Tuesday, September 18, 2012



Hodgepodge- a jumbled mixture

Yep that’s exactly what this post is going to be.
My brain works best when it’s a jumbled mess.



My fall shooting schedule starts in 18 days.
I’m excited and scared at the same time.
Last year was hard.
I was a walking zombie and under a lot of stress.
Me and stress are NOT BFFs.
My body just doesn’t handle stress well.
I gain weight even though I’m busting my butt at the gym and eating a good diet.
My skin breaks out.
I zone out a lot.
My eyes which are already big get even bigger and well it’s just not pretty.
I’m dead set on making a change this fall.
Remember? I wrote all about the change here!  
I’m getting better about saying no, and setting boundaries!
I think it’s going to pay off.
This fall you’ll see me skipping down the streets loving life and doing cartwheels instead of hooked up to coffee IV looking like a scary mess.


Speaking of cartwheels I decided to do one the other day.
I ended up pulling something in my back and neck.
Kent was there to witness the awesomeness. 
I will not be defeated cartwheel! 


I’m crossing something off my bucket list!
At the end of this month I’m getting certified to teach a cardio dance class!
I’m soooo excited!!!!!
I 1st started working out to help with my anxiety but ended up getting so much more out of it!
I’ve lost 60lbs……
changed my lifestyle……
been motived by MANY others…….
It’s time for me to pay it forward!
I can’t wait to teach and use my class as a platform to help motivate and inspire others in their journey.
Sometimes a workout is so much more than just a workout!

Y’all know I love to dance!
The class I’ll be teaching is called Flirty Girl Fitness. If you’re in the DFW area and want to give it a try I’ll keep you in the loop as to when and where my classes will be! I would love to see you!



I was planning on doing an Instagram How-To post.
I worked on it off and on all last week BUT
I’m just not good at explaining things through type.
Sooooo I thought I could answer a few questions in vlog form.
Now talking…..
THAT I can do!
So if you have any Instagram questions throw them at me!


We’re still making pointless random videos.
I like them.
I think one day we’ll look back and get a kick out of them!
So we keep on…….

PS…..We have a new family member which I’ll be introducing to you later BUT you can see a little glimpse of him in the clip below. If you follow me on Instagram you already know allllll about him!
Instagram folks get the inside scoop!

Kent Wants a Man Cave

Kent wanted to talk to me about football.
I say Football shmootball!


I think that’s enough randomness for today.

Don’t forget to leave your Instagram questions!


  1. I totally get work stress! I've been dealing with it a lot & my skin is a hot mess!!Congrats on becoming a teacher. That's so awesome!! Congrats on the 60 lbs too!!

  2. *Congrats on your teaching dance.

    *Your new pup is adorable.

    *Kent, no offense.... but I think you need to let go of the decorating....or lack there of, outside and hand it over to Kendra. HA!! It could be so cute out there. =)

  3. That class sounds seriously fun! *lives on wrong side of planet* :(


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