead of a Huie family gallery wall we’ll have a Weston shrine.
Here are a few of the photos I shot that I actually did edit and am considering for our wall. 

Until I take some of Carson I may just print out a piece of paper and frame it that says “Insert photo of Carson here.” I’m kidding…..I’m kidding!

IMG_7685-edit2 copy

1 Weston Bubbles 4

6m 4 copy

IMG_3520 copy



IMG_4504ed2 copy

IMG_4442 copy

IMG_4565 copy

Monday, July 06, 2015

Why I LOVE The 4th & A Family VLOG


Despite loathing the TX summer heat the 4th has always been one of my most favorite holidays.

My childhood 4th of Julys were full of nothing but awesomeness…………

Running free on my family’s property with my cousins, 4 wheelers, family softball and volley ball games, popping our own fireworks, massive family meals under the stars, and watermelon juice dripping from our arms.

The kind of stuff that’s good for the soul.

It was honestly pure perfection and when I think of my childhood I think back to those days in July spent in Mabank, TX on that big plot of land.

It’s my mission as a mama to fill my boys’ childhood with memories like the ones I treasure so dearly. Running free outdoors using their imagination and enjoying loved ones. Sometimes all you need is a little land and a whole lotta love for a good time!

This was our 1st 4th as a family of 4! I thought I would take you guys along……

A few photos from the day……

2015-07-06 04.07.19 1-1

2015-07-06 04.09.22 1

2015-07-06 04.05.19 1

2015-07-05 02.42.57 1(1)

Yep it was a good day indeed!