Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Love is in the Air

Really……I don’t make this stuff up!

Example number 137: Why I think Abby is head over heels in love with Kent.

If she could talk I’m sure she would be sighting a love poem right about now.


Do you feel like your peeking in on a private moment?

I know I did when I walked in and saw this! What does any good photographer do when they stumble upon a private moment……..

They grab their camera and take a picture as fast as possible!




Ops she caught me and does not look too pleased that I interrupted ;o)


If you’re new to the blog and are not familiar with Abby and her infatuation with Kent click HERE and HERE to get caught up. It’s sad I tell ya……okay and a little funny!


  1. You better cage her on wedding day or she'll be howling at the moon when the minister asks if anyone has just cause as to why you and Kent should not be joined in marriage.

  2. That is precious!! I just looked at the other posts and yes, I think she's definitely in love! Aren't dogs the best?!

  3. That is funny! She does look ticked that you interrupted her time with him!!!


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