Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tips and Tricks for Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Around this time last year I posted a few shot clips that showed things I do while decorating my Christmas tree. I’m a bit OCD about how I decorate my tree.

I’m already thinking about the years ahead when we have little ones that want to add their touch to our tree. Of course I would want to include them but my OCD will most likely take over. I’m thinking their very own tree in their room might help fix this little predicament. The fact that I’m already thinking about this shows you just how much of a nut I am about this. Smile

Anyhoo, since the ole blog has grown a bit I thought I would repost them in case anyone missed them last year.

Without further ado my crazy OCD on display in the form of tips and tricks to help you decorate your Christmas tree!


1. Where to start.




2. How to make your ornaments pop!



3.  How to fill our your tree without spending a lot of dough.



4. Adding a little pizzazz in the form of flowers, berries, and glittered goodness.



5. How to add ribbon or netting to your tree.


Hope you saw something that was helpful.
Happy decorating!


  1. Your tree is beautiful! Love the tips!

  2. Awe, your tree looks great girl! And I'm exactly like you,total ocd. I have three kids and all three have their own tree in their rooms to decorate. =) Thanks for sharing your helpful hints.

  3. Your tree is amazing! Don't worry when you have a toddler that just pulls down all the ornaments and piles them up for you (like every 20 minutes) you just learn to smile and put them back up :) In fact that's EXACTLY what she's doing now! {{sigh}} Gotta catch up on my blogs :)

  4. Beautiful!! Can you come decorate my tree?? :) I'll provide goodies! :) Thanks for the awesomet tips! I love the idea of bunching all the little ornaments and the diff flowers!

  5. Wonderful creation and final result! I sooo love those Christmas tree decorations you used, very amazing! Thanks for sharing inspirations. Happy Holidays!


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