Thursday, December 30, 2010

For the Love of Movies

Not sure what happens to me after Christmas.

I want nothing more than to stay in my PJ’s and watch movies all day long.

I’m not a big sitter for the most part. In fact I HATE sitting for long periods of time.

That all changes after Christmas. I turn into a BIG couch potato; for a few days at least.  :o)

It must be my body’s way of recuperating after all the holiday craziness.

The holidays this year were a doozie!

In case you’re like me and turn into a movie lush after Christmas I thought I would share a few movies that I really enjoyed……ones that are not record breaking hits but little gems that I rented on a whim and was happy I did!


-Away We go: This was such a GREAT movie. This one is definitely a must. I laughed, I cried, and pondered about few things in life. It was a great flick!


-The Scoop: Thrilling, funny, and a great story line. I plan to watch this one again while I’m on break. :o)



-Stardust: Kent and I both loved this movie! Creative storyline, fun characters, coupled with several laugh out loud moments.  Not sure why but every Christmas I get the urge to watch this while I’m baking. It’s become my little holiday baking tradition. It has nothing to do with Christmas so I have no idea why I like to watch it while I’m getting my Christmas bake on, but I do!


-Last House on the Left: Tristyn Faith, if you’re reading this do NOT watch this preview! My youngest niece reads my blog from time to time.

This is a thriller and will have you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole movie! Let me forewarn you, this movie is not for the faint of heart. It’s bloody and graphic. I had to fast forward though a certain scene that takes place in the woods. I’m sure those of you that have seen this know exactly what I’m talking about. With that being said it’s a really good thriller…..if your into suspenseful movies.



-The Orphanage: Oh my goodness! This move gave me goose bumps! Another one that will have you on the edge of your seat. Not graphic or gory like Last House on the Left  but will definitely keep you on your toes.

50 Frist Dates: Another good one! I saw this when I was still living in China. It was my 1st movie experience in China. You actually get to pick your seat….as if you were going to watch a play , so fancy! Although this movie has been out for awhile I still watch it from time to time. Love the story line, it’s lighthearted, funny, AND has a great soundtrack!

If Only: I have no idea how I came across this movie but boy was I glad I watched it. I think I even called a few friends to tell them about it after I finished watching it. It was really, really, good BUT it’s a tear jerker so be warned.

I think that’s enough for now. I have tons more to share but I’ll save them for another movie post. 

Our Plans for New Years Eve: No fancy-smancy New Years Eve outing for us this year. Kent is recuperating from oral surgery so we have big plans to hang out on the couch and do nothing but watch movies New Years Eve! Is it lame that I’m looking forward to it? 


I Want to Hear From You……….

-If you would like to add any of your favorites to the list feel free to share in your comment. I’m always on the hunt for a good movie!

-Also if you’ve seen any of the movies above I would love to know what you thought!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas Weekend in a Nutshell

That’s right Christmas isn’t just a one day celebration in this family. We milk it for all that we can! We start celebrating on Christmas day and continue the family festivities well into the week!

Here’s a glimpse into our Christmas weekend extravaganza!




Parker decided he wanted to open ALL my gifts this year!

He’s a hoot!

He pulled out the tissue paper, then the goodies.

I have no idea where he picked this up or how he even knows goodies are inside a gift wrapped package but he’s a pro!



Kent is the hardest person to buy for. We’ve been together for almost 10 years and I STILL struggle when deciding what to get him.

This year was different!

I finally had a few gifts that I knew he would love.

What I got him: a fire pit, fire proof safe, authentic Asian cookbooks, a bag of his favorite snacks, a new belt, a couple shirts, and a guitar!

I couldn't wait for him to open his gifts this year! 


IMG_9670-edit      IMG_9668-edit

Kent gave me one gift that made me make this face (left pic)……..
then this face (right pic) when I figured out what it was!

He spoiled me like crazy!

More on that later.




We stuffed our faces.





Spent time with family.






IMG_9873-edit4comp       IMG_0018-edit4comp

Celebrated her birthday (my mom)                          and his birthday (my uncle).




Took tons AND tons of pictures.

My 2010 Christmas picture folder on my PC has over 1,000 pictures in it. That’s out of control!





