Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Porch Décor–Pumpkins Galore

Didn’t want to go too crazy with this year’s fall porch décor.


Last time I made my own glaze, painted pumpkins, crafted up some fall themed tea lights.

Yeah it was cute and all but it was a lot of work!

This time I just wanted to throw something together.

Here’s what I came up with………




I’m still using the same fall wreath I made a few years back. It’s been around for awhile but I love it so it gets to stay!



I thought I would save myself some time and just plant pumpkins instead of pansies. You don’t have to water pumpkins……well after they’re off the vine you don’t!

Fall Porch Board1


My shadow aka Brady aka The Tornado was having a hissy fit that he had to stay inside.

I didn’t  realize he was photobombing until I looked back though the pictures. Only 3 1/2 months old and already rocking the photobomb what a little genius. Winking smile



On Friday I’m going to the World’s Longest Garage sale with my mom. In fact by the time you read this I’m probably already getting my shop on!

Y’all I can even tell you how excited I am. We’re talking miles upon miles of awesomeness! I’ll be taking pics and video so I can share. If you would like to follow along find me on Instagram. I’ll be posting throughout the day!

Trust me you’re going to want to see this!




  1. Loving how you decorated your porch! Way too cute! I am a new follower. xx

  2. LOL! I love the photobombing paw! :P

  3. What a cute set up!! My kitties do the same thing! Too funny :) New follower, love your blog!



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