Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Something Every New Mom Looks Forward to–We Registered


We got up a t the crack of dawn to go to a church garage sale that promised to wow and amaze us

  it soooooo didn’t

Since the garage sale was a huge bust and we were out we decided to use the free time to register for Mr. Weston!

That’s right we’re fly by the seat of our pants kind of people.

Hahah not really I planned weeks and weeks for this moment.

I did my research folks!


1st stop buy buy Baby which is a fitting name cause let me tell ya you buy annnnnnd buy for baby!



The glider section was Kent’s favorite! He was like Goldie Locks going from chair to chair.

1. We’re not registering for a glider from BBB. They are way over priced! We’re getting our glider at Wally World (Why are gliders so stinking expensive) but still this was Kent’s favorite section.

2. He was very opinionated about gliders again just like Goldie Locks “This one is too small.” “This one is too soft.” no really his words exactly. When I asked if he had plans to breast feed our child in our glider he said “Oooohhhhh noooooo this for my naps!” Bwhahaha he cracks me up! 

             20130518_134401  20130518_134416






Don’t you love the packaging for the Nose Frida!

Baby looking up at mom with adoring eyes like he’s enjoying the whole experience of having his nose sucked out.

I’m quite sure it doesn’t go down this way!

Kent: Ew you have to suck it out! No way I’m not doing that!
Kendra: Great you’ve nixed poop and now this! Okay you take the puke and I’ll do this too.

It’s all about delegating and knowing your strengths and weaknesses folks!

I know when it all comes down to it  and we’re be up to our eyeballs in snot, poo, vomit, and all other types of gross stuff and we’ll be just like the mom on the Nose Frida box looking at our adoring baby!  See the Nose Frida box gives you hope!  Winking smile




As you can see Kent was totally into registering.

Actually he did pretty good the fist 45min then I lost him.

Through most of our hunting he made faces at how unnecessary the items were and how he couldn’t believe what they were charging.

Yes he may be right but we’re not raising a child in the Stone Age as he seems to think.

I’m sure he’ll be happy we have a Nose Frida, a double breast pump (don’t ask), and a Sasha the Giraffe teether when it’s all said and done!




Weston I’m sorry mommy didn’t get more dressed up or even put on makeup on for this exciting event. When you look back at these photos don’t be ashamed! I promise to look cute for your showers!  Ps…..Doesn’t your Dad’s Mmmmm Baccon shirt rock?




We decided to register at………


buy buy Baby





For any soon to be mamas out there that want to be nosey and see what we registered for you can find us by searching Kent and Kendra Huie through the sites registry search.

It’s okay I like to look at other people registries too!  You never know what you may have missed!



??How Did They Add Up??

I give buy buy Baby an: Eh
-It’s served its purpose.
-I liked being able to touch and see the products


-They didn’t have everything I was hoping to register for.
-Their prices are crazy high on their bigger items.  
-Their website is kind of crapy but they won me over with a bag of free samples so I’ll let the website thing pass.

I give Amazon an: AAAAAAmaaaaamzing
-Loved that I could easily read reviews and price match.
-Who doesn’t love being able to work on your registry in your PJs!
-Amazon’s prices are lower than buy buy Baby which is music to a deal hunters ears!
-They have a HUGE selection! There is not one thing that I wanted to add to our registry that they didn’t have…..no really I’m being honest!
-I didn’t have to wait for our turn to look at a product.
-No crying babies or strollers to maneuver around (yes I know I will soon be one of those shoppers).
-They have tons of ways to help you search for items to add to your registry. No need to willy-nilly it around the store looking dazed and confused.
-They have a little section where you can write notes about the items you pick. I thought that was a cute idea!
-Awesome user friendly website


I like the items we have on our Amazon registry (prices are better, the selection is great) but I’m not so sure that it will get as much use as our buy buy Baby registry.

Having an online registry is great for out of town loved ones that would like to do something for the baby but as we all know most of us buy our shower gift the night before the shower and like to attend with a gift in hand. This is where Buy Buy Baby wins a point over Amazon. I’m sorry Amazon.


How about you?
What’s been your experience with registering?
Did you like where you registered?
Did your hubby get lost in the glider section?

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Facebook Online Garage Sale Groups

fencing design ideas

Y’all know I love to get my hunt on……garage sales, Craig’s List, thrift stores, consignments stores, flea markets, ebay, no matter the store front virtual or not I love to search for a good deal! Even if I was Mrs. $Money Banks$ I would still hunt!

-Many of our decorations are from Goodwill
-Some of my favorite props are ones that I spent $5 on at flea market
-Ninja’s home (our bunny) is a 2 story apartment was found for dirt cheap off Craig’s List. Bunny condos are freaking expensive but not his abode!
-And the list goes on and on!

With a little one on the way the hunt has been even more necessary than before as we try to prepare without breaking the bank. As many know babies outgrow things at the speed of light and they need a lot of contraptions! Enter The Hunter…..Moi! I’ve been dead set on finding items for Weston (our little bean on the way) at great to reasonable prices! Kiddos outgrow things so quickly that most of the items we’ve bought are in brand new condition even some with the tags still on them!


