Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Location Hunting & Photography Questions

If you follow me on facebook you know that I’ve been out location hunting a lot the last two weeks. October and November are going to be quite busy for Kendra Pryor Photography and I couldn’t be more tickled about it!

I have several sessions coming up so I wanted to go out and hunt down a few new to me locations.

Basically this means I pack my



and coffee (you know the essentials) and get lost for several hours.


I hit the road, listen to some tunes and see where the day takes me.


Sometimes I find some great spots other times I end my journey frustrated and low on gas. It’s all worth it though. Even if I do get lost and a little frustrated at times I still get to enjoy things like this………










IMG_0369-editwaterm Not the best picture but this place and I are tight! This beauty is 5 minuets away from my house. Kent and I go walking here almost every night. Well, every night since we found it which was a week ago ;o). I foresee many fall nights spent relaxing and watching the sunset from this very path! I have a photo shoot here this weekend.





























Lately I’ve been asked what type of camera I use.

I actually have 2 Digital SLR’s that I switch back and forth from. I started out with the Olympus E-420 (great camera to learn on). I would highly recommend it to anyone that’s new to the Digital SLR world and a little unsure of what they're doing. The price point is not too high and the lenses are affordable (by affordable I mean not $1,000 a pop). It’s one of the smallest Digital SLR’s on the market but rates right up there with some of the lager cameras. Due to this I still use it A LOT!! It’s easier to lug around than my professional camera and still delivers great shots…..especially in natural light.

The other camera I use is a Cannon 50D. I like to call this my big girl camera. The price point is quite higher than my E-420 and so is everything that comes along with it…..including the lenses, ouch! I’ve only had it for a short time so I’m still getting use to it but I’m already loving it! It does great in natural light as well as indoors and delivers awesome clarity.

The pictures above were taken with my 50D or E-420.

Not sure if I will ever fall out of love with my E-420. We’ve had some good times but I’m tickled about my new big girl camera! 



Here’s you chance to ask away!


Since I’ve received a few e-mails from people asking photography questions I thought I would put together a post and try to answer the most common questions.

Uhh now let me tell ya I am in no way shape or form an expert on the subject. I have a huge passion for photography and spend many hours learning about anything I can get my hands on but I’m not the most technical photographer so go easy on me! I hope to get there some day.  


If you have a question regarding photography let me know in your comment.It can be any from how I got started (still growing my business) to funny things that have happened on a shoot…..whatever!  I’ll pick a few questions and answer them to the best of my ability in a later post. :o) I would also love to know if you use a point and shot or anSLR. This will help me gear my responses to the right audience.

You don't have to own a pricy D-SLR to take great pictures. It helps but you can also do some really neat things with your point and shoot camera!  

Let me just say that I’m tickled that you
even ask ME photography questions!




Don’t forget to e-mail me ( your homemade costume picture. It doesn't have to be 100% homemade. It can be several pieces that you bought and put together to create an over all look. As long as it’s not a prepackaged one size fits all type of costume. :o)

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  1. So my questions are:
    1.) Did you take a class or learn how to use the DSLR on your own? I loathe reading directions and manuals!!
    2.) Do you have to get the extra lenses? How do they enhance your pictures.
    3.) For beginners, would you suggest a stepping stone camera? I have a point and shoot digital right now. My friend has a Fujifilm FinePix S1800 12.2 MP Digital Camera with 18x Wide Angle Optical Dual Image Stabilized Zoom and 3-Inch LCD and like that and it seems easy to use. But I don't want to invest a couple hundred bucks into a temporary camera.
    Please advise!!

  2. Great pictures! I LOVE that vertical one of the church I think it is? With the blue sky and clouds! GREAT shot.

    How fun too. Now I want to grab my camera, some snakcs, a PS latte, and go shoot! Only I can't today. One day soon!!

  3. Do You have a Studio?? If so can I see your set up??

    Say there is an amazing site off the side of the road, but behind barbed wire fence... Do you skip it? Try to ask the owner if you can take pictures? Or take pictures as fast as you can without permission??? :D There are sooo many amazing pots literally down the road from me. But this is my problem...

    LOVE the abandoned house!!!!!! Love. I use a Nikon D40.

    TIA! Margie. :)

  4. You take fabulous pictures!! Did you go to school for photography?

  5. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photography. La

  6. I have Canon also, love it! Those are beautiful pictures! Can't wait for you answers!

  7. I am trying to get my photography business up and running so my question is how did you get your's started? Do you show clients your portfolio or do you even have one? And did you take any classes for your photography? You take such amazing pictures and have such a great eye for composition!

  8. You are indeed a great photographer! I wish can capture beautiful pictures like that too.
    canon digital slr camera lenses

  9. wow, Kendra, those are awesome shots! I'm so jealous. I haven't graduated from my point and shoot yet, although I did upgrade to a 10 megapixel last year.


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