Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thrifting Jewelry


Hi my name is Kendra, and I’m addicted to accessories………..

I adore necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and any other type of accessory I can get my hands on. Accessories complete an outfit the same way a cherry completes a sundae! Let’s pretend you’re wearing flip-fops, jeans, and a black ribbed tank-top, what I would call a pretty boring and casual outfit. BUT if you throw on some hoops, a fun necklace, and maybe a little fabric poppy in your hair you’re good to go! Still comfortable but now you’re comfortable AND stylish!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         No need to break the bank when shopping for accessories. If you have a little patience and don’t mid a bit of digging you can find some really great pieces at garage sales and thrift stores. Below are some of my recent finds. None of the items below were more than $3.00….no joke!



Love the feminine simplicity 


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            The lady that previously owned this necklace was an accessory addict as well (see there are others out there). She had a whole room in her home that was full of jewelry. I think she would be happy to know that some of her little gems were passed along to another jeweler lover. I promise to take good care of them.





OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         This piece still had its original $35.00 price tag attached when I found it at Goodwill. Don’t  you love when that happens? Makes you feel even better about the few bucks you spent. It had a strand that was missing a few beads so I just snipped the broken strand off and it’s good as new.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Ahh the picture does not do this estate sale necklace justice. It’s beautiful! The mass caught my eye but I fell for it when I took a closer look. It has tiny chains and metallic beads woven throughout and the claps is stunning! I’ll need to wear my hair up when I wear this beauty.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Love the colors in this necklace. It’s super heavy and definitely vintage. This was another Goodwill find.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I wore this a lot this summer. It looks great with my brown scoop neck. :o) I’m real bad about finding a handful of outfits I like and repeating them over and over again until I get tired of them. I’ll call them my uniforms. Mom if you’re reading this you know exactly what I’m talking about.  It’s not that I’m lacking in the clothing department. Nope it’s out of pure laziness! This little Goodwill find was a nice addition to one of my summer uniforms. ;o)



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA              This vintage set and was found recently at an estate sale. I LOVE the necklace but I’m not too crazy about the earrings. We’ll see……I’ll give them a try.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         This poor thing was all in knots when I found it. It was priced super cheap at Goodwill. I saw the potential so I snatched it up and spent a little time untangling it while I was watching T.V. one evening. I told you accessory addict over here! I’ll even try to save pieces that should be put to rest. Glad I gave this one a second chance!




I stopped in my tacks when I saw this at Goodwill! It’s hand sewn and seems to be vintage but I could be wrong. I have big plans for this little guy. I want to sew lace strands to the end and add a big lacey flower on the side (clapping hands in excitement).



It’s fun, it’s chunky, and yes a little tarnished but I love that about it! Another gem from the departed jewelry addict. You know what? She deserves a name. Let’s call her Betty. I’m really not trying to be disrespectful but actually the completely opposite. I learned a lot while at Betty’s estate sale and you’ll be hearing about her again when I share just what she taught me.


*Ladies please keep discarding your awesome jewelry! Just make sure that you ONLY get rid of it while your in Dallas,Texas so I have a fair chance of finding it! You can do that for me…..right?*


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  1. You have great taste in jewelry, Kendra.

    I have a tendency to get in the "uniform" mode myself. I have a closet full of clothes, but I tend to choose the same outfits week after week.

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend and the following week is awesome. La

    1. I do the same thing. I have 5 pieces I wear to work but on the weekends I wear dresses. I ccollect thrifted costume jewelry and I love it. I just held a vintage jewelry show at my house and it was really nice. I want to take some of my pieces and make statement necklaces from them.

  2. It looks like you really found some great stuff! Would you believe I've never been to a thrift store or an Estate sale??

    Thanks for visiting me! I know a couple of other southern girlies that aren't interested in football so you're not completely alone!!

  3. Love the orange, black & metal-ish pieces.

  4. Looks like you found some great jewelry - you did good. It is hard to find bargains on jewelry at the GW's around here - most of it is junk in their stores. I think the good stuff is put on the GW online store.
    Have a great week!

  5. Wow, wow, wow - how can you choose a favorite from those choices?! Awesome finds!

  6. You're preaching to the choir here, girl. ;) I am a fellow accessories addict...I don't pay too much attention to the thrift store stuff, but now I'm thinking that I need to!!!! Great finds, wow!!!

  7. what some awesome finds!!!! I love your taste :)

  8. Wow you really got some great pieces there!

    I too am an accessory lover. No outfit is complete without accessorizing it! We just got a huge Forever21 by me and the accessories there are so great and the prices even better!

    PS- Fresh & Easy is a new grocery store that we just had pop up in our neck of the woods. They are fantastic! Maybe one will come your way soon. :)

  9. Some great finds. Love the orange one the best I think, but all terrific pieces.

  10. KENNY-POO-- You won't beleive this but I have a collar necklace just like the vintage and hand sewn one with the pearls. Can't be that old!!!

  11. Be still my heart!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE.

  12. Love it! would love to see how you match some of these numbers with your outfits, necklines and such. Maybe a future post?!?!


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