Sunday, December 05, 2010

Photo Chit-Chat Oops I Did it Again

In the words of Brittney Spears “Oops I did it again.” I messed up our little photo chat.

I ‘m a bit miffed with myself right now.

I just finished recoding our chit chat vlog, went to watch it on my recorder and accidently deleted.

“Really, Kendra, really…..I can’t believe you just did that.” Yes, I talk to myself sometimes.

It was actually a good one. I made sense, I was witty, I didn’t burp, I stayed on track for the most part except for the part where I told the story about my friend who tooted in dance class and blamed it on me. Yes, that was a bit off track and had nothing to do with lighting but I thought it was funny so I shared! 

Well since it’s late and my eyes are taking on their evening red glow I think it’s best if we miss another week yet again.

If you follow me on facebook you may already know what happed with last week’s clip. Some of you may have seen the link in your reader but were not been able to open it. That’s because I posted it, then took it down per my sweet fiancée request. He didn’t think it was too funny that I got startled and jumped out of my chair during the recording. OR the fact that I burped on camera….I said excuse me. Doesn’t that make it okay? He suggested that I take it down so I did.

In lieu of our photography chit chat how about a few pictures from some of my recent photo shoots? Nothing to learn here tonight but I’ll throw in a little eye candy!










IMG_2787-w          IMG_2808-waterm





IMG_0972-w    IMG_0923-w















  1. Awesome photos! That bright yellow wall is AMAZING!

  2. Oh no! That sounds like something I would do! Love the pictures, especially the B&W!

  3. So frustrating to loose something you work hard on! Great pics though!


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