Monday, November 01, 2010

Fall Tea Light Craft


I have to rate this craft super easy on the difficulty scale. This would be a great fall craft to do with your kiddos.



All you need is…….

 * Something is use as a votive for your candle. I used a case Mason jars that I bought for $3 at an estate sale.

* Tissue paper, 1 pack of each color is plenty

* Candles OR L.E.D. tea lights (the ones that flicker like a real candle). You can find them at Hobby Lobby for $6 for a pack of 6. Not super cheap but I plan lining my sidewalk with these and I didn’t want to worry about them knocking over and starting a fire.

* Tape 





Tare your tissue paper into thin strips. Secure each strip to your votive with a piece tape. Always start each row of tape on the same side so you can turn the taped side to the back. If you plan on displaying them in a place they’ll be seen from all angles you may want to use double sided tape so it doesn’t show.


Once your tissue paper is taped, wrap the strip around the jar and secure the end with another piece of tape. You should end up where you started so the taped side will be out of site. Repeat this step until you’ve covered your votive. I decided to leave the top of the jar exposed but you can go all the way to the top if you like.




When you’re done it will look something like this!

Super easy huh?



I have BIG plans for these little guys. I’m hosting a harvest party for my gal pals this Friday! I plan to scatter these on my porch and down my sidewalk. I’ll share some pictures of how I use them in a later post. Smile

Tons of occasions you can use this project for! You can change them up for……….
* Christmas
* New Years
* Birthdays
* Valentines 
  and the list goes on………

Let me know if you give this a try. I would love to see what you came up with!

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  1. Cute and easy idea! Stop over to enter a giveaway!

  2. Super cute!!! Im going to do this for my sons 1st birthday coming up!!!

  3. Cute projects, Kendra! Love that leopard print. :) Aren't those little LED tea lights the best??

    I'm hosting a Silhouette Product Giveaway today, and you don't have to own a machine to use the items...just scissors. ;) Hope you might swing by!

  4. This is a great project for kids. I did this two weeks ago with a group of 2-4 year olds. We tore up pieces of tissue paper and used elmers glue to stick them on. The kids had a great time and clean was a breeze.

  5. Very fun Kendra and I am going to using more of those LED tea lights!

    Come and see my latest find, would love your comments, I will also have a new giveaway soon!

    Art by Karena

  6. I love these! So simple but so fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Super cute!!! I love all things with leapord print!! :)

  8. The kids and I are going to make mason jar luminaries for our front porch for Christmas Eve. This would be a great idea! I think I'll decoupage the tissue paper on, though, to make it a little more weather friendly. Thanks for the idea!


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