Monday, June 23, 2014

Favorite Drugstore Makeup



The Breakdown
How I use them and why I like them

These are all things I use on a regular basis for more of a daytime natural look. 
Maybe I should have titled it the perfect daytime makeup for the busy and budget conscious!

1. e.l.f. Lip Stain in Pink Petal – Love this thing! It’s cheap and does the trick. Most days for my lip color I just wear this and top it off with chap stick. It’s pretty, long lasting and easy to apply! You have to be careful the 1st few applications though. The color is very bright when its new but it tappers off a little and turns into a very pretty pink.
2. e.l.f. All Over Color Stick in Persimmon- E.l.f. has done it again! This is my 2nd favorite out of all the items I’ve listed! Another thing I use daily. You can use it on your lips, eyes, face. I use it as a highlighter on my nose and bling it with my finger tips. It’s crazy how just a little swipe down your nose brightens your face up. It’s just the prefect touch of shimmer.
3. Revlon Color Stay Foundation in Warm Golden- After reading several reviews I decided to give this one a go and I’m glad I did. Great coverage (I do not have the best skin) without looking cakey and it stays put which is important especially during TX summers.
4. e.l.f Baked Blush in Pinktastic – Perfect as a highlighter and adds just a touch of color. There are days that I only wear BB cream a little concealer and this to add color to my cheeks. Not what I use as my blush when I’m applying a full face of makeup but perfect for those days that you just want something easy and natural.  
5. Revlon Photoready powder in Light/Medium- This was another product that has a cult following! Decided to give it a try due to the reviews and it’s become my powder! Yep I’ve joined the cult. I’ve tried a few other since I started using this but I just keep coming back to Revlon Photoready.
6. wet n wild eyeshadow trios- My favorite thing on the list! I can not say enough about their eye shadow trios. I think I have all of them. They’re cheap, the pigment is awesome for the price point, and I love the colors! If you don’t own their eyeshadows I highly recommend you get on that.
7. Blistex Deep Renewal Chap Stick – Just a hint of mint, SPF 15, smooth, and long lasting. What more can you ask for from a chap stick. I recently got this as a sample with another product I bought. I’ve since bought 3 additional tubes so I have one for each chap stick spot in my home. It’s good stuff y’all!
8. NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder in Translucent- Just a light dusting sets my makeup and smoothes  everything out. I also use a little under my eyes to help with those dang bags I picked up during my pregnancy. Again another cheap product that I believe over delivers!

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Favorite Health Conscious Food From Aldi

Do you shop at Aldi? I sure do!
Who doesn’t love getting yummy food at great prices. I also love their whole shopping cart system. Why in the world don’t all store do this. It’s genius idea!

I didn’t go for the longest because I was for sure all they sold was junk. Yes there is junk just like any other grocery store but they also have some great healthy choices as well! The produce alone is worth a trip!

I usually pop in Aldi once a week for a couple of things. After my most recent trip I decided to pull out the new video camera and recorded a little Aldi haul for you.

Please excuse the lack of makeup and frizzy hair. We’re all friends here right so I’ll let you see me looking like a hot mess……literally it was stinking hot that day!

During the week as I enjoyed my Aldi goodies I shot a few pictures of what I ate so I could share with you. Everything below is from Aldi unless noted.

Salad Wrap: Whole wheat wrap, mixed greens, cucumber, tomatoes, avocado, bell pepper, crushed red pepper flakes, sundried tomato goat cheese crumbles (just a tad), and Ken’s light Cesar dressing (Target) served with snap peas (Asian H Mart our other favorite place to grocery shop) and my all time favorite Aldi product hummus which I talked about in the haul. Seriously if you’re hummus fan get in on this!



Summer Salad: Mixed greens, green apples, strawberries, blueberries (from our farmer’s market trip), celery, walnuts, fresh cracked pepper, honey almond goat cheese (just a little folks), and Ken’s Light Cesar dressing (from Target)


Afternoon Pick Me Up: Carmel rice cake, almond butter, 1 crushed Biscoff cookie, topped with a little honey, and yummy strawberries on the side. My favorite coffee k-cup Starbucks Breakfast blend (from Target)


Good stuff huh?
I’m a weirdo and enjoy my food even more when I know I got it for a great price!

