Wednesday, January 19, 2011

VLOG: Thrifting Tips


Thank you for the very kind words of encouragement after last week’s vlog! I’m trying to do things this year that make me shake in my boots and vloging is one of those things! It’s hard to put yourself out there like that!


This weeks vlog is chalk full of thrifitng tips!

If you would like to share some tips of your own feel free to share them in your comment. I would love to know what your tricks of the trade are!




The backdrop used in this picture is actually a skirt I picked up at Goodwill (the one I was talking about in the clip.) No it does not fit me, not even close to fitting me, BUT I loved the print so I bought it! I talk more about this in the clip above just in case you’re a little confused.



Check back on Sunday evening 
if you’re not tired of me!
I’ll be starting a new VLOG series I like to call “Love is in the Air”
I’ll be chatting about my time in China (I used to live there for those of you don’t know) and how Kent and I fell in LOVE. It’s kind of a long story and as you know I ramble soooooo I’m going to break it down into several different
vlogs that I’ll post each Sunday as we lead up to our wedding!


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  1. You are adorable. I love this video.

  2. Great tips Kendra, thanks for putting this video together :)

  3. Love your vlogs!! Your rambling is cute :) Great tips and can't wait to hear the story of you and Kent!!

  4. Thank you so much for all the good tips. I love going shopping on Monday's!

  5. Great tips thanks for sharing! The picture of the fruit is gorgeous! Hope you are enjoying your weekend ~ Stephanie Lynn


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