I look like a monster next to my sister-in-law. She’s tiny….me, not so much. ;o)

Note to self: Set up a hair appointment on the fly! The ole roots are not looking so hot! 


IMG_9891-edit     IMG_9892-edit

We played games………

and gave lots of thumbs up!



IMG_9982-edit      IMG_9999-edit

AND had our 1st annual water bottle walking competition.

Everyone participated……..

Even the guys!



Doesn’t my uncle Charles look thrilled!


We ended our Sunday night jubilee with a few Christmas carols. Each family member picks a song, then we all join in ! This is our second year doing this.

I was right there with my video recorder. Don’t worry……I’m not going to post clips of us singing.

I like you and I want you to stick around so I’ll be kind and keep the singing clips to myself!

Here are a few that we sang-
Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer
-Jingle Bells
(the barking dog edition) I’m not joking, we totally did! 
-Silver Bells (this one didn’t last too long, all we knew was the chorus).

Now I’m thinking about it I should have should have suggested The Italian Christmas Donkey. Love that song!

I went a more traditional route and picked Away in a Manger.

All in all it’s been a great Christmas! I love spending time with my wacky family any chance I get.

I’m off work until January 3rd so I have BIG plans to sit at home and do a bunch of nothing!!!

Life is good!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas in the Craft Room

I am beyond behind posting pictures of our Christmas decorations!

I’ve attempted to take pictures of our home all clean and filled with Christmas goodness but I keep getting lost in my camera. I’ll set out to take pictures of our Christmas tree and before I know it an hour has gone by and I have 100 pictures of 1 ornament showcased 100 different ways.

In fact this is how I came up with THIS post over one my photography blog.

I did however manage to take pictures of the Christmas fluff in my craft room.



This little guy was my childhood Christmas tree!

I still remember picking out little ornaments and thinking it was the coolest thing that I had my very own Christmas tree. I think it’s just as neat that I’m still using it as an adult!

I gave it a little facelift this year by adding a few ribbons, jute, lace, and pom-pom trim. The little create sign was a GW find. Everything I decorated it with I already had on hand!




Oh yes I did mix damask and quatrefoil!

The quatrefoil pillow was another thrift store find! I’m kind of in love with it.





One of my homies gets to hang out in my craft room with me. We drink coffee and read together. Surprisingly enough he loves vampire romance novels too! He’s the best!

The pillows in this picture were thrift store finds as well!




That’s it, just a nutcracker….uh I mean homie and a mini Christmas tree but I like-it-A-Lot (in the voice of Lloyd from Dum and Dumber)!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our 2010 Christmas Card and a Little Daydreaming

Let’s do a little daydreaming. I’ll  set the scene………….


It’s a chilly Tuesday afternoon in December. You see the mailman OR mailwoman (have to be fair right) placing mail in your mail box. You think to yourself…….”Oh goodie, the mail is here!” Not because you love to see what bill awaits you…..nope, because you LOVE to see if you’ve received any Christmas cards. Am I right? Once the mail person is done you slip on your finest pair of Louis Vuitton heels. You know, the ones that go perfectly with your Donna Karan dress (we’re daydreaming remember?) and sashay gracefully to the mail box.


Once you open the mailbox you find a Christmas card from yours truly.  It looks a little something like this………………………………… 


Front of R 2010 Cmas CardImage taken by Mr. Tripod (He is not easy to work with. More on that later) and edited by moi.


back of cmas card 2010 
Images taken by Mr. Tripod and yours truly. Edited by me!

As your reading the card you say to yourself “Oh that Kendra she sure if silly.” You chuckle at the picture of Abby (the Chihuahua). That picture is sooooo her.


You head back to house. During your walk back you look at your neighbor’s house and whish that you too, had a 5 car garage. You really do need a place to park your new pink Bentley that Santa‘s brining you. Oh well, you’re moving to Bora Bora next year anyway. You can get a 6 car garage then!


As you continue to walk back to the house you think to yourself……..”Why in the world am I getting the mail. Don’t I have people to do this for me?” Unfortunately it appears that you cannot walk and think at the same time. You trip, breaking the hill of your Louis Vuitton shoe and ripping your Donna Karan dress. As you’re falling you stumble right into your front door. The door opens. You look around and shout “WHAT, this isn't my house! Whose messy kids are these and where is my high end furniture?”