If you’re an Aldi fan I would love to know what you’re favorites are! Share in a comment or jump on Instagram to let me know!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I Wear Yoga Pants So What

20140331_121109Let’s get real folks. I’ll start by showing you this…..

I saw a post written by blogger on Babble a few months back.
The writer is one of the moms from a duo mommy vlogging team.
Their youtube vlogs are centered around style, crafts, and thrifting
They are precious, upbeat and positive.
I always enjoy their post……


One particular post written about mommy style no no’s really made me stop and think on a few things.
What was shared was not intended to upset or offend anyone.
Although some did take it that way.
Her mommy style post was written to be helpful and it was.
Let’s just say I’ll never touch another pair of capri pants!

Although the post was written about style mistakes mom’s should never make it made me stop and ponder a few things.
A few things a little deeper than just style.

2014-03-24 10.39.37 1Is food splattered across your face considered an okay mom accessory? I say sure!

I want to chat with ya about how this post made me feel as a new mom. Perhaps you feel the same……

When we’re handed that precious little baby our whole world changes in an instant.
Our focus
Our drive
Even the way we see ourselves changes in a matter of minutes.  
For some the role of mommy doesn’t come easy and for others it does.
We all have our path each different from the other.

Many that have followed our journey from the beginning know my motherhood journey thus far.  
I’ve been very honest and open about sharing.
I struggled with low milk supply.
Weston had colic, lip tie, milk allergy, and a mild case of reflux.
The 1st 6 months were precious yet trying.
He survived
We survived
He’s a completely different baby today.
And I know it could have been worse.
All of these things shaped my journey.
They are still shaping my journey.

2014-02-21 01.15.02 1Hoodies not only great breastfeeding attire but also double as a mommy pack.

During those 1st 6 months we did what we could to get by.
What was best for Weston.
I let go of my dreams to get back into shape quickly after baby.
I headed back to work only to go back on maternity leave.
I was lucky if I showered once a week.
My sweet precious boy spent most if his days in screaming fits. 
Naps, what? Sleep, what?
We were all sleep deprived.
I lived in nursing tanks and yoga pants. Who am I kidding sometimes I didn’t even bother putting on a shirt.
Our house was a mess.
Kent was an amazing support but I still felt alone.
I posted on my Instagram account about eating bean burritos outside of Taco Bueno at 12am. 
Yep we did what we had to do and took the bean burritos down with us!
Mmmm but let me tell ya they were worth every stinking calorie!

IMG_20140114_104628Notice a coffee trend. Another must have mom accessory!

Even though the 1st few months were rough they were laced with precious moments and gratitude.
It all just played out a little differently that I imagined it would.
You know that perfect life bubble some of us paint ourselves?
Yep I did that pre baby too!

Tons of mommy style no-no’s were broken during that time.
Well shoot they’re still being broken. Who am I kidding?  
I was struggling with things that came easy to some.
Breastfeeding, finding a bottle my baby could latch onto, calming his colic.
All I needed was someone telling me I was doing something else wrong.
I was very interested in how others took this post. I could see the good intentions behind it but knew it wouldn’t go over so well with others.
And it didn’t
This is where the pondering started.

Sometimes mom’s can be judgmental. Perhaps forgetting that we’re all different.
Each going down our own path.
Doing our best.
My best may be different than your best and that’s okay!

”What, she co-sleeps?”
“Well I would never give my kid packaged food!”
”She’s on her phone…again?”
“I heard her kid spends more time in daycare than at home!”
“OMG capis on Monday and now workout clothes outside the gym! She’s totally lost touch with herself.”

Unfortunately these are all things we’ve heard.

20131006_123353No makeup, mom hair, ANNNNND sweat pants. Just arrest me now because I’m breaking all the rules. 

