Thursday, August 23, 2012

Strange Things Happen




Yes weird things happen to me ALL. THE. TIME.

It’s become of a way of life for me.

Do you remember the pumpkin toe story?

Or the time I almost stepped on a snake in my bathroom?

What about the time I was bucked off a horse and split my pants. Yes I was wearing a thong and the whole ranch saw my booty and me trying to hold the seam of my pants together as I walked the trail of shame.

Or maybe the story about my stalker who was obsessed with my feet. Wired AND scary! Obviously he hasn’t seem them in real life….they are NOT something to obsess over….trust me!  

Oh I could go on and on with stories like this.

But for now I’m going to share something that happened to me last week…….



The Time I Accidentally Hit-On a Woman at Quick Trip

I like to pick them up in classy places… know what I’m saying. Winking smile


I stopped in to get a quick cup of coffee.
While I was fixing up my cup of jo a lady walked in and stood next to me. I noticed when she walked by because I have a nose like a bloodhound and her perfume smelled really good. 

Well I started chatting with her about the coffee and the weather, you know typical stuff.

As I was getting ready to head out I said “Your perfume smells really good! What is it called?”

She stopped for a second and gave me a weird look then quietly said “Um it’s called Irresistible.” With a big cheesy smile plastered on my face I looked at her and said “Well it sure seems be working.”


As it was coming out of my mouth the warning sign was flashing loud and clear. Mayday mayday Kendra what you are about to say is weird STOP NOW!  What in the world was I thinking.

The poor lady not knowing what to say looked at the ground and walked off.

There was a guy standing next to us who heard the whole thing. He got a good chuckle out of it as did Kent when I called to tell him I unintentionally made at pass at some poor random lady. Hey I am not a lesbian but she doesn't know that. Maybe I made her day!

Well at least my crazy shenanigans are worthy of a good laugh!





  1. BHAHAHAHAA.. this is cracking me up! But yeah, that stuff smells amazing!

  2. HAHAHA!! Too funny! Weird stuff happens to me too.


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