Thursday, August 23, 2012

Strange Things Happen




Yes weird things happen to me ALL. THE. TIME.

It’s become of a way of life for me.

Do you remember the pumpkin toe story?

Or the time I almost stepped on a snake in my bathroom?

What about the time I was bucked off a horse and split my pants. Yes I was wearing a thong and the whole ranch saw my booty and me trying to hold the seam of my pants together as I walked the trail of shame.

Or maybe the story about my stalker who was obsessed with my feet. Wired AND scary! Obviously he hasn’t seem them in real life….they are NOT something to obsess over….trust me!  

Oh I could go on and on with stories like this.

But for now I’m going to share something that happened to me last week…….



The Time I Accidentally Hit-On a Woman at Quick Trip

I like to pick them up in classy places… know what I’m saying. Winking smile


I stopped in to get a quick cup of coffee.
While I was fixing up my cup of jo a lady walked in and stood next to me. I noticed when she walked by because I have a nose like a bloodhound and her perfume smelled really good. 

Well I started chatting with her about the coffee and the weather, you know typical stuff.

As I was getting ready to head out I said “Your perfume smells really good! What is it called?”

She stopped for a second and gave me a weird look then quietly said “Um it’s called Irresistible.” With a big cheesy smile plastered on my face I looked at her and said “Well it sure seems be working.”


As it was coming out of my mouth the warning sign was flashing loud and clear. Mayday mayday Kendra what you are about to say is weird STOP NOW!  What in the world was I thinking.

The poor lady not knowing what to say looked at the ground and walked off.

There was a guy standing next to us who heard the whole thing. He got a good chuckle out of it as did Kent when I called to tell him I unintentionally made at pass at some poor random lady. Hey I am not a lesbian but she doesn't know that. Maybe I made her day!

Well at least my crazy shenanigans are worthy of a good laugh!




Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our Vacation: Carnival Magic Cruise

Are ya ready……no I mean REALLY’s going to be a long post and there may or may not be a quiz at the end. Just saying!

Sooooooo you might want to grab a cup of joe, glass-O-wine, cup of tea, whatever you like to wet your whistle with.


Go on I’ll wait for you.

You’re you back! 
Picture and story overload here we go!!!!!!


Not a photographer on this trip:
I left my big girl camera at home and borrowed my friend's waterproof point and shoot camera. I was totally on vacation mode! Although I was constantly saying “Oh the light here is perfect.” or “Oh man I wish I had my camera this would be a great shot.” It was actually kind of nice to take a break.

No stopping to change my exposure or think about composition nope I decided I wanted to take a break from being the girl who is always taking pictures. I just wanted to chill and take it all in.



We cruised out on the Carnival Magic for a 7 day cruise stopping at Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel.

A few of our friends joined us for the adventure. Say hi to…….

*Marcus*, his better half  *Ashley *, annnnnnd the beautiful *Ginger* or as I like to call her Ginga. If you’ve watched some of our You Tube videos you’ve seen this folks before.


We had a blast on the boat
-We stuffed our faces. Eating becomes a hobby when you’re cruising. Yes, my typical eating went out the window. I had carbs, ate dessert every night, and a pretty much anything my little heart wanted. I also came home with an additional 2 pounds. Eh it was worth it.

-We laid out…..tons! I know it’s crazy and as you know I am crazy so this may not be a shocker to you BUT out of everything we had planned I was the most excited about laying out and reading. I know LAME…….right? I just wanted to be still and not think for several hours….or maybe days and that’s just what I did. It was nice.

Yes I wore sunscreen!



-We had tea! This was one of my favorite things we did on the boat. A hot beverage and my sweet addiction united into one chill event……HELLO!





-We took tons of annoying pictures that WE thought were hilarious! I was too cheap to buy them so I took a picture of them with my phone…..shhhhhhh.

               IMAG2372    IMAG2374


This is without alcohol. We don’t need no stinking liquid courage to let loose and have fun. We’re naturally this annoying.





-We danced. Oh because there is always dancing! I now know I should NEVER wear that dress again. I looks like a big sack on me.


-We enjoyed the balcony. Kent decided to upgrade up to a balcony room. I gave him a hard time about it in the beginning. This is our 3rd cruise and we’ve always been fine with the doll size rooms. I didn’t think we should spend the extra cash but boy was I wrong. WE LOVED IT! We got to watch the boat dock in the different ports and had coffee out there in the mornings. I was told once you go balcony you don’t go back. Umm yeah I think they’re right!



I also got to do this from our balcony!



I gave Blossom a run for her money in my big floppy hat!

           P1020296    P1020307


1st Stop: Jamaica








It was super relaxing! We had a lot of down time on this excursion so we just chilled and took in the sights.



-And we ate: Wish I would have taken more pictures of formal night. It’s was kind of neat for us. Kent wore the same suit, tie, and shirt, we were married in and I wore the dress I changed into at our reception. I had to get it altered since I’ve lost quite a bit of weight since our wedding. Getting something altered because it’s way to big is a gooooood feeling!