Yes some of us may wear yoga pants……..often. 
Perhaps that mama on her phone is dealing with something important. Or maybe she just taking a moment to herself.
Maybe little Johnny is on a hunger strike and will eat nothing but baby puffs and mama is just too tried to fight the battle.
Tennis shoes outside of the gym is a mommy no-no? Maybe that mama has foot problems and they are the only thing she can comfortably wear while chasing after her kiddos.

Who are we to make someone feel bad about the decisions they make?
Especially with something as trivial as what they put on their body.

We are not perfect.
Nor should we make others feel bad for not being “our idea” of perfection.
Each mama is living her own journey.
Each mommy deserves love, grace, and understanding.
As moms we should support.
Not put down with words and harsh judgment.  

As loving moms we give it our best.
Our best may look different than the mommy next to you and that’s ok!
That mom sporting her capris and tennis shoes (outside the gym) handing her kid a package of chips and passing her baby a bottled of formula is still a mama that is trying her best and loving her babies.
Just like you! 

In honor of the mommy style no-no post I’ve filled today’s post with photos of yours truly breaking ALLLL the rules because I’m a rebel like that!

20140616_133411Managed to change out of dirty workout clothes into clean workout clothes. I know I’m pretty awesome. I did put on a touch of makeup but had to sacrifice my carpet and a glass of almond milk to do so.  

Yes I wish I was a size 8 with a closet full of beautiful clothing and had the drive to get myself together daily but I don’t.
Nor do I need to.
It’s not that I don’t care about my appearance it’s just not real for the season I’m currently in.

My hair is almost always pulled back.
I wear yoga pants daily oh yeah and tennis shoes outside the gym. Like as part of my outfit…gasp!
I may not be chasing after my son in a beautiful vintage A line skirt but that’s ok.
I often wear baggy shirts that are too big. 
I get my act together when it’s necessary. I enjoy fashion and getting prettified shoot it’s actually part of my job description but when it’s not necessary I’m wearing my mom clothes and little to no makeup. 
My son drinks formula.  
And my house is not always perfect.
Sometimes I forget to brush my teeth.
Oh and the yoga pants I have on in the photo above, they were left in the washer for too long and smell funky.
I put them on any way!
That doesn’t make me any less of a mom.
It makes me real.

So I say less judgie and more huggie! Mmmk?

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend ReCap

We had a fun jam packed weekend! Let’s recap shall we……….

On Friday my mom surprised us with a patio lunch invite! YESSS!
We met her in down town McKinney which is a cute little town full of historic charm.
Lots of fun little stores and things to look at. 

2014-06-13 08.54.48 1

One of the antique stores in the square. I think it’s worth noting that I didn’t buy anything. Oh but I wanted to! Someone just snatched it up before I could.

2014-06-13 08.23.12 2

Friday night we had dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Huie’s house. Kent’s mom is the best cook!  We’re pretty lucky to have grandparents that live just a couple streets over. Makes it easy to pop in for visits and meals!

2014-06-16 09.26.52 1

Saturday we woke up early and headed back to McKinney for the farmers market. Y’all it was awesome!!!!  Packed but awesome. We left with peaches, blueberries, blackberries, fresh black eye peas, some homemade bath goodies, and the prettiest flower arrangement. They had live music and tons of things to look at.

2014-06-16 09.26.23 1

2014-06-16 09.26.02 1

2014-06-14 10.39.30 1

Brady made friends with random dogs and got lots of attention from fellow shoppers. It was busy and hard for him to walk through the crowds but he did awesome. Proud dog mom moment!  
Can you tell I forced Kent to let me take this picture?

2014-06-16 09.25.05 1

Weston enjoying his farmers market goods.
Every kid needs a messy food face picture. It’s a right of passage!

2014-06-16 09.23.53 1

Sunday we woke up early again and headed out to shoot Weston’s 9 month photos.
Yep on Father’s day Kent woke up a 6am to help me wrangle Weston so I could take his picture.
He’s the best y’all!
This is just a little peek at what went down during his session.
I shared a video with my Instagram buddies of little dude in action. It’s pretty precious!

2014-06-16 09.23.04 1


We grabbed some frozen yogurt at one of our favorites!
Weston had fun waving at everyone and noshing on berries!

