Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Something Unexpected in the Bathroom

Did the title scare you?

Hehehe……..what were you expecting see when you clicked on this post?

Well it may not be what your were thinking but non the less I think it’s quite unexpected.

Yes a chalkboard in our 1/2 bath!



Let me prefaces by saying this is the hardest room in our home to photograph. There is absolutely no natural light and just about enough room to turn around. Due to that it’s hard to get the full effect of the new addition but it’s cute….I promise!

I hung it on the wall right before our Christmas party and left it blank except for the words “Write on me” in hopes that our guest would leave a little note.


It was fun to see what everyone wrote!





I put the chalk in a little soy sauce dish on top of the toilet.

Oh and on a side note the little sleigh and ornaments as well as the frame that I turned into a chalkboard were GW finds.

I kind of guilted myself into buying the sleigh.

It’s handmade……..

I pictured an old grandma working feverishly night and day to give her granddaughter a homemade gift, the only gift she could afford. Said granddaughter didn’t like the homemade gift and tossed at a local GW. 

No way could I let the little old lady’s hard work go unappreciated.

I took it home with me.

If you were strange like me and made up odd stories about items you came across you too would have felt guilty and snatched it up.      Smile




This is what’s on the chalk board now but I plan to change it up often……

Funny moments that happen during the week.
Love notes.
Favorite quotes.

It’s BIG so I’ll have lots of room to get creative! 


  1. Ha! Seriously...cuteness! For a good time call...that one had me crackin. What a cute and fabulous idea! And the punch of red...perfection!

  2. Too cute... I've always had a hard time with what to 'hang' in a bathroom?? Pictures just don't seem right in my mind... I would like to find one for my kids bathroom.... They don't have a kiddish bathroom becuase it's the same one that guests use.... but I think it would add a whimsical touch!!!!

  3. haha thats so great!!! I LOVE this! It reminds me of writing on bathroom stalls, only in a more classy and sophisticated way! haha that totally rocks! :)

    (Agape Love Designs)

    BTW I know what you mean about photographing a small bathroom! I once had to photograph an apartment for a listing, and the bathroom was crazy hard! lol

  4. I am delighted that someone wrote "For a good time call __" b/c that is excactly what I was thinking, and it shows I am not the only one out there with a depraved sense of humor. ;)

    Loved the title! ;)

  5. LOVE this idea. If I steal it, I give you full credit!

  6. How creative! Especially for a party!!

  7. L-O-V-E this idea... I will have to steal it... this would be awesome in my little brothers frat house :)

  8. That is such a cute idea. :) Haha It made me kinda laugh too though, to think of people going to the bathroom and writing on a chalkboard! hehe :) But its so cute! Good job. :)

  9. Very cute! Love the frame :) I tried to make a chalkboard w/ a GW and it didn't work at all :(

  10. What a fabulous idea! Totally reminded me of graffiti in the bathroom stalls -- I always find myself reading those, too;-)

  11. This is such a fun idea - I would LOVE to see what everyone would write...especially behind closed doors! Very cute, I will be keeping an eye out for the perfect frame now.


  12. That is SUCH a cute idea! Adorable!!! I could never have one though, cos I'd never be able to bring myself to erase what people had written!


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