Friday, September 28, 2012

Insta Friday


Instagram is my blog away from blog. I’m almost certain I said that about my blog’s fb page a few months back but a gal can change her mind…..right?

I was told by a young whipper snapper (she was 17) that “Facebook is like so totally like out and Instagram is sooooo like in.”

I’m 30 now so I like totally like have to make sure I’m like keeping up with like the awesome “in” stuff…..ya know! ;o)


So Here it is: What’s been going on in our little Instagram world:


Found this little gem at an estate sale for .25!
I’m weak when it comes to the ladies group/church cookbooks. I LOVE them! This one even had a few treasures tucked inside.

I cooked Thelma’s Mexican Black-eyed Peas with a skinny twist (substituted turkey sausage and brown rice). It was yummy and perfect for fall!



Kicked the Splenda habit


Felt like crap on the 2nd day.
Not sure if I was just under the weather or if I was going through withdrawals. Can you even go through withdraws from cutting out Splenda? I need to look that up!


Looked high and low for a healthy natural substitute for my coffee. Market Street has the best selection I’ve come across so far.



Got my thrift on!




Shared some exciting news!!!!!!
No I’m not pregnant but I did add a changing table to my studio and well folks that’s pretty exciting!

Ps….We did add a new furry family member. Meet Brady!



Had fun with pictures of Ninja!





Gussied up the porch for fall!



Worked from the Starbucks patio. No matter how many times I do this it NEVER gets old. I usually have a moment where I think to myself “Oh look at me working from Starbucks.” Yes I’m a nerd and easily amused!


Brady came along and did so good! I even had a few people comment on how well behaved he was.  

Look at that face!



Lots of meeting this week which means tons of messy notes that I needed to be rewritten while I could still make some sense out of them!



Got up at 5am to polish apples because that’s what you do when you’re a photographer!


Had a few newborn visitors in the studio!



Picked up our co-op basket and found a sweet gift from the shopper. The fat girl inside was soooo excited while the healthy girl said to give them away FAST. The fat girl won!


Got my Trader Joe’s shop on.



Fell more and more in love with this sweet ball of fluff! I planned on doing a blog post to introduce y’all to him but well that hasn’t happen….yet sooooooo


He loves to play with bowls.
It’s weird and super cute! He’s favorite is a Chinese soup bowl. I told Kent that must be because he’s 1/2 Chinese…..he’s so smart!



Kent left his phone at home so I had to e-mail while he was at work. E-mails are like old school texting! I also decided I want to start signing all my e-mails One Love. I don’t really get it either but I like the way it sounds!


Filled my plate with yumminess!


This rocked my world and was something I really needed to see at the very moment I read it. How in the world did the Honest Tea people know? I should send them a thank you card.



I acted awkward while Kent took my photo.
Cross body bags are the fanny packs of the 21st century. Mull that over why don’t you!



I put together this awesome ensemble so I could take Brady out to potty. I'm responsible for the early morning potty breaks. Kent in fact thought my outfit was so awesome that we should document it. Don’t hate you could rock the no makeup, frizzy hair, cowgirl, hot mess look too! I’ll help you! All you do it grab whatever’s close by that you don’t need to wear a bra with (that’s why I threw on the button up shirt on; covers up the boobs and protects from mosquitoes). Grab whatever shoes are close to the door and you’re set.

You’re welcome.



Had coffee and girl time with my friend.



Watched the sunset with this hot dude while our new little dude played.


Ps….Kent is now on Instagram. His user name is kenthuie if you want to add him. You would probably make his day if you did!. Our new nightly argument is who gets to post what photos. He won the debate on this funny picture of Brady with green glowing eyes. Oh the tagline I had for that one.








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  1. What a cute pup you have there. You are so lucky that your get the oh how well behaved he is comments. When my pup was young I just got the oh i had a German Shepherd, they are such good dogs when they are 2. Just wait. They were all right but 2 is a long time to wait and work on the good dog part :) good luck with the training!

  2. Okay, so the pic of Ninja with the glasses drew me in, and your stylin' doggie walking outfit really made me snort! You are too funny! Stopping by from Life Rearranged ;-)

  3. Brady is just way too cute, but I also love Ninja's moustache and glasses!

  4. love your thrift finds!

    Have a great week!


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