Thursday, January 06, 2011

I’m Grateful for………

Today and always I am grateful for these beautiful brown eyes.

IMG_0393-editPic taken post 1st vet visit.

Tuesday was a hard day for me.

Lots of tears


Extra Parker cuddles.

Monday night Parker’s eye suddenly filled with blood and became very swollen. We took him to the vet the next day. She ran a battery of test and was very concerned.

She called and got him an emergency appointment with the doggie opthamologist and really couldn’t give me definite answer as to what was going on but she stressed that I needed to get him to the specialist as soon as possible. She then threw out the C word.

The specialist we met with came in early just to see Parker. The fact the he thought that was necessary scared me even more.

That’s when I began repeating in my head…………

Stay strong, stay strong, stay strong.

See me and this little guy have a very special bond. He’s my shadow, my confidant, and my court jester. He’s hilarious! If something happened to him or I had to make that ever so awful decision to end his life I would be crushed. Just the thought of it makes me go into an ugly cry.

The second I walked out of the clinic I broke down. I sat in my car for awhile and did nothing but squeezed Parker tight and cried.

How are we going to pay for this……

What if we can’t save him?

what if, what if, what if……….

I ended the day with an early bed time and some Advil PM.






We met with the specialists early the next day.

Kent went with me for support.

Parker did great! The veterinarian pocked and prodded his eyes and had him hold his head still for a very long time. I don’t think a human would have done as well as he did.

Parker is one of those really good natured dogs that everyone falls in love with. Not just me! Our friends and family are just as concerned as I am. We even have family in China that have been calling to check up on him. If something happened to him there would be a lot sad hearts…..he’s just that loved.

Good news is that the vet does not think it’s cancer!

He did say that Parker has lost his eyesight. He felt awful telling us the news.

We were relieved.

Relieved that it was not what we were dreading.




Little Parker is on 4 medications 3 times a day and getting lots of treats and cuddles. I’m going to spoil him more than I already do!

We go back to the opthamologist in 2 weeks for more testing and to make a plan for our next step.

The vet said that we may need to remove his eyes if the medication doesn’t help. Kent’s comment was “That’s okay, we can put sunglasses on him. No one will ever know!” Leave it up to Kent to make joke at an intense moment. Got to love him!

So now we wait

See what the meds do and take it from there.





Parker is doing great! You would never know he’s sick. He’s still playing the role of my shadow and carrying his new favorite toy at ALL times. He does really well with his eye drops and has no problem taking his pill. That may be because I sneak it in some cheese. ;o)

We’ve spent a pretty penny on vet bills the last 2 days and have more bills coming as we are going back to the specialist in 2 weeks for more testing. The word specialist alone comes with a hefty price tag.        

Why-o-why do vets have to be so expensive! The timing is not that great with our wedding around the corner and recuperating from Christmas cost. There is a lot of $ flying out the door these days.

It’s okay though… will all work out!

To help lighten the load a bit I’ll be selling a few things that I’ve been meaning to sale for a LONG time. There are some items that I think all you crafters, decorators, and camera lovers will enjoy. I’m planning to post these items on Craig’s List and eBay BUT may do a little blog garage sale 1st to see if anyone wants any thing from my “TO SALE” pile. 


Today and always I’m grateful for these big brown eyes. They may no longer work but they are filled with love that shines through
as bright as can be!


Parker has been featured on Domestic Princess in Training many times!
Want to see what you missed?

-Click HERE to see what he does when I take him to work.
-Click HERE to see a video clip of him opening a gift. Yes he LOVES to open gifts.
-Click HERE to see Parker make yellow snow. He likes to get crafty too! ;o)

I’ll give you a heads up on facebook when the sale will be. I ‘m hoping to have everything ready to go by Friday!


  1. OMG! I am sure the past couple days have been a roller coaster. Seeing you don't have children and even if you did pets sort of become your children. It breaks my heart seeing that cute face and knowing that he's sick. I hope he gets better and it all works out one way or another for the best. Stay strong!