Online Facebook Garage Sale Groups Are Your BFF

What are they? Basically they are exactly what they are called, online garage sale groups hosted through Facebook’s group feature.

How does it work? Members of the group post items they would like to sale usually with price and details on the item. Other members then leave a comment under the post saying they’re interested, making a lower offer if you think the listed price is too high, or asking further questions about the item. The seller will then offer the item to commenters in the order the comments are left…..pretty much a virtual line.

Most items are listed as PPU (Porch Pick Up) meaning you agree on a price swing by their house on a agreed upon time and the item will be waiting for you on their porch. Most items are paid for through paypal or by leaving cash at a top secret spot. ;o) I actually prefer PPUs. I feel it’s safer and I don’t really want to go into anyone’s home or garage. With that being said I always take Kent with me just to be safe.

How can I find groups near me? Log into Facebook and search Online Garage Sale city name (enter surrounding cities that you wouldn't mind driving to pick up your items. You should find several groups you can request to join! Once you’re in the group make friends and ask other members for recommendations on a few of their favorite groups. You can find general garage groups but you can also narrow down your search for groups that sale specific items (kids clothing, infant gear, antiques, and so on). I’m currently a member of 11 groups. The more you join the more goodies you see! 

-Be sure to read the guidelines. Each group is a little different. Some are stricter than others so be sure you understand how things work.

-Learn the lingo!  
        PPU-Porch Pick Up
        PPUO-Porch Pick Up Only
        ISO- In Search Of
        OBO- Or Best Offer
        NWOT- New Without Tags
        NWT- New With Tags

-If you see something you’re interested in and it’s at a great price JUMP ON IT! When items are in great condition and priced well they fly.

-Get in line! If you see something you want but see several others already in line go ahead and leave a comment saying you’re interested. Many times people change their minds and you may get lucky and be the next one up.

-Don’t be shy to ask for a lower price if you feel the item is overpriced. Most times they will say sure!

-Respond quickly! This is the same for buyer and sellers. If you’re posting items you want to sale post at a time that you are available to answer questions quickly so folks don’t lose interest. On the flip side if you’ve left a comment that you’re interested in an item be courteous to the seller and let them know quickly so they can offer it to someone else if you decide to pass.    

-Inspect your items before you drive away with them! It’s up to the seller to be responsible and honest but it’s also your responsibility to make sure you’re happy with what you’re buying. If it’s a PPU and you’re not happy with what you see leave it on the porch and contact the seller immediately to let them know you decided to pass and why.

-When you’re posting an item be sure to include as much detail in your discretion as you can and be honest with things that have scuffs or need a little TLC. The more detail you leave the less time you’ll spend answering questions.

-When selling items if you really want to see it go bye-bye list it at a fair price. No one cares that you’ve had it for a year, spent $100 on it, and have a huge attachment to it. We’re all there looking for a great deal so if you want your items gone fast list them for fair prices!

What have you recently snatch from your garage sale groups?

I have a running list of items I need/want and try my best to only buy something if it’s an item I’m going to use now or need for the baby.  Here are a few of our recent finds!


Weston’s bedding. The set is from Land of Nod and in great condition! For $30.00 the seller included:  2 crib sheets, 1 new mattress protector, bumper, crib skirt, and padded changing pad cover. I’m in love with the colors and flexibility! We’re doing his room in a vintage theme so I think this will look great!



$25 Electric smoker for Kent! He’s wanted one for the longest and was thrilled! We’ve had some yummy smoked chicken and salmon so far!


$4 Diaper wipe warmer for my studio! I don’t plan to use one for Weston but for my sleeping itty-bitty clients I think it will be great!


New in box magnification cosmetic mirror with light and wall mount $25.  
This has been on my list for the longest but they are freaking expensive!!!!  This one was priced a little higher than I would like to pay but she had tons of people in line so I couldn’t offer her a lower price. Paying $25 is way better than $100 though!



Boppy pillow with pillow case and My Breast Friend pillow case $5



Everything you see below was purchased for $50 from a church garage sale. The guy that we bought the smoker from told us about a huge garage sale that was happening. So glad he shared his scoop with us! Don’t be shy to ask people you interact with in the group if they know of any consignment events or great garage sales going one.



Good stuff huh?
Now get out there find some garage sale groups and start hunting!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Bump Watch– 19 Weeks & 20 Weeks



IMG_0074-maternity bluenonnets



IMG_0173-Maternity blue bonnets


How Far Along: I was 19 weeks and 6 days when we snapped the photos! I’m currently 20 weeks and 3 days! 1/2 way there baby!

What’s the Baby Up to: Weighing around 11 ounces and measuring 7 1/2 inches I can cup the little guy in the palm of my hand, sooo tiny! I can’t believe I’m feeling kicks and movements from something so little. His taste buds are working and he’s gulping down several ounces of amniotic fluid a day.  Little nugget’s hair and nails continue to grow. Can’t wait to see if he has curly hair like his mama.  