Now onto the Father’s Day festivities!
As many of y’all know Kent loooooves food so naturally Father’s day had to include a feast.
We went to our favorite Chinese restaurant and ordered a massive meal. No kidding our fridge is packed with leftovers.

2014-06-16 09.21.48 1

After lunch it was time for presents!
Weston gat “Dada” a time lapse photo collage of the 2 of them napping together. One of Kent’s favorite things to do with Weston! He also gave him a father’s day journal and a compost bin!

What’s a Father’s day journal?
Each father’s day we’ll fill out a page in Kent’s journal instead of buying a generic a card that gets trashed. This year we did a little foot print art and a photo of them. I think it will be pretty special to see how the messages change over time as Weston and our family grow!
Little buddy gave me a mother’s day journal as well! “Dada” and I each have our own.

2014-06-16 09.21.24 12014-06-15 07.49.29 1


Car naps have magical powers.
For Weston 5 minute car nap is equal to a 2 hour nap in his crib.
Once he falls asleep in his car seat there is no way you’re getting down for a nap at home even if he only dozes off for a bit.

Oh but look how precious!
2014-06-16 09.22.13 1

See lots of fun was had over the weekend! Hope you had a lovely weekend as well!

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Why We Stopped Hosting Gatherings

2014-05-30 06.36.13 1

It’s true.
We stopped.
No more dinners or games nights.
Halloween bash, huh? 
Christmas dinner at our house “NOOOO WAY!”

We used to be the hostesses with the mostess
Kent rocked the kitchen and I whipped up dessert and décor.
We were a good team!

Our home was always open for gatherings.
In fact we’ve even had friends hold their events at our home.
It was all fun and games until…….. 

We got fed up!
Actually I got fed up and Kent was all “Why can’t we just use paper plates and not worry about the house?” and I was all “Are you kidding me!?!”

I was dead set on presenting the prefect package.
Even if that meant buying new napkins to match a color scheme or just the right items to complete the tablescape.
Oh and the house, yes the house had to be juuuuuuust right!
It took me weeks to decorate for Holidays in preparation of holiday parties we were hosting.

It just got to be too much…..
Too much money.
Too much time.
Too much to cleanup.
Too stressful.  
Their was almost always some unkind words exchanged between my teammate and I.
We were usually rushing around like crazy before the party and too tired to clean up afterwards.

2014-05-09 05.37.17 1

Enter pregnancy
Followed by our sweet Weston.
He’s a handful (pictured above)

We just no longer had the time or maybe more like the drive to host gatherings.
So we stopped!
I even stopped decorating for holidays.
It was actually kind of peaceful. 

Until recently.

We had family come to town and really didn’t have a choice but to host a few meals at our home. After those gatherings we figured what the hey let’s invite the grandparents over for a meal. After that we decided we might as well have some friends over too.

Bam just like that we were back in action!
But things are MUCH different now.

Thanks to Weston we just don’t have the time to fuss over the house the meal or special details of the gathering. I’ve just been doing the best I can do while making sure I’m having fun with the process (that’s a big one).

2014-05-06 04.08.33 1

I’ve enjoyed being creative with things we have on hand and not fussing too much.
This means a newborn wrap from my prop stash used as a table runner. Leftover paper napkins in napkin rings (classy right). Easy flower arrangements with cheap flowers from Trader Joes.

2014-05-09 06.20.36 1

Store bought pizza served right out of the box (not shown in the pic above) and a salad made with things we already had on hand. Mint from the herb garden and a sliced orange (again already had on hand) to spruce up the ice tea. Another newborn prop wrap used as a runner paired with a white curtain valance I have yet to hang. Paper napkins I’ve been holding onto for years waiting for just the right time to use them. Just the right time meant I never used them. 

2014-05-06 06.51.41 1

A store bought dessert. The Martha Stewart in me had a hard time with this one but y’all if you’re near a Costco run and get this. It’s delicious! Martha Stewart can shove it. Just kidding Martha. I love you!

My new motto when it comes to hosting is…..
Keep it simple. Make it special by using things I already have on hand. And most importantly remember to enjoy the process.