Then you realize….oh yes, you were daydreaming, duh! This IS your messy house. Oh, and the screaming kids are yours too.


You stop for a second and take a moment to look around.


You see the the joy that fills your home. The walls are dripping with thousands of memories; even if they were made in a big fluffy robe and Target pajamas. You look at your crazy kids and see that they are indeed crazy but you love them. They make you laugh, they fill your heart with hope, and warmth…..even if they try to kill each other on a daily biases.


You look at the mess, oh the mess! Scattered shoes all over the floor and the laundry is piled high, but you know what? It’s okay… chose to spend time with your family.


You baked cookies.
You had a glass of wine and watched an old sappy Christmas movie with your honey.
You talked to an old friend on the phone for way too long.
You chose to celebrate the season.


The mess will wait but the memories that are waiting to be made will not. You don’t need a 6 car garage, name brand clothing, and a perfect home to be happy. Nope, it’s about the little things. The things that warm your heart.

It’s okay to daydream from time to time. To think about the things you wish you had or the places you long to visit. It’s part of our adult imagination. Yes, it’s okay I promise! Just as long as you come back to reality and realize that it’s not so bad and that you have thousands of things to be grateful for right in your very own home no matter where you’re at in life!


Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

From our home filed with thrifted treasures, clearance clothing, and closets full of unorganized mess. Smile 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Can See the Light at the End of the Tunnel


Jolly ole St. Ninja Claus

I’ll officially be on Christmas break in 2 days! I have big, BIG plans for my time off. My list looks a little something like this……..

1. Read my new smutty vampire romance novel (J.R. Ward’s Dark Lover). Why must they give these books the cheesiest names coupled with the silliest covers? No, you will never see me relaxing in Starbucks reading this book……unless I’m tucked away in a corner and have my back to everyone, OH and I’ve ripped the cover off the book. Yes, that might work!



2. Go see Black Swan AND The Tourist.



3. Edit my hordes of personal images that have been calling my name. I’ve been so busy with work that the last thing I want to do when it’s time to call it a day is edit more pictures but I’m looking forward to getting my hands on some of these bad boys!



4. Take pictures of my Christmas décor and share it on the ole blog. The house is ALL gussied up and ready for Christmas. I’ve been itching to take some pictures to share with you guys. Hope to have them up next week!



5. Spend time with my family. This should be number 1 on the list! My nieces are coming over for a little cookie backing/decorating party. I see some games nights in the future, perhaps a little Christmas light looking.



6. Print pictures from the year AND work on my gallery wall.    



7. Set up a Project 365 blog so I can start it on January 1st! Yes I have plans to start yet another blog. Surprisingly enough I’ve not done the best job taking pictures of our daily life. We’re about to start a new chapter as husband and wife and perhaps become parents! I really want to do my best to capture our life leading up to the alter and after. I want our kids to be able look back and see how our family got started. I guess you could say it’s sort of my resolution for the new year. I’ve bought a line a day journal, we now own a video camera (early Christmas gift), and the 365 blog….I think we’re equipped and ready to freeze our memories!



8. Wedding stuff! Our wedding is 3 months away and I have tons of things I need to do to get ready for it.



9. Start back on a workout schedule! When things got busy at work this was the 1st thing to go. With the wedding hanging over my head I NEED to get my booty back to the gym!



10. Get organized! I have tons of things to sale on Craig's List and EBay. Kent has been hounding me to start posting stuff. I hope to sale a few things during my break thus making more room, and getting organized. I think you would faint if you saw our garage. It’s my dirty little secret.

I go back to work on January 3 so I better get busy!



Really, isn’t Ninja just the cutest thing ever!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Wrapping With My Homeies



That’s right! I enlisted my homies for a little help wrapping gifts…..OR perhaps they happened to be on the floor as I have yet to finish decorating for Christmas….believe what you want!

I made sure to invite the ones that had some sweet tools I could use.

Oh, “How do I plan to use the drum?” you ask. I just invited him to drop a little back beat while we got our wrap on (get it?).