2nd stop: Grand Cayman

I didn’t take 1 stinking picture and it was beautiful! The water looked like pool water. We went to the beach hung out and snorkeled. Now that I’m watching Shark Week it’s totally freaking me out because we swam pretty far out. No boat to swim to if we saw a shark so we were pretty much SOL if a shark was feeling hungry. Love swimming in the ocean but I always get a little freaked out.



Last Stop: Cozumel
We drove doom buggies through the rainforest, jumped off a cliff, and went to a top secret bat cave. It was definitely an adventurous day.







See those little black things in the water. Those are baby Piranah. I know….we’re so brave! Okay maybe they were baby tilapia but still sooooo scary! Winking smile 


To get to the bat cave you had to swim under stalactites. It was pitch black and the water was 66 feet deep. I’m certain we were swimming with a bunch of monsters. 

I would just like to toot my own horn for a little bit: Out of our whole excursion group we were the only ones that jumped off the cliff and went into the scary bat cave. We had our own little private tour in the bat cave which was pretty neat although I couldn’t  see a thing so the tour guide could have told me mermaids lived in there and I would’ve believed him.



After Cozumel we were at sea for a day then back home….poo. Sad smile 
Talk about culture shock. Who was going to make my bed, leave me clean towels shaped like little animals, cook us 4 course meals and do the dishes. I want to go back! 


And that’s all she wrote!


I was kidding about the quiz don’t be scared.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Vacation is Important

I recently took a little time off work. I needed said vacation more than I thought I did. I realized this on the 2nd day of my vacation.

It went a little something like this……..



I got up early to have a little breakfast date with Kent before he headed off to work.
We were at Market Street.
Love their oatmeal bar and coffee!
We chatted and enjoyed each other’s company.
I sipped on my coffee and talked about all the things I wanted to do on my vacation: cook, bake, read, blog, work on my Project Life Album, visit with family…….
Out of nowhere I started crying.
I wasn’t crying because I was sad I was crying because I was relaxed……no pressure, no deadlines, no one waiting on me for something, no never ending to do list that needed my attention. It was a feeling I realized I haven’t felt in a very long time.

Quiet………stillness….….absences of pressure……….peace.

It was as if someone slipped something in my coffee. I could feel my shoulders release and my body relax. I had no idea I was carrying around that much stress. I guess I’ve just become used to it.




Kent of course didn’t know what in the world was going on but sat with me and listened while I talked things through.


I find so much joy in what I do that I’ve let it take over me. I work long hours. I go months without taking a full day off. There are days that I’m running on very little sleep so I can try and fit it all in. I focus so much on my job that I’ve forgotten about my other passions, my house is a mess, my family suffers, and Kent often gets the short end of the stick.

I know I ‘m not alone in this as I’m sure there are others out there struggling with the same thing.

Can I get an amen?

Reducing my stress even if just for a week allowed me to come out of my fog and gain some perspective.



THIS is why vacation is important.


It’s like pressing an internal restart button. Pressing that button will not only make you a better mother, wife, friend, it will also make you a better employee even if you are your own boss (like myself).



What have I taken away from this little life lesson I’ve learned?

-I’m cutting my fall work load back.
-I’m rearranging my pricing.
-I’m scheduling days off and I’m going to try my darndest to make sure that my days off are guilt and pressure free so they are actually beneficial to me.
-I’m going to continue to work on saying no. As much as I want to do it all I simple can’t. My free time is precious and fleeting. I need to make sure that that things I commit myself to are things I want to do, not things I feel pressured into doing. People will just have to understand.
-I will not loose sight of my other passions! They need love too!
-I will take my camera out and shoot just for fun!
-Lastly I will make sure that I take some sort of a vacation twice a year even if it’s a staycation!

Because vacation is important!



Monday, August 06, 2012



Is this thing on…..
is anyone even out there?



It’s been 3 months since my last post.

Not too terribly long of a hiatus but it seems like a year since my last update. I can’t even begin to tell you what all has happened over the last 3 months.






I’ve been around
On facebook, Twitter, I’ve been updating random youtube clips on our channel (I have no idea it happened but we have 58 videos on our youtube channel), and I’m all about Instagram (my username is Kendra_Pryor)!

Just haven’t been updating my blog.


Life has been busy.
I’ve been enjoying it.
Working a lot
Working out a lot
and not making time for blogging.




You know the cycle.
It happens to all bloggers!





I took a couple weeks off.

Oh man did I need it. 

I’m going to talk more about this in another post.




While I was on vacation I did a lot of thinking. And you know what kept popping into my head?

BLOGGING and how I miss it!


So here I am announcing my come back.
Not that it needs an announcement but here it is anyway. Smile 


I have 3 post ready to go!
Coming Up…….
-Why Vacation is Important
-Our Cruise on the Carnival Magic
- Tips on  Packing for a Cruise

Ps……..Wondering what’s up with the random photos? Well every post needs pictures; relevant or not! These are some of my favorite instagram photos.

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