Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our 2010 Christmas Card and a Little Daydreaming

Let’s do a little daydreaming. I’ll  set the scene………….


It’s a chilly Tuesday afternoon in December. You see the mailman OR mailwoman (have to be fair right) placing mail in your mail box. You think to yourself…….”Oh goodie, the mail is here!” Not because you love to see what bill awaits you…..nope, because you LOVE to see if you’ve received any Christmas cards. Am I right? Once the mail person is done you slip on your finest pair of Louis Vuitton heels. You know, the ones that go perfectly with your Donna Karan dress (we’re daydreaming remember?) and sashay gracefully to the mail box.


Once you open the mailbox you find a Christmas card from yours truly.  It looks a little something like this………………………………… 


Front of R 2010 Cmas CardImage taken by Mr. Tripod (He is not easy to work with. More on that later) and edited by moi.


back of cmas card 2010 
Images taken by Mr. Tripod and yours truly. Edited by me!

As your reading the card you say to yourself “Oh that Kendra she sure if silly.” You chuckle at the picture of Abby (the Chihuahua). That picture is sooooo her.


You head back to house. During your walk back you look at your neighbor’s house and whish that you too, had a 5 car garage. You really do need a place to park your new pink Bentley that Santa‘s brining you. Oh well, you’re moving to Bora Bora next year anyway. You can get a 6 car garage then!


As you continue to walk back to the house you think to yourself……..”Why in the world am I getting the mail. Don’t I have people to do this for me?” Unfortunately it appears that you cannot walk and think at the same time. You trip, breaking the hill of your Louis Vuitton shoe and ripping your Donna Karan dress. As you’re falling you stumble right into your front door. The door opens. You look around and shout “WHAT, this isn't my house! Whose messy kids are these and where is my high end furniture?”


Then you realize….oh yes, you were daydreaming, duh! This IS your messy house. Oh, and the screaming kids are yours too.


You stop for a second and take a moment to look around.


You see the the joy that fills your home. The walls are dripping with thousands of memories; even if they were made in a big fluffy robe and Target pajamas. You look at your crazy kids and see that they are indeed crazy but you love them. They make you laugh, they fill your heart with hope, and warmth…..even if they try to kill each other on a daily biases.


You look at the mess, oh the mess! Scattered shoes all over the floor and the laundry is piled high, but you know what? It’s okay…..you chose to spend time with your family.


You baked cookies.
You had a glass of wine and watched an old sappy Christmas movie with your honey.
You talked to an old friend on the phone for way too long.
You chose to celebrate the season.


The mess will wait but the memories that are waiting to be made will not. You don’t need a 6 car garage, name brand clothing, and a perfect home to be happy. Nope, it’s about the little things. The things that warm your heart.

It’s okay to daydream from time to time. To think about the things you wish you had or the places you long to visit. It’s part of our adult imagination. Yes, it’s okay I promise! Just as long as you come back to reality and realize that it’s not so bad and that you have thousands of things to be grateful for right in your very own home no matter where you’re at in life!


Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

From our home filed with thrifted treasures, clearance clothing, and closets full of unorganized mess. Smile 


  1. Awww... this is seriously SO sweet!!! I LOVE your family Christmas pictures...and I'm jealous of your mad tripod skillzz. You're right, it is so hard. Happy Christmas to you and your fuzzy family!

  2. your card looks wonderful!! :) merry christmas to you!

  3. I love this post!!!!!! You are such a great writer :) Merry Merry Christmas to you, Kent and the furry trio!

  4. This is lovely - made me smile!

  5. You really said it all! I need to email this to my husband, who had the nerve to ask me this morning why the house isn't more picked up. Grrr!!! LOVE your card!!

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  7. LOVE the card, especially the back with all your animals!

  8. Hi Kendra, Thanks for dropping by my blog and the nice comments on my vlog...lol.
    You have a great blog here, love this story, Christmas does get out of hand and overwhelming.... and your photos are drop dead gorgeous!

  9. Super Cute Christmas Card!!!

  10. You are too too sweet! I totally understand your wanting to really get going in the field before starting a business. My boyfriend is definately the business brains of our relationship as well. You just need to pack up and move to Florida so we can go in together...hehe...I reallly appreciate your getting back to me. I think I will put the business on rest for a bit to make sure that it will work out. I wish you the best of luck with everything!!! And go see the movie...great girl's night and it will make you want to dance...seriously, I learned one of the routines on youtube already lol. Have a very happy Christmas!


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