             IMG_8589-edit      IMG_8577-edit

I went a little tulle crazy! What can I say it’s cheaper than ribbon AND it makes great bows!




One of my “homies” came up with the idea to double up coordinating paper. Yet another thrifty way to gussy up your wrapping job.














Tag making station

I picked up the large tag shaped cutter at Michaels (they’re on sale right now). It’s not cheap BUT I justified the purchase by saying I can use it ALLLLL year long.

I did the same for the wrapping paper I bought that I did not need! I justified THAT purchase by saying I could use most of it year round if I paired it with a fun, funky colored bow AND it waaaasss 50% off! Yes, that justification made the purchase alllll good! I then had to further explain my BIG idea to Kent when he saw me walking in the door with a big smile on my face and arms full of unnecessary wrapping paper.

I made a few tags out of sheet music (bought at GW), scrapbook paper, and wrapping paper…..all things I had on hand!

My plan is to save the Christmas cards we receive this year and use the tag cutter to cut tags out of some of the Christmas cards for next year’s gift tags. That’s the plan at least.



When it was time to clean up my homies gave me the back. I’m not really sure what “gave me the back” means but it sounds good so we’ll run with it!




I even caught one trying to flee the scene. I think he was trying to “blend in” with the Christmas tree.




My vicious guard dog brought him back to the posse then proceeded to whipped their hinny's into shape! “CLEAN, nutcrackers, CLEAN!” she said. Doesn’t she look mean!

Then, Kent aka her boyfriend walked in the door………..



and her veracious rein was over.

(Sorry Kent, this is not the most flattering picture of you but it goes with the story. It’s for the sake of the blog. I ‘m sure you understand. Winking smile)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A Room with a View



My view for the past few weeks.

Sometimes I think my butt is going to flatten out like a pancake because I’ve been sitting on it so much.

I actually miss the gym! I would have never thought that was even possible.

I wrapped up my last photo shoot before the holidays last Sunday. I ended the season with a BANG and had a blast during the shoot.

It was a sister photo shoot with their two precious and very tiny yorkies.

I had another clumsy mishap during during shoot that left me with a few scratches and bruises but no trip to the E.R. this time around! I wonder what I would have told Dr. Bob……hummm.

If you looked up the meaning for the name Kendra it was say jolly but very clumsy!  

Now, I’m trying to wrap up the last few sessions that need to edited.

I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Early mornings and late nights in the office but I’m listing to Christmas music and singing as loud as I can without busting Parker’s (my coworker) eardrums.

I haven't started on our Christmas cards. My house is a mess. We still have pumpkins out in the front yard. Our Christmas lights are not up. I still have Christmas shopping to do. AND we’re hosting a Christmas party THIS weekend.

It’s all good though I’m sure everything it will work it’s self out somehow.

I’m interested to see how it all plays out.

Ps….Crafts I miss you. I hope we join forces very, VERY, soon!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Photo Chit-Chat Oops I Did it Again

In the words of Brittney Spears “Oops I did it again.” I messed up our little photo chat.

I ‘m a bit miffed with myself right now.

I just finished recoding our chit chat vlog, went to watch it on my recorder and accidently deleted.

“Really, Kendra, really…..I can’t believe you just did that.” Yes, I talk to myself sometimes.

It was actually a good one. I made sense, I was witty, I didn’t burp, I stayed on track for the most part except for the part where I told the story about my friend who tooted in dance class and blamed it on me. Yes, that was a bit off track and had nothing to do with lighting but I thought it was funny so I shared! 

Well since it’s late and my eyes are taking on their evening red glow I think it’s best if we miss another week yet again.

If you follow me on facebook you may already know what happed with last week’s clip. Some of you may have seen the link in your reader but were not been able to open it. That’s because I posted it, then took it down per my sweet fiancée request. He didn’t think it was too funny that I got startled and jumped out of my chair during the recording. OR the fact that I burped on camera….I said excuse me. Doesn’t that make it okay? He suggested that I take it down so I did.

In lieu of our photography chit chat how about a few pictures from some of my recent photo shoots? Nothing to learn here tonight but I’ll throw in a little eye candy!










IMG_2787-w          IMG_2808-waterm





IMG_0972-w    IMG_0923-w