Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Something Fun - Announcing Bloguray


Lookie what Kent got me for Christmas!!!!!!!
Yep a new laptop……eeeekkkk! I’m super pumped!

My old laptop has been broken for awhile and really wasn’t worth fixing. I’ve been wanting a new one but with a new baby and a tight budget this year a laptop was the last thing I thought the hubs would get me.

The ole blog has been a little sparse.
As many of you know I work from home. I live in my home office especially during high season. Naturally the last thing I want to do at the end of a long work day is stay in my office longer than I already have so my blog has suffered.
Thanks to Kent I’m now mobile! I can blog from bed, the living room, a coffee shop. The world is my oyster! Which is pretty exciting because I’ve missed blogging on a regular basis.

My mother-in-law watches Weston while I work which is awesome. She’s amazing with him and he loves her. Sadly she’s heading out of the country for 2 months and we’ll be without help so I’m taking on a super light work load in January and February. Since I won’t be working as much and I have this new fancy doodad I thought it would be fun to do something a little different in January……….DAILY BLOGS!

I’m calling it……..



I have so many things I want to share (*Weston’s birth story, *his nursery tour, our most used and loved baby products, and I still want to finish those gosh darn “Our Story” vlogs) sooooo I thought this would be a fun way to go about it.  

? What to Expect ?

Daily content! Yep a new post everyday for the month of January and in true Domestic Princess in Training fashion the nature of the post will be totally random and even a few vlogs thrown into the mix!

It’s going to be fun! The 1st post is all ready to go and will be up January 1st, tomorrow! I hope you’ll follow along!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Story of the Christmas Socks

Oh if only we knew what was to come……..

This time last year Weston was in my tummy but we had no clue.

My mom had been dropping subtle grandbaby hints here and there. Last Christmas as no different but boooooooooy were we in for a sweet surprise!

My mom gave us little baby Christmas socks (shown in the instagram screen shot below) as one her funny hints. We got a good chuckle out of it. I made sure to snap a photo of Kent with them. BAHAHAHA baby socks what in the world were we going to do with those. Silly mom!  I even put them on Brady (our dog) and told my mom that would be the ONLY thing that would be wearing them for a long time.


But Kent and I were keeping a secret. We were actually trying to get pregnant but I didn’t want anyone to know in case it didn’t happen for us. It was our 1st month trying so I wanted to give it some time before I told my mom what was in the works. We really thought it would take at least a year so by telling her children were nowhere near the picture for us I thought it would buy us some time.  We were keeping a secret from my mom and our little buddy Weston was keeping a secret from us!

Flash forward a month later I found out I was pregnant!

We were totally shocked! It was what we were hoping for but honestly didn’t think it would happen let along so quickly. We were so sure that we wouldn't be able to get preggers without help that we didn’t pay attention to the signs.

No joke I honestly thought I had cancer.

It was my google search to see if one of my symptoms was a sign of cancer that lead me to pregnancy symptoms. I thought on it for a moment “Could I be pregnnte? Nahhh!” Even after the signs and good ole Goggle pretty much telling me I was preggers we didn’t think it was possible. 


I waited and couple weeks and was still not feeling my best. I was exhausted. I was feeling nocuous in the morning. My endurance during my workouts had decreased. I was easily winded. I would get freakishly hungry. And the odd one….. the thought of drinking coffee made me sick to my stomach. I know it sounds crazy but I was in the dumps because I was feeling so sick and thinking I had cancer (no I’m totally not a drama queen). I was afraid to make an appointment with the doctor to get checked out but I needed to do something so I decided to take a pregnancy test. Why not?

I woke up early one morning to let Brady out to go potty. Casually grabbed a pregnancy test. Took it then went on with my business. I wasn’t one of those counting down the seconds type of moments. I took the test then went on with my morning. There was no way it would be positive.  This was to just further prove that I was indeed very ill with something that terrified me (yes, yes I’m nuts).

My heart started racing when I finally look at the test……

I didn’t know if I should cry, scream, or run around flapping my arms in the air so I just sat and shook like a leaf looking down at those 2 beautiful blue lines. Our life would be forever changed and I had 2 lines telling me so. I ran to our room to wake Kent and tell him the news. I was soooo excited and couldn’t wait to see his reaction.  In true Kent the pessimist fashion he didn’t believe it. Not really the reaction I was hoping for but that’s Kent for ya.  I called and spoke with an OBGY nurse to make our 1st appointment and asked her over the phone if there was a chance the test could be wrong. She said “NOPE”. Kent still didn’t believe it.  It wasn’t until I told him that I didn’t wanting coffee anymore. It made me sick to think about drinking it. He knew that was totally odd for me. He knows just how much I love coffee. That’s when he started to believe that we very well may be pregnant.

Eeeekkkkk my excitement was back!


Fast forward a year later and look who’s here wearing those same sweet Christmas socks my mom gave us as a joke last Christmas. Pretty special huh?

So special that I thought he HAD to wear them for his 1st time meeting Santa.

Weston Santa 2013

Seeing him sit on Santa’s lap was so precious I literally had to hold back the waterworks. If there wasn’t a line of people behind me I would have totally lost it.

Even though Weston is still tiny and doesn't really get what all this Christmas magic is about I’m so happy he’s here to celebrate with us this year! I just makes it that much more special!

And just in case you missed it here’s a clip of us telling my mom the big news. Her reaction is pretty awesome.