Friday, October 01, 2010

A Love Like No Other

IMG_0161-edit He loves her and she loves him.


IMG_0176-editShe has to be near him at all times.




IMG_0152-editShe often offers her paw for a kiss.






IMG_0150-editHer heart is so filled with love for him that it could bust at any second.




IMG_0158-edit  In her mind they ARE boyfriend and girlfriend. :o)


I jokingly told him “If she could she would totally have your babies!”




I’m out at Canton Trade Days getting my shop on today! I have a very specific list and need to stay focused so I’m going alone. My plan is to get in and out.  I’m taking my camera along and hope to have a few pictures (and maybe video clips) to share when I get back.


I’ll update facebook with a few of my finds while I’m out shopping.


Keep sending me your homemade costume pictures. Remember, it doesn't have to be 100% homemade. As long as it’s not a prepackage one size fits all type of thing you should be good to go!

More info HERE


  1. This is how my dog is with me. I always tell people that he couldn't tell me he loves me any louder than if he shouted it from the highest mountain.

    So cute!

  2. Love from a dog is like no other. They don't care what you look like in the morning. Love you more when you are sad. and are alway excited to see you when you come home even if you were only gone 2 minutes. I love animals.
    My dog treats me the same way. He even tries to protect me from my boyfriend when he hugs me.

  3. Okay, that is too cute!!! I love the one of her in there all squished up and sleeping. :)

  4. I Love her!!!! :D Oh, AND Your Arm Chair!! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!! Your Arm Chair!!!!!!


  5. Awww how cute!! I wish Gracie (our chihuahua) loved Adam, but she hates him and always runs away and hides from him Haha. They are funny little dogs.

  6. She is so sweet. Better keep an eye on her, Kendra! She may steal your fiance! La

  7. So cute, Mia is like that with her 'daddy' as :)

  8. That is so sweet! I am super jealous you were out at Canton. While I was home from Iraq last month I went and got some great things for my home as well. I had to explain to everyone in Iraq what Canton was now I think I have them suckered into going. LOL!!! I hope you got some great find.

  9. This post cracks me up!!! We have 2 chihuahua's, and one of ours is the exact same way with my hubby! Isn't it just too cute?


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