Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hanging With the Huies *VLOG*


I’m kind of in love with this week’s vlog (is it ok to say that about your own vlog) besides the music flub at the end. That’s kind of a bummer buuuuuut other parts of the vlog I love……

Weston wishing you guys happy days of the week.
Ugh the part where Carson is Mr. Smiley, hashtag cuteness overload!
Weston cracking me up all the live long day! That boy is FUNNY, says his mama. I’m not biases at all.  

I had a lot of fun doing this! Trying to deiced if I want to keep sharing our vlogs on the blog with you weekly or keep them separate on our vlog channel. If you like seeing them here please leave a comment below, on our YouTube channel, or Instagram. I’d love to know your thoughts!  

2015-07-13 12.01.29 1-1

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