Monday, January 31, 2011

VLOG “Our Story: Part 2”

Sorry I’m posting this a little late. The plan is to post these Sunday evenings as we lead up to our wedding. We ended up having a little impromptu fire pit and coffee time with the neighbors last night so this got pushed back a bit.


If you didn’t see part 1 you may want to watch that 1st or this will not make a lot of sense to you. You can find part 1 by clicking HERE.


Grab a cup of coffee and come back and join me for Our Story: Part 2.




Picture Flash Back……….


Not only was Kent my best friend he was also my hairdresser!
This is probably why I had pee yellow hair. :o)

Look at that mess! I guess we were not too worried about cleaning up after ourselves.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

iphone Pictures

I take the most random pictures with my iphone! I guess it falls under my OPTD (Obsessive Picture Taking Disorder).



I take pictures of things that “I can soooo totally make!”

IMG_0006     IMG_0218

IMG_0234    IMG_0327





I take pictures of the yummy food we eat!

IMG_0151    IMG_0277

IMG_0381    IMG_0324




I take pictures of our really cute bunny Ninja!

IMG_0036    IMG_0043




I take pictures of embarrassing moments that make me
break out in hives…….


and moments that I wish never happened. 
Oh, I now have black hair by the way.





I take pictures of thrift store finds that I’m too lazy to blog about.

IMG_0296   IMG_0297

IMG_0299   IMG_0298

IMG_0300    IMG_0301




I take pictures of funny moments…….


IMG_0379    IMG_0380


and ones that make me mad!

IMG_0331   IMG_0332   IMG_0333

         IMG_0334    IMG_0335   

Yes I live with someone who doesn’t feel the need to shut cabinet doors or pick up their trash. I took these pictures as evidence to show that someone the mess they leave behind.  




I take pictures of projects I’m too lazy to blog about. I do plan on showing you my laundry room redo……someday!

IMG_0201   IMG_0202







I take pictures of relaxing moments. Hum…..not sure why most of my relaxing moments involve coffee.

IMG_0385    IMG_0360    IMG_0382





I take pictures of this little guy……because really, how could you NOT!

IMG_0308    IMG_0115





We’re really just scratching the surface here but I think that’s enough
iphone pictures for today.

If you would like to keep up we me and all my random iphone pictures feel free to “Like” DPIT facebook fan page. I use my fan page as my makeshift blog and often post pictures and ramblings that I’m too lazy to blog about. Smile You can find it by clicking HERE


What do you take pictures of with your camera phone?

Monday, January 24, 2011

I’ve Found My Direction as Blogger!


My journey as a blogger……….


In life in general I feel like I’m all over the place. I have to sleep with the TV on to quiet my mind. I’m  here. I’m there. I’m thinking about this oh and that. I have so many ideas, interest and things I want to do. I have “Shinny Object Syndrome.” Even though that’s just a metaphor I really do. If I see something shinny I’m gone. ;o)

Are you wondering where all this is going?

Well I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this ole blog.

“What is it?” I ask myself. “What kind of blogger are you?” “Who do you blog for?” “Where do you want to go with your blog?” Yes I have conversations with myself all the time. Don’t you?


What is it? – I have a feeling that as my life changes my blog will as well. I know for sure that I don’t want to lock myself into one genre.  Although the “Blog Experts” say every successful blog needs a genre to stick to. I’ve realized………this is where you’re suppose to click play on the clip below. :o)



I don’t want to be put in a corner. I want to blog about anything and everything I want to blog about. If THAT makes me an unsuccessful blogger than I’m willing to take on that title. 



What kind of blogger are you? - I love to………..






I get GIDDY when I find a good DEAL!



This may be a SHOCKER to you but I’m a DEEP THINKER.



I’m starting to get comfortable with the idea of VLOGGING from time to time. I feel that it’s a better outlet for me to tell stories.

Do you see what I’m saying. I’m all over the place here.
No room for tight corners!  


Who do you blog for? – I blog for…….


Kent (my fiancé)

Our future kiddos

My family. Hey family! I love you!

My fabulous readers. Hey guys! I love y’all too!

