Thursday, December 17, 2015

We've Moved - Come See Our New Space

We’ve moved!
Well our blog has moved. 

I will no longer be posting from this account but you can find us over on our new little space in the web and let me tell ya Heather from Life Made Lovely did a fantastic job! 

I couldn’t be more in love with the blog design she’s created for us. I had such a rough experience with my last blog designer. Working with Heather was a breath of fresh air and I can’t sing her praises enough! 

This blog account will remain live and I may jump on just 1 more time to remind you to come find us over on our new blog but for the most part new content will be on our new site 

Why the Move?

I already had a Wordpress account and a hosted site that I wasn’t using for my photography business. Blogger has been great for the last 7 years buuuuuut……… YES I’ve had this blog for 7 years, can you believe it!?! I wanted more. I more control of my site, better photo display, a space that was more user friendly so it’s easier for me to connect with you, and a way to reach more views. Wordpress could offer me all of this. It was something I’ve been thinking on for the last 2 years. Heather helped guide me in making that jump! 

How Can I Follow Along With Your New Post?

-Over on our new site (HERE) You can subscribe via email! When a new post goes up you’ll receive it right in your inbox! 

- Follow us via Bloglovin! By clicking the cute yellow heart in sidebar of our new blog you’ll be directed to our Bloglovin page. You can follow us there and we’ll love ya for it!

 - Add us to your Google Reader. 

What Now?
- I’ll be taking a blog break until after the New Year as I prepare for Bloguaray! YES Bloguary is coming back this year!!!! Are you excited? I am! Well excited and nervous as usual. I’ll be chatting more about what to expect during Bloguary on our new site but I sure hope you’ll follow along! 

- We’ll also be doing our annual Valentines Box Swap (this is year number 4) All details about this will be available soon on our new site. 

- Besides all the fun stuff coming up the beginning of the year I’ll be keeping up with our weekly Wednesday post so you’ll get some type of new content (blog post or vlog) from me each and every Wednesday. While this move was going on I’ve been doing our weekly blog post live via Periscope which is really be fun! 

 -My writing style and the type of post will be the same! Full of randomness and chats about things from photography, motherhood, kiddos, DIYs, health and fitness, and of course our trips to the mountains. Same Kendra just a new pretty site. 

 -I’ve decided to keep this account open so “Domestic Princess in Training” will still be here, I just wont. All previous post from this account have been moved over to our new space so if you’re looking for something you read here you can find it over on the blog as well! 

I know some of you have been following along for a very very long time which warms my heart more than you know and I’d hate to lose you so…… 

I sure hope you’ll stop by our new blog and follow along! 

New Site (clickable link) Hanging With the Huies