Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting Down and Dirty–Warrior Dash Style


I ran the Warrior Dash with a bunch of my friends on Sunday. It was such a great day.
Want to know why…….

-The weather was perfect
-I got some sun
-Had a fun workout
-Lots of smiles and laughs



-Impromptu flash mob

IMG_5298 IMG_5321 IMG_5308

It was pretty neat!
One of my friends asked the DJ to play a song we knew a dance to and just a few minuets later we were dancing in front of tons of people. We’ve done a few flash mobs in the past but this one was the best one so far! We had a huge crowd watching and cheering us on!


-Climbed walls
-Crawled under barbwire
-Slid down a pole
-Swam through an ice cold pond

- Jumped over fire  (I know I’m so brave)



-Annnnnnd got to play in mud






Muddy hugs all around!







Whenever I hang out with these people I always feel so blessed to have them in my life!
We’re just a bunch of big kids that love being silly and having a good time!



Anyone need a new-ish pair of shoes? These are up for grabs!



All clean and ready to call it a day. We were starving and pooped!
My arms are pretty sore today but y’all know I love that! It means I did something good!


I’ll be running this one again next year. It was a BLAST!


Ps… I have 3 blog post all ready to to go for this week. I know, I’m out of control! ;o) Sorry things have been a little low key around here. Work has been kicking my hiney!


I’m all over the place! Fine me here….
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