Yes I blog for you too! I love reading your comments and visiting your blogs. It’s so neat to meet people that I would have otherwise never met. If I write a post that does not receive a comment I wonder why (just being honest here). If your blog is not set to private then you too blog for your readers. Come on, it’s okay to say it! You may not be blogging solely for them but they are a part of the process. I think it’s silly when people say “Oh I don’t care if I have comments.” or “Oh I could care less if I have a follower.” Really, really, is that the honest truth? If so then why is your blog public or why don’t you just keep an online journal?

I LOVE having followers, I and I LOVE getting comments and I’m not ashamed to admit it! It’s all part of building a successful blog. It shouldn’t be a shameful thing to want more readers.     



On to the next question I’ve been asking myself……


“Where do you want to go with your blog?”

I feel that I need to give myself some sort of direction on my blog. Not sure why I feel this way, but I do.  I have all these ideas and things I want to share but I just didn’t know where I want to go with it.

Some of you may know that I’m a photographer and have a photography blog as well. I’ve been miss treating that blog. As of now I’m mainly using it for picture previews for my clients. It’s lacking personality and it needs a little fixing up. I toyed with the idea of posting more regularly about photography related stuff over there. 

This question also dabbles in a bit of my business as well. I’m in the mist of deciding just how much I want to grow my little photography business. Do I want to grow it slowly or dive right in? These are things I’ve been thinking about and surprisingly enough it ties into where I want to go as a blogger.

Here’s what I’ve decided – I’m going to continue to blog about anything that tickles my fancy. There may be months that all post are craft related and there may be weeks that I only blog about my pets. I may even blog about a piece of trash that inspired me. This all falls into the “Whatever Tickles May Fancy” category.

I’m not going to get bogged down with blogging rules!

I’ve decided to keep my photography blog mainly for my clients. You’re more than welcome to following along over there if ya like but be warned it will be full of sneak peeks and specials I’m running for my client's. I’m going to give it a facelift pretty soon but I think I’m going to continue to use it as my store front and hold off on a tradition website. Gasp! I know ALL successful photographers have their own website. I do plan to get one in the future but as of now I’m fine using my “photography blog” as my store front!

That means not only will I be blogging about all the things that tickle my fancy I will also be blogging about photography related topics HERE from time to time. I have a passion to teach and share and while I am still learning to fly as a photographer I hope to share things with you that I learn along the way. Perhaps even a funny story that happens while I’m on a shoot.

I’ve deicide to be a rebel blogger! I’m going to go against the “Blogging Experts” and blog about anything my little heart wants. I do hope you stick around but I understand if you’re main interest is craft/home décor blogs. You may get that here from time to time but as I said above I’m not going to put myself in a corner. I have “Shiny Object Syndrome” and tight corners just don’t work well with that disorder. :o)

It’s nice to finally feel that I have some direction as a blogger! My direction? Whatever tickles my fancy! Hope you’re willing to tag along for the journey. I’m not sure where it’s going to take us but I promise we’ll have fun along the way!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Did You Know that I Lived in China

As we get closer to our wedding day I thought it would be fun to share the story of how we came to be a few things that happened along the way. Each Sunday evening (until our story is told) I hope to share a short clip about my time as a teacher in China, how it shaped me as a person and showed me that I was in LOVE with a man that was half way around the world.




I’m going to close each Love is in the Air post with a picture of us! Some pictures may be relevant to the story I’ve told and some may be just for fun!


This was taken in Hong Kong during our 1st trip together in China. Look at my hair! What in the world was I thinking!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

VLOG: Thrifting Tips


Thank you for the very kind words of encouragement after last week’s vlog! I’m trying to do things this year that make me shake in my boots and vloging is one of those things! It’s hard to put yourself out there like that!


This weeks vlog is chalk full of thrifitng tips!

If you would like to share some tips of your own feel free to share them in your comment. I would love to know what your tricks of the trade are!




The backdrop used in this picture is actually a skirt I picked up at Goodwill (the one I was talking about in the clip.) No it does not fit me, not even close to fitting me, BUT I loved the print so I bought it! I talk more about this in the clip above just in case you’re a little confused.



