Monday, June 17, 2013

Our Story: Part 4 Vlog

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If you’re new to the “Our Story” vlog series you can get caught up by clicking HERE  

I intended for this to go up this morning but I completely forgot how long it takes to load videos to YouTube (soooo sloooooow). Hopefully y’all are still teetering around on the computer and catch this post!
My goal is to have a new clip posted 1st thing Monday mornings so check back early next week!

For those of you that are all caught up let’s get the ball rolling!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Announcement–I’m Brining it Back



That’s right! I’m brining back the “Our Story” vlog series! That’s one of the main things (along with Kent’s recipes, and t-shirt cutting tutorials) I get asked about and since little boy is on the way I thought now would be a better time than any to get “Our Story” all wrapped up!

Starting next week I’ll be posting a new “Our Story” vlog  every Monday morning until our story gets told! Y’all know I’m a rambler so it may take some time to wrap it up. Winking smile 


If you’re new to Domestic Princes in Training or need a refresher I’ve included links the previous editions below to you can get caught up! Grab a cup of coffee and take a peek at those and I’ll see y’all back here Monday morning for the next episode. I’m going to pick right up where I left off.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane. It’s been 2 years since I recorded theses and a lot has changed. It’s actually kind of embarrassing to go back and watch them but eh oh well………..

Our Story Vlog Series:  

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bump Watch–26 Weeks




How Far Along: 26 weeks! Almost in our 3rd trimester baby!  The 1st 2 trimesters fly by. I can’t believe in 14 weeks our lives will never be the same…..NUTS!

What’s The Baby Up To: Little dude weights around 2lbs and is 14 inches long. He’s starting to open and close his eyes and can tell the difference between bright and low light.  When he hears a loud sound or notices a bright light he may react to the sudden change.



Best Moments Of The Week (The last bump watch was 6 weeks ago so I have a few awesome moments to catch up on):
1. Getting back in bed with Kent so he can feel Weston’s kicks. Weston is super active in the morning so when he starts going wild I climb back in bed and we enjoy the show. Kent also got to see my tummy move for the first time sooo neat to share those moments with him. We just look at each other and giggle.

2. The bump as been getting a lot of attention while we’re out and about and I think it’s super sweet! At this point it’s fun and cute but we shall see if I get tired of it. My favorite is when children say something. I love their cute questions or hearing them say “Mommy she has a baby in her tummy.” Makes me smile. 

3. Canton Trade Days baby! Weston and I hit the road and went Canton for a little mommy and bump shopping. It was just us. I was on a mission and wanted to get in and out quickly. I got almost everything on my list. This was also the 1st time a stranger asked when I was due….actually several people asked that day. I must have been looking mighty preggers. 

4. Getting a little Weston love from a few clients. I can’t even tell you how special it is that they take the time to do something special for my little man. I sure am blessed to have such a great circle of thoughtful clients that I LOVE working with. Each time they reach out to book a new shoot I get tickled. I love seeing the kiddos and catching up with everyone.  I sure love them (how many times can I say that)! Even the mean ones…..just kidding they’re all nice……welllll except for that one lady. Winking smile 

5. Mama and belly time! Weston is super active in the morning, late afternoon, and evening. I love lifting my shirt up and just watching him move all around during those times. It’s just the 2 of us. I stop whatever I’m doing and just enjoy the tiny miracle growing inside. It’s special and I want to remember it forever!

6. Visiting the nursery! The walls are painted and all the big furniture pieces are in place. I just need to decorate. It’s been so fun hunting for items to go in his room. We’re going with a vintage theme which of course is right up my alley so I’ve been popping into random antique malls and thrift stores.


Funny/Odd Things That Happened: I had another Incredible Hulk moment. We’re up to 3 so far. Kent says I’ve been my typical self. I cry more often at sad stuff but other than that I haven’t been moody…..until well the Incredible Hulk decides to visit. This time it was over a diaper lot that was up for sale in a Facebook garage sale group. I won the lot then it was taken from me. Long story and a pointless one at that but I flipped! I didn’t say anything ugly or attack the wrong doers but I sure let Kent see me flip out. I have no idea where it comes from or what sets it off but man or oh mighty. When I feel that someone is being rude or has wrongly done something to me I lose it. Then I get mad at myself for letting myself get so mad. It’s a place of anger that I really never let myself go to so when it happens it’s pretty shocking. Let’s hope my Incredible Hulk moments stay at a low!




Clothing: I’ve been having fun dressing up the bump! My faves right now are my Jessica Simpson boyfriend capris. Very comfy and cute! Old Navy tanks dressed up with chunky accessories. Their tanks are nice and thick, fit well, they’re reasonably priced, and they have fun print options.
Clothing In this week’s bump photos: Jessica Simpson boyfriend jean capris (M), Old Navy tank (M), vintage necklace. earrings from Forever 21, and my bracelet was a gift. 

Cravings: Nothing too crazy lately but I’ve been digging fruit, oatmeal, and salads. Mmmm love a nice cold salad. Oh also carrot cake and bean and cheese burritos are still thrown in the mix. 2 things I didn’t really eat before but can now eat anytime of the day. It’s so weird.




Symptoms: Tiredness has come back. It’s that 1st trimester tiredness where you feel like you’ve run 3 marathons back to back. Ugh I’m an always on the go kind of gal so I get a little frustrated when I get held back but I’ve been trying to listen to my body and rest when I can.

Carpal tunnel on my! I’ve been wearing my CP bands which help a lot. Long hours in the office mixed with CP….not tons of fun but it’s manageable. Again it’s just annoying because it slows me down.  

I feel like I’ve had a really great pregnancy so far.