  2. Wow, what a rough couple of days for you guys. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I'll be thinking about you guys. Our little guy had to have extensive knee surgery last year ($$$) and I shed so many tears through the process. Even at the vet hospital. Sometimes it's good to let the flood gates open and let it all out.

    Best of luck to you guys and precious Parker.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that! I know that our animals are just like our kids so I can't imagine. I'm so glad he doesn't have cancer & I hope his medicine works!

  4. That's one of the things that drew me to your blog even more.... That you too have furry family members--because that's what they are 'family members'. I hope the best and he is one lucky little guy to have such a good care taker! But, if you're like me--you fell like you're the lucky one... Because he just seems like the perfect little companion!

  5. Oh my goodness!!! I teared up reading this...I'm so sorry about everything you've had to go through...I know how special dog's are...they're actually more like people than we give them credit for. I'm SO glad they think he's going to be ok...I'll be praying for him and both of you! Stay strong and give him a big kiss for me!

  6. Oh Kendra. Parker is such an adorable dog. I'm sending positive and healing thoughts his way. Please keepus posted about his progress. La

  7. I'm so sorry but happy to hear that it's not as bad as it could've been. I know the pain of losing an beloved pet. Keep us posted.

  8. Oh, sweet Parker! I know first-hand how scary is can be to have a sick dog and have to "wonder" ... Our Crusoe (our border collie) got REALLY sick and they couldn't figure out what was wrong. We had to leave him in our pool house over night one night and I just knew that he was going to be gone the next morning. I woke up several times in the night and cried. He's really my son's dog, but it would devastate our whole family if anything happened to him. He recovered, but it was the longest, scariest night of my life.

    It's amazing how we can love them as much as we love our children.

    Praying that Parker's eyes are able to be saved.


  9. I am curious as to whether your vet mentioned SARDS? It's a cause of sudden or gradual blindness in dogs. Years ago our rott/husky mix (she's gone now) came in from outside and she was completely blind. No sign of trauma, just like a light switch had gone off. Our vet thought it was a brain tumor and had no info for us. I scoured the internet and found info on SARDS and we confirmed it with a veterinary opthamalogist. She adjusted well to the blindness and we had her for several more years until she developed (unrelated) cancer. I loved her so very much, so I understand you fear and anxiety. Praying that things work out for your sweet Parker.

  10. Poor little guy. I am so sorry you and Parker are going through this. We are going through something similar with my dog, Bella, and it completely breaks my heart. Here's to sending Parker lots of prayers and get well wishes.

  11. Aww! I'm really sorry Parker's sick! I totally understand that animals are really people in furry disguises. If something was wrong with my furry child Poppy I would be just as upset as you are! :( You are totally not crazy or overreacting.

  12. Poor Parker, I'm so GLAD he's going to be alright! I was thinking about you guys, I just haven't had to the time to write you a note :) Your little fur baby needs to stick around to see his Momma get married!

  13. Oh Sweetie - I'm so sorry. What a little trooper Parker is. He's in my prayers. Oh how we love our furry, four-legged family members. Hang in there girl! (((HUGS)))

  14. I'm so sorry, Kendra. :( You can tell he has such a sweet little personality. I hope that his meds and drops work! What an awful day for you. :(

  15. Poor little Parker! He's such a cutie. I do hope the meds work! Kent's sunglasses comment was hilarious!

  16. Kendra,
    I'm so sorry about Parker, that is the pits!! I'm thankful for you that he doesn't have the C word. He is so darn cute! Sometimes when things are so intense a good laugh is the best remedy!! :) Hang in there..

  17. Don't worry. I had a good friend whose German Shepard went blind. Within a few months he was running and playing in their small yard the same as before. He would even bark at strangers walking outside the fence.

    Chico's heightened senses went into overdrive. Parker already knows his environment and will remain confident in it you don't change itt. You will soon be wowed by how well he adjusts.

  18. OMG OMG OMG! Your puppy is so cuuuuute! I also have a little yorkie named Sophie and she is my bestie! Seriously the brown eyes are such a killer tho, if she's begging for food, one look into those brown eyes and I can't say no! Thanks for sharing!



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