Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting Down and Dirty–Warrior Dash Style


I ran the Warrior Dash with a bunch of my friends on Sunday. It was such a great day.
Want to know why…….

-The weather was perfect
-I got some sun
-Had a fun workout
-Lots of smiles and laughs



-Impromptu flash mob

IMG_5298 IMG_5321 IMG_5308

It was pretty neat!
One of my friends asked the DJ to play a song we knew a dance to and just a few minuets later we were dancing in front of tons of people. We’ve done a few flash mobs in the past but this one was the best one so far! We had a huge crowd watching and cheering us on!


-Climbed walls
-Crawled under barbwire
-Slid down a pole
-Swam through an ice cold pond

- Jumped over fire  (I know I’m so brave)



-Annnnnnd got to play in mud






Muddy hugs all around!







Whenever I hang out with these people I always feel so blessed to have them in my life!
We’re just a bunch of big kids that love being silly and having a good time!



Anyone need a new-ish pair of shoes? These are up for grabs!



All clean and ready to call it a day. We were starving and pooped!
My arms are pretty sore today but y’all know I love that! It means I did something good!


I’ll be running this one again next year. It was a BLAST!


Ps… I have 3 blog post all ready to to go for this week. I know, I’m out of control! ;o) Sorry things have been a little low key around here. Work has been kicking my hiney!


I’m all over the place! Fine me here….
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  1. Soooo fun! I'm doing one in June, super excited! Love how y'all are just dancing and mudding and enjoying life :)

  2. I want to do one of these! It would be SO much fun with a group of friends and you just proved that. Loved seeing the pics :))

  3. SO MUCH FUN!!!! So glad we all did it together.

  4. SO MUCH FUN!!!! So glad we all did it together.

  5. I have to say that the Warrior Dash looks like a ton of fun! My uncle and his family participated last year and they just raved about it. I think it's awesome how many of your friends turned out for the event. I bet it would be even more fun with a huge group. I will have to check if they have the Dash here in Calgary as I would love to do it one year.

  6. Oh my gosh! That looks insane! Fun, maybe, but definitely intense! I can't believe the mountain of dirty shoes at the end, lol!!

  7. Awesome!!
    That sneaker pile is hilarious!
    My friends did "tough mudder" last year which is similar to this one and they had a blast also!


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