Notes to Nugget: Oh my sweet Weston. I just can’t wait to meet you. I’m so excited to see your face and learn all about you and the little man you’ll grow to be. Your dad thinks you’re going to be silly like me. I hope you get some of my silliness but also some of your Dad’s calmness. Silly is all fun and good but it’s a lot to handle! I try to picture what your little face looks like. I have a strong feeling you’re going to have your dad’s nose and lips which would be adorable. I wonder if you’ll have thick spiky hair and big cheeks. Oh I just can’t wait to see! I know the 1st time your dad and I lay eyes on you is going to be such a precious moment. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it.  Our house is starting to fill with all things baby and I imagine laying your down in your bassinet or reading to you in your glider. I will soon be on maternity leave and I can’t wait to start nesting and getting everything all set up for your home coming. It’s all so exciting and feeling more and more real as each week passes by.  We’re already over the moon for you and can’t wait to have our very own family and it all starts with you buddy.





Random Instagram Photos

MMMMM fooooood! Not always perfect and I definitely allow more treats and slipups than I did prebaby but still trying to make healthy food choices! These were a few yummy ones from the last week. Oh my goodness the zucchini chicken enchiladas were awesome. I have to give myself a pat on the back for those and in my true fashion I didn’t write down a recipe. Just thought of it and went to town. I’ll be making them again for sure and will write a recipe down for y’all.  I share a lot of my food finds and random meals I throw together on IG if you need a little food inspiration.

IMG_20130518_152841IMG_20130521_103112IMG_20130521_130905 IMG_20130523_194707


Yep I told you they are the best! Some of the treats my clients have recently spoiled me with. One of my clients is a mamma blogger. If you have children or 1 on the way I think you’ll like her blog “Berry Sweet Baby”.



Had a fun shoot at a farm! Kenty-Poo came along to help out!




Lots of Weston shopping has been going on.

IMG_20130523_131625IMG_20130528_172026IMG_20130530_131929 IMG_20130530_111150


And the bump is a popping!


Instagram is my blog away from blog! If you would like to follow along my username is Kendra_Pryor

Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Day We Canceled Cable

I woke up with the urge to write. Things I wanted to say swimming through my head.

It’s 5am
Visit the Keurig, heat up a protein bar (it’s good you should try it), and here I am in my office, carpal tunnel braces on and all (instagram buddies get the inside scoop on this).

I used to have the urge write quite often. I wrote wacky post like this one or this one which to you may be just that, wacky but to me they are some of my favorite post.

What’s changed you may ask……..

Well today is an important day a day I want to remember……….

It’s the day we canceled cable.

Silly yes and I know tons of folks live without cable but for us it’s been a part of our lives for a very long time. We had cable when I was a kiddo, had it in my 1st apartment, 2nd apartment, and now our home. The same story rings true for Kent. Cable/TV in general has been a big part of our lives.


I got the itch to put the dagger in our cable connection last fall while we were tucked away in a log cabin up in the mountains. Just us, a fire place, and the dogs. It was heaven. Our annual trip to the mountains also sparked my dream to move far far away, buy land, raise chickens, and honey bees, fill our home with barefooted children, and live a simple but beautifully inspired life. I became obsessed with shows like Alaska and Ukon Men. Hard life yes but their families were bonded, strong, they lived with little and they were happy.

Living with little and being happy…..hummmm

How could we achieve this but still live a life that fit what we already had going on. Kent has a great job that provides for us. I have a job I’m passionate about and a wonderful client base that I’m beyond grateful for. We have a nice home full of pretty things we worked hard for. Our family is close by. Kent’s parents live just a few streets away. Our friends are here and well I just couldn’t get Kent 100% on board with the whole mountain living idea so I started small.

I started cleaning out rooms, closets, created piles of items I wanted to donate and sale. This is still in the works.

THEN I started planting the seed about canceling cable. Mind you this alone has taken 8 months to come to fruition.

-Our cable bill is around $160 a month including internet.
-We spend countless hours watching mindless TV. One of us (not naming any names here *cough* Kent) can waste a whole weekend doing nothing but watching TV. Sun up to sun down just glued to the TV like a zombie. It drives me NUTS!
-We have a house that needs out attention. Things had gotten cluttered and projects needed to be done
-I had a pile of books I wanted to read.
-I longed to live an active life. For the hubs the TV and a comfy couch got in the way of this idea that he too thought was nice
-We wanted to cut some of the fluff so we had more $ to travel, work on the house, SAVE!
-Then we found out we’re pregnant and that’s what finally put the nailed in the coffin for my Mr. TV lover.




Mind you I’m 6 months pregnant so he still needed a little coaxing but he agreed with all my points and on June 4, 2013 he made the call to cancel cable! 


20130606_054051What came on when I turned the TV on this morning. It says “AT&T U-Verse is not available at this time.”

Today is our 1st day without it.

I’m not going to lie I was a little scared.
What would we do with our time?
How could I sleep at night without the noise of the TV?
Would I get bored?
Would we end up taking trips to Best Buy to stand in front of their TVs to get our fix?
What about all our shows? Would they survive without us?
I even had a dream last night that we could still get local channels…..NOPE! But to be honest here we still have NetFlix (starting small folks). 

Instead I woke up feeling…….
at peace
and excited about not having the old ball and chain to turn to.


I mean really look at me. I’m cuddled up in my office at the crack of dawn coffee in hand cute pup by my side writing. I even have a new Bump Watch post all ready to go for next week.

Kent is sleeping so he hasn’t weighed in on the whole no TV/Cable thing. I have high hopes that it’s going to be a good change for the both of us.

In the meantime's here's to living a more simple life