Thursday, January 13, 2011

FAQs Vlog Style

I’m back with another vlog! I’m still not great in front of the camera/video camera but I’m starting to get a bit more comfortable with the idea of it.

I’m all about doing things that are out of my comfort zone and putting my mug in front of a camera is one of those things! I even did a little impromptu to photo shoot back in the fall. Kent was the photographer for the day! Even though I’m not a model by any means I think being comfortable in front of the camera will help me become a better photographer so this is something I’m working on in 2011!

Alrighty…..go grab a cup of coffee and come back and join me for this week’s vlog!

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  1. Great Vlog Kendra. :) Love it. Your too funny! Haha :) I think i have popped by and said hi before, but i am following your blog from Australia. :) So its nice to meet you! Loved learning more about you. :) Good Luck with your studying, and all your plans. :) Busy, busy, busy! Sounds great! :)

  2. I really do enjoy your vlogs. Keep it up! You are too cute! I have always wondered about your and now i know! I am one of those girls with straight hair who secretly wishes for curly hair. :)


  3. How funny...when I first started watching the video I was thinking "I love her hair...wonder how she gets it to look like that?" and then you answered it right away! haha My hair is naturally curly too but after 3 kids it has changed so much that it just doesn't look good. :( I resort to straightening it almost all the time. The hair tips were awesome though...might try some of the products you talked about and see if they help things look better.
    You may have felt awkward in front of the camera, but you certainly didn't look it. :) You're very natural and easy to listen to. Loved the vlog!!

  4. Thanks for having coffee with me this I did enjoy the vlog. I've always liked your site. My only question is, "Do you have a favorite magazine for decor inspiration?"

  5. You are SO fun! :) love the vlog, keep em coming girl!

  6. You're adorable! Love the lipstick idea...running to Target later and I'm going to pick up the pencil :)

  7. Hi Kendra!
    Loved your vlog!! You are so pretty. Seriously, such pretty eyes. And your hair. So full and love those curls!

    Congrats on your wedding so quickly approaching.
    Financial meetings are a good thing to discuss before your big day! :)

  8. Great vlog! I'm excited to hear your next one about things you wish you knew before you started your business!!

  9. H Kendra! I have curly hair too! I always have mine up b/c i hate having my hair on my neck all of the time...while everyone I know wants me to wear it down all the time UGH. LOL ANyways, congrats on the soon to be wedding - the location looks awesome- and I love your idea ;) I am also a pro photog (with a ton still to learn myself- then again do we ever stop learning??) I;m interested to know what you learned now and wished you knew then... Also, would love to see what you're doing with your Project Life :)


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