Check back on Sunday evening 
if you’re not tired of me!
I’ll be starting a new VLOG series I like to call “Love is in the Air”
I’ll be chatting about my time in China (I used to live there for those of you don’t know) and how Kent and I fell in LOVE. It’s kind of a long story and as you know I ramble soooooo I’m going to break it down into several different
vlogs that I’ll post each Sunday as we lead up to our wedding!


I’m linking up with:
Tales From Bloggeritaville
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Less Than 3 Months Till we Tie the Knot!

I thought it was time to let you know a few more

details about our wedding!


Let me fill ya in on a little background info……

-We’ve been engaged for 5 years together for 10.
-This is not the 1st time we’ve planned our wedding.
-I’ve had my wedding dress for 5 years!
-I’m still in love with my dress 5 years later!
-We’ve looked into getting married in Vegas, Thailand, China, Mexico, then back to Vegas.
-I couldn’t even tell you the amount of times our wedding date has been changed due to outside circumstances.
-I’m not your typical bride. I’m excited but want the day to be as simple and easy as possible.  
-We would rather have money to travel or put into our home than throw a lavish wedding.


That’s why we’ve decided on Vegas baby!


Our wedding is less than 3 months away and the excitement is starting to creep in a bit. I’m trying to keep it at a lull though. I tend to get a little overzealous, stressed, OCD, when things such as planning an event or hosting a party come my way.

I always take on too much!

I don’t want our wedding to be like that……I want it simple, carefree, and low stress.

When the littler planner in me starts turning his wheels I quickly shut him out. I refuse to let myself get carried away with the all the hoopla of our wedding day.

I want my focus to be on Kent and my love for him…..NOT the color of my flowers! In the long run that stuff doesn’t really matter (to me at least).


Where We’re Getting Married:
Mandalay Bay Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas




I of course picked this location for the décor. It reminds me of old Hollywood meets modern style.


Love how it doesn’t have the Vegas cheese factor going on.

I thought it was pretty enough on it’s own and didn’t need a lot of fluff which was just what we were looking for.

For more pictures of the chapel click HERE


What I’m Wearing:
I really wish I could share a picture of my dress; it’s stunning! But Kent reads the blog from time to time and I want to keep it a surprise. This is probably the only wedding tradition that I want us to stick to. I will tell ya that it has an old Hollywood feel, it’s  timeless not trendy, elegant with a bit of glamour, AND it’s not WHITE!

I’ll post tons of pictures when we get back!


What He’s Wearing:
Kent is wearing a black suit. We still need to get him a snazzy shirt and  tie!


Our Invitations:IMG_1242-edit 1.9We just got out invitations in the mail. If you follow me on facebook you’ve heard all about them! I was pleasantly surprised with the quality! Knowing that the invites would be trashed after people looked at them I really didn’t want to spend a ton.

It took me all of 10 minuets to deiced which invitations I wanted,.  That’s HUGE for me! Again when it comes to stuff like this I obsess over it!

Not this time!

They’re simple, elegant, and I love them! 


The Reception:
Huh…….what reception? That’s right; we’re not having a reception! How dare us!  We’re treating our guest to a nice dinner after the wedding but no dancing, wedding cake, or DJ. Not that I don’t think that stuff is fun but again we just want to keep things simple! After dinner I’m sure we’ll have a fun night enjoying the evening with our friends and family! 

I’m still trying to figure out where we’re going to eat after the wedding. I’m the planning stages with The Wynn Buffet (which is an awesome buffet) but they typically only take reservations for parties of 50 or less so we’re trying to work something out. If we don’t go with The Wynn I haven't really thought of plan a B so if you have any suggestions let me know!

I’m still trying to decide if we should do an at home reception when we get back. If we do we’re having it in one of the Pappadeaux private dining rooms.

Pappadeaux’s is where we met and one of our favorite restaurants!     


It’s so nice that our wedding is less than 3 months away and I’m not stressed one bit! I think a Vegas wedding is the perfect fit for us! 


Kent and I have a corky story of how we came to be (at least I think it’s a little out of the norm). I’ve started telling our story in the form of vlogs and will be sharing it with ya as we’re leading up to our BIG day!