Monday, October 01, 2012

Flirty Girl Fitness: My Journey Begins

Last weekend was my Flirty Girl Fitness certification! I didn’t take one stinking photo but I did record pre and post videos. You know kind of like a before and after with my thoughts from the day! 

Before we get to those I want to tell you a little bit about why I started working out…………





Many people don’t know this about me and are shocked when I tell them but I suffer from anxiety.

It didn’t hit me until couple years ago but man it sure rocked my world. High blood in stressful moments, dizzy spells, hives, stomach problems, sweaty palms/feet, debilitating fear, worry, insomnia.

I didn’t feel like myself.

I was one to never fear a thing and always up for a fun and new experience. To go from being a social butterfly completely comfortable in my own skin to living with a constant uneasy feeling I knew something was wrong. 

After a doctor visit over a year ago he suggested that I start working out to help lower my anxiety OR get on medication.

Since I didn’t want to get on medication and I could afford to lose a pound or 80 I hit the gym! It was time and I was ready to tackle this anxiety bug and get back to my old self.

I knew she still in there……….somewhere.

As I started working out and seeing changes in my body I began to make changes in my life as well.

I changed my eating habits.

I cut as much negativity out of my life as possible. I say as possible because honestly it’s always around us. You have the power to make the decision to feed into it or turn your back on it and it’s not always easy to do that.

As time went on I started to feel more like my old self….happy (not just on the outside but the inside as well).

I was motivated and ready to reach for my goal of becoming a fitness instructor. Not just any fitness class, for me it was ALWAYS cardio dance ever since I was in high school. It was something I hoped to teach one day!

Annnnnnd here I am a year later 60 pounds lighter and lower anxiety levels! Don’t get me wrong it’s not perfect and it still raises its ugly head from time to time but I have chosen to work through it by keeping up with my medication aka exercise and continuously placing myself in uncomfortable situations.

I’ll chat more about anxiety and how it’s affected me in a different post but for now the reason I’m sharing this with you this is to let you know just how hard this was for me and to show you that if you are letting fear run you, you have the power to overcome it as well!

People see me as this energetic bubbly person and I am but I had to fight to get back to the place I’m at today.

I had to fight to get back to the old me! 

Okay no on to the fun stuff!

Before the Flirty Girl Fitness certification: A ball of nerves



After: Proud and ready to do a victory lap


During Our Course. 
Big thank you to Kari for letting me share this with y’all!
You have to be looking hard to see me. I’m in the back with a white name tag on my hip.

I was serious about what I said at the end of my last clip! I talk about a lot of random nonsense on this ole blog here. If you take away anything from my blog my hope would be that I’ve inspired you in some way to live less fearful life full of positivity! You have the power to do whatever it is that set your mind to. It’s not always going to be easy you will hit bumps along the way. Take ownership in that but keep on tucking because the finish line is sooooo worth it! 

I’m looking for a place to teach soooo if you love in the DFW area and would like Flirty Girl Fitness at your studio or gym shoot me an e-mail!

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  1. Congrats on your certification & weight loss!! I suffer from anxiety & I workout & take meds. Not fun!

  2. You go girl!!!!! I'm am so proud of you!!!! I TOTALLY wish they offered this at my gym and you would teach it, that would be amazing because I would sooooooo get down and sweaty with you, in a non lesbo way of course :)

  3. AWESOME!!! :)
    what an amazing accomplishment! :)

  4. You are a rock star!!! I cant wait to work with you more. What an amazing story!!!

  5. You are a rock star! You did amazing! I cant wait to work with you more!!!

  6. Congrats!!! You've really transformed yourself.... you look fantastic. I'm going to share your story with my sister who is struggling with the same things.

    Way to gooooo!!!


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