Monday, September 20, 2010

Once a Pillowcase Now a Work of Art

craftroom,_craft_party,_blog_1_24_201_thumb[13][1] After I finished decorating my craft room I wanted to try and incorporate a little yellow throughout the rest of my home. It is my favorite color after all.


I found a beautiful golden yellow striped pillowcase at Goodwill. I knew I could find something to do with it so I put it in my cart and took it home!


Here’s a little thrift store tip: While shopping at thrift stores keep an open mind when looking though bedding and clothing. Sometimes you can find really neat fabrics for a great price. They may come in the form of a skirt or a pillow case (in this situation) but you can always cut it up and turn it into something new!


I had a couple matching frames from a previous Goodwill trip. I’m sure you thrift store fanatics know how rare it is to find matching frames. I snatched them up when I found them and put them away for a rainy day. They were bright gold so I toned them down with some glossy black spray paint.


Can you see where this project is going?




That’s right! I got out my scissors and went to town.


I picked up a package of vinyl flower decals from Ikea.



Called in my craft room mascot for a little help!

*If you’re new to Domestic Princess in Training this is Ninja our little lionhead bunny. He is just precious and loves to be involved in whatever’s going on.*



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            I cut the decals so I was able to arrange them however I wanted on my frame .

Tip: If you try this project at home try to not remove the sticker once you’ve placed it to your surface. They leave a tacky residue behind when they are move and loose a bit of their stickiness.




                    Before                                                         After
   Revamped Goodwill
                                                                             goodies used to give this wall
                                                                                          a little love.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I switched out the old melted down candle with a *new to me* candle purchased at Goodwill. I love the black toile print. The sconce is also an old Goodwill find. :o)




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I’m happy with the way it turned out! This corner in my living room still needs a little work (I want to replace the red pillow on the chair, looking for new end table, and may take down the red flower print on the wall) but I think the new art helped!

Oh how I love a cheap Goodwill revamp!

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  1. That is so adorable! You are so crafty!

  2. You are so creative!!! BTW, I like the corner of your room with the chair & red pillow & picture!!

  3. You are so talented ~ thrifty and creative. I like it a lot. Happy Monday! La

  4. I seriously love this DIY! So easy and it's so cute! I love that pillowcase!

  5. Very nice! Your wall arrangement looks beautiful! Lovin' that comfy chair and I like the red throw...very warm and inviting! =) ~Liz

  6. That is adorable! I love the yellow and black.

    I shared it on my TT&J FB page and linked to you :)


  7. I really like how they turned out! Great job. Like the candle also.
    Have a great week.

  8. what a clever & cute idea. I am absolutely doing this in my office. BTW - I love your bunny!

  9. Kendra, I LOVED this!!! Just beautiful. :)

  10. Omg I love those pictures!! You make it all seem so easy :)

  11. that looks so amazing! really. :)

  12. Love love love are so creative.

  13. New to your blog :) I just love how great yellow, white and black look - so sharp!! Thanks for such a fun project.

  14. It looks wonderful! I love that fabric.

  15. Very cute project, Kendra! Love the yellow & black together.

  16. It all looks great! I never would have thought to do that with the pillow cases. They look terrific

  17. I am new at blogging and just found your blog. What wonderful ideas you have!!!! I'll be following along on a regular basis.

  18. What a super cute idea! I love repurposing things and I have to admit that I've faced that ick factor of having a closed mind with the thrift shop linens. I just repurposed a window on my blog and its so satisfying to find new uses for old stuff. Good job!


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