Friday, January 27, 2012

Random and Odd Facts About Moi

I always need some type of background noise whether I’m working, surfing the web, or cleaning. Music is my 1st choice but I also like flipping on QVC. Have y’all ever seen Isaac Mizrahi on QVC? He CRACKS ME UP!!!! I don’t really like his stuff but I LOVE him!


When I’m scared or see a scary movie…..if it’s REALLLLYYYY scary my eyes will tear up. I have no idea why. I’m not crying it’s just an instant reaction.


I love to stretch!


A baked Sweet potato with cinnamon is a dessert to me. I remember when it used to be cookies or cake. Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy a little sinful treat every now and then but not often.


I’m obsessed with chap stick. I bet I’ve already told you this. I can never have enough of it!


Kent can tell you all kinds of funny/creepy stories about my sleep talking. Yes I talk and sometimes laugh in my sleep. My mind never stops!


I would love to live in Colorado. I’ve never been there but I am certain I would be in heaven there. Kent wants to live in California so were are in a bit of a predicament


Sometimes it takes me 3-4 trips up and down the stairs before I remember why I went downstairs in the 1st place.


I’m worried about my feet growing when I have babies. I already wear a size 11. Not much room to grow from there before I will officially be in clown shoes.


I say “Ninja you are soooo stinking cute!” at least 100 times a day. I’m sorry but he is. Ninja is our bunny just in case you’re confused.


My feet are always cold.


For about a week every month my nose goes into over drive. I’m like a dog. I can smell anything and everything. Kent and I will sometimes play the identify this smell game. It cracks him up! It’s kind of like a super human power that comes to visit every month.


Are your freaked out yet? :o)
Now it’s your turn to share a random fact about YOU!!! Don’t be shy. We got some pretty funny ones last time.


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My 2011 Mottos

Disclaimer: Let me start this off by saying this is my blog and I choose to share what I want. The purpose of this blog is not to hurt or upset anyone! If you know me personally you know hurting someone is the last thing I would want to do. I hope to inspire and maybe make someone laugh every now and then!

I recently deleted a post as it caused a few issues in my personal life. Do you remember my post on guilt? Yep that’s the one I decided to delete. The post was read with malice and not an open mind. I wanted to share something I struggle with and something that I am almost certain others struggle with as well. While y’all were sweet and left wonderful engaging comments (which I love) the post was used against me in an discussion with someone in my personal life.

This is my little place to share. I don’t journal, I blog and I hope to continue to share in a fashion that I enjoy. If you begin to read a post that becomes hurtful to you I ask that you reread with an open and understanding mind. This is a place of love, inspiration, and yes lots of randomness!

Ok now that that’s out of the way let’s get on with today’s post!


My 2011 Mottos

Pinned Image

A bit harsh yes, but true! Do you have people like this in your life? I bet we all do.

This was my moto for 2011 and will continue with me throughout my life. Out with the bad, in with the good in. I can’t say that without thinking about that scene from Dum and Dumber…..come on you know which scene I’m talking about!

Last year has been all about surrounding myself with positive people and energy and separating myself from those who do not harbor the same lifestyle that I want for myself and future family. Do I sound like tree hugging hippie? I’m sure I do but you know what……. it’s working!

2011 was amazing and I feel extremely blessed with all the wonderful gifts and life lessons I was given last year. I have to think that creating this positive bubble has something to do with it! 

I lost weight and still am!!! 60 down pounds so far! (THIS makes me happy)

I’m working out and making healthier choices. (THIS makes me happy)

I’m happy! I mean truly and honestly happy! I’m a happy person in general but I’m not only HAPPY but happy with my life. Do you get what I’m saying? You know that saying “Life is good”? I say that to myself alllll the time! (THIS of course……makes me happy)

Kent and I are falling more and more in love as the days go on. Yes this sounds cheesy but it’s true. I never thought I could love him more than I did on our wedding day but you know what, I do! We are not perfect. We fight at times but we are working towards growing and building our life together as husband and wife. He is an amazing man and I feel so blessed to be able to call him my husband. Even when we argue I try to take a step back and think about all the awesome things I love about him and I feel blessed. (THIS makes me happy)



I’ve said good bye to the users in my life. You know, the people that take, take, take weather they are taking your time, materiel things, or striping away at your happiness. Saying goodbye to these people was not easy and still something I struggle with but when I look at my life as a whole I am happier without them. (THIS makes me happy)

I’ve grown positive friendship with loving, good people. People that have kind hearts and good intentions. People that are positive thinkers like myself. (THIS makes me happy)

My photography business is growing leaps and bounds! (THIS makes me happy)

I’m opening my eyes to life lessons that I am being shown on a daily biases and allowing myself to grow from them! There is always a lesson to be learned! (THIS makes me happy)

I’ve said bye-bye to DRAMA….as much as I can. I hate drama especially petty drama. It’s hard to fully say good bye to it as it seems to creep in every now and then but I’m handling it differently when it does. (THIS makes me happy)


Source unknown

This purpose of this post is to not make you sick at your stomach with all my loving life positive talk. Believe me there are people out there that get annoyed by this. The purpose is to motivate YOU to cultivate a good life. A life that you want for yourself and your family, whatever life that may be.

My life is far from perfect. I still struggle. Uh did you read my post on guilt? Proof of my struggles right there! BUT I’m happy and I’m able to find joy and be thankful. I get lost in my gratitude thinking about all the things I’m grateful for in my life. I’m happy not just on the outside but the inside as well.




Life is good….you just have to be open to finding the good even when you think you can’t!


I would love to hear from you!
-Do you have a motto for 2012 or one that you loved in 2011?
-Do you have people in your life that try to steal your happiness? If so how do you handle them? Hopefully you are not one of happiness stealers….right????
-How has life been good to you? 



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Monday, January 16, 2012

From My Phone: 4


You know the drill!


Fun things I’ve been up to even though the picture is bad



Yummy coffee drinks I make at home

                       IMAG0210  IMAG0509   IMAG0229


Girl’s Night



Outfit shot. Got the top at Goodwill!



CRAZY long lines at the post office




IMAG0255  IMAG0269




Why you don’t leave earrings in your cup holder.



These two who are always together

                                 IMAG0301   IMAG0296






Ninja and his shenanigans. He’s okay he just had a little incident.



Work, work, work…….



Got a speeding ticket.
Look what song was playing when I got pulled over. I had the cop take my picture…..I’m kidding!

                        IMAG0334  IMAG0333


I cheated on scentsy. Shhhh don’t tell! Let me tell ya these all smell awesome and are $2 cheaper than scentsy.



Bunny slippers make me happy!



So does this!



What I wear to work. Kent sure is one lucky man! 

                        IMAG0394   IMAG0283


What I do when I’m up working till 4am. NO I SOOOO DO NOT HAVE ADD!



My plate verses his



Veggie/Fruit Co-op Love








The cutest thing in the world. I’m sorry but he really is!



Things Kent drinks



What the stovetop looks like after Kent finishes cooking



Homemade apple butter…..YUM!



Movie night





Things that shock me



More things that make me happy



Kent’s labor of love



                         What my jeans look like after a shoot     What someone surprised me with when I got home

                         IMAG0303   IMAG0493


Still workingout and loosing weight!



Seriously do you see my point now? I can barley stand his cuteness! 

                         IMAG0504  IMAG0507


Black Friday buys (yes I am behind on these phone pic post)



My phone is always full of random pictures and I loooooove to share them especially through social media. To keep up with us and all our craziness follow along through one of the social media links below.

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