2014-06-05 03.36.46 1

Look at my dad and step-mom smiling and having a good time.
They don’t care that we just served pizza or didn’t have a dessert to offer them.
Weston on the other hand looks like I’ve shamed him. Winking smile

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Family Trip To The Zoo

Our 1st family trip to the zoo was a massive hit! Honestly I didn’t think Weston was going to be too excited or even get what was going on but boy was I wrong! I should have known that my adventure seeking people loving baby would eat this adventure up!


I decided that a 1st as any 1st in Weston’s life deserved my SLR and NO phone pictures. So I packed the big camera. Of course I had to take a couple phone snaps to share with my Instagram buddies but for the most part the phone didn’t get used. Once we got home and looked through the photos I was so glad we decided to put the phone down and pick the camera up! Kent even took some video which is pretty precious! I will add it to our YouTube channel soon.

If you’re in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and haven’t visited the Ft Worth Zoo you better get your kister over there. It’s stunning. The grounds are beautiful and they put a lot of thought into the animal enclosures. Animals aside it was fun just walking around and enjoying all the beautiful scenery.

That’s when you know you’re getting old eh?
You enjoy super exciting things like plants and find yourself saying things such as…..
“My gosh this tree is stunning.” and “I wonder if these do well in full sun?”


IMG_9326-copyAwww sweet baby kisses! I will never get tired of his open mouth slobbery kisses!


Anything Weston could get involved in he was all about it. Although I’m sure he thought this was Brady’s (our dog) big brother wearing a funny hat!






Almost 9 months old but looking like he cheezing for his 1st school picture!
Just look at those sweet teethers! Something else I’ll never get tired of!


Nana and little buddy! Isn’t my mama so pretty?



THIS was our favorite part of the trip. Again I didn’t think he would care too much about the merry-go-round but yet again I was wrong……… he LOOOOVED it!

He giggled every time the horse went up and down. It was precious even the folks waiting in line were getting a kick out of his reaction.


Trip to the merry-go-round at the mall is added to our summer bucket list! In fact I bet we’ll be going several times this summer!



The bird exhibit was pretty awesome as well.
You walk into a big net covered area that had tons little birdies flying around. Weston got a kick out of it!  Annnnd I did too!


Kent manned the camera most of the trip which was very sweet of him but I did enjoying taking photos of the animals. When I looked back through the photos I took a million bird pictures.

No zebras.
No giraffes.
Just birds and more birds!

Something weird about yours truly that only a few people know is that have an infatuation with birds. Kent and I enjoy bird watching (yes another old folk reference). What can say I’m 31 going on 60. Come on though don’t you think birds are funny? They crack me up! They way they walk. The fluffy feathered dance thing some do during mating session. They’re hilarious!

And so I shot tons of bird photos but I’ll save you and only show you 3. Smile 





This guy was pretty cute too! I would love to go back with a big zoom lens and get a little more up close and personal with the bigger animals.


Weston checking out the otters.



I could write a whole blog post on the elephants alone.
A mama and her baby. It was awesome to watch the bond between them. The baby playing but never going farther than reaching distance from his mama. He had to be touching her in some way at all times.

My mom brought up a good point and said it reminds her Weston and I. Yep my little one is the same way. Happy as can be but the second I turn my back even if I’m in the same room he flips. He’s happiest when he’s in my arms. Call him a mam’s boy. Say I’m spoiling him. I don’t care. He’s been that way since he was born no matter what I’ve done and I know a day will come when that’s not the case so I ‘m choosing to soak up every ounce of his mama’s boy love!


And on the note of him being a mama’s boy this guy hates being in his stroller. He much prefers the Ergo or to be carried. He’s 25lbs of baby love so that’s not always possible. We brought it along anyway hoping his stroller hating days were over. Let’s just say they aren’t but he’s working on it and did take a nap in his stroller so we’ll call that a success. 


This was such a special day for our sweet little family. Something I know we’ll remember for a long time!

Yay for day #2 of the Blog More in June challenge!
I’ll be back on Friday with a post about why we stopped hosting gatherings at our house!

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