Best Moments of the Week:
1. We had our 2nd trimester sonogram and confirmed Mr. Weston is in fact a Mr. I knew he was a dude from the beginning…..just had that feeling! We found out early at 14 weeks so this sonogram was to check on the little guy’s development and confirm the gender our doctor previously told us. Everything looks great! We saw his sweet hands and feet and his big round belly and his cute pee-pee!  I love his sweet little profile and his button nose! My mom went to the sonogram apportionment so she got to see her grandson kicking and moving.  After the sonogram we went to breakfast then hit up the mall for some maternity shopping. All around it was an awesome day. One I will remember for years to come!

2. Things around the house are rocking and rolling! We’re getting rid of our junk and making room for Mr. Weston. I guess it took a baby to finally get our butts in gear. Donated a TON of stuff to Salvation Army and gave away one of our guest beds so we can get started on Weston’s nursery. We also sold Kent’s 2 door Honda so we can get him a 4 door dad car. 

3. Bought Weston’s 1st piece of furniture. I was sooooo excited and got a sweet deal on it! I’ll share a photo below.

4. Road trip to Ennis, TX to check out the bluebonnet trails. The weather was beautiful and Kent and I had a great time taking in the sights and seeing all the pretty bluebonnets. It’s worth the drive! We’re already talking about going back out next year with Weston.

5. Decided on nursery colors and bought his bedding!!!!! This is a pretty big deal. I’m super picky when it comes to décor and I like to do everything on the cheap which adds to the struggle. I’ve been hunting since we found out that we’re pregnant and couldn’t really find exactly what I was picturing until the other day! Someone posted a used crib set on a facebook garage sale group I’m a member of. I love it and would have paid full price had I found it beforehand. What are the odds that you find a crib set that you love and it’s a steal as in almost free. It’s by Land of Nod which is pretty pricey! I’ll include a picture of the bedding below.     

Funny/Odd Things That Happened: I haven’t really had issues with mood swings so far. I’ve been pretty even keel…..until Kendra the Road Rage Witch showed her ugly head. I have no idea who she is or where she came from but I have to really watch out for her. Kent and I were in the car the other day and a guy who was being an impatient meanie honked at me. I flipped out like a mad woman……theeeeeen I cried! Yup big tears rolling down my cheeks. Kent didn’t know how to react and neither did I. It’s been a few days since that happened and he’s still laughing about it. In all our 12 years together he said he’s never seen me get that angry. I shocked myself as well.

Cravings: I’ve been craving bean and cheese burritos. I gave in once after trying to fight it for 2 days and well now I want another one. Some type of Tex-Mex has been on my craving list from the begging. Tacos, chips and salsa, and now bean and cheese burritos none of which I ate pre pregnancy.

Symptoms: I’ve been sleepy lately. I had a photo shoot last Saturday that wore me out.  Nothing out of the norm just a regular family shoot but I was in bed most of Sunday to resting up for my evening Sunday shoot. Naps have been thrown back in to the rotation and when I wake up it’s like I’m waking up from the dead.

Notes to Nugget: We made it! We’re at the 1/2 way mark! In the beginning I felt like the days dragged by but now I blink and another week has passed us. We’re getting closer and closer to meeting you. You sleep most of the day but at 3:00pm like clockwork you start kicking up a storm. You’re a busy guy in there and I have a feeling you’re going to take after my always on the go personality.  We got to see you and all your cuteness at your last appointment. It looks like you’re going to have your Dad’s nose. Grandma and I have trip to Canton Trade Days planed this week. I’m sure we’ll have many family trips to Canton after you’re born but I’m pretty excited about this one. I dreamed of one day going to 1st Monday to shop for my own baby and the day has come! I know Grandma is excited too!

Random Instagram Photos: ( User Name: Kendra_Pryor)


Pretty flowers from a sweet client!



Coffee has made its way back into my daily rotation and Mr. Keurig is acting up.
He’s 5 years old so I don’t blame him! 



Weston consignment store shopping trip! Seriously what’s my deal with Baby Gap. I find something I love, look at the tag and it’s from Gap.



Weston love all the way from California! Receiving gifts for our little guy put a big silly smile on my face. Isn’t this outfit adorable? Seriously though how adorable are these? I’m freaking over the little camera onsie!




Weston Blake’s  1st piece of furniture!
We’re going to use it to store books and toys. I found it at a resale shop in their clearance section for wait for it…….wait for it……… $230! Its solid wood and in perfect condition! I think I got a great deal!



Weston’s crib bedding. Look past the animal quilt didn’t buy that. His bedding is from Land of Nod. It’s their Creatures Big and Small set. The seller we bought from had the crib skirt, 2 sheets, bumper, and a mattress protector all of $30.00!!! I was planning on spending around $250.00 or so on his bedding so I was tickled to get it for $30!  I love the flexibility of the set! I’m doing his room in a vintage theme so this will look great.


My mom and I with my maternity wear loot.



Had lunch with Kent’s buddies at The Boiling Crab. Kent LOVES his food!



Ennis Bluebonnet trails.


It’s been a good week!
If you would like to see more bluebonnet shots please visit my photography blog. Smile