Tuesday, September 14, 2010

While Kent Watches Football………..

Football and I do not get along. I’ve tried to like it but it’s just not in the stars for us and that’s okay. I’ve made peace with it. Kent on the other hand LOVES football! While he’s glued to the T.V. I usually get my craft on, go watch a movie, visit with a friend, or catch up on a few things around the house.

I thought it would be fun to do a few “While Kent Watches Football……” post this football season.

Let’s get this thing started!

 P1013143 Kent heading to our neighbors house to watch football and have some man time. He took some homemade salsa and chips along. Have I ever told you that Kent is an amazing cook? His parents owned a few restaurants when he was younger. The man knows his way around the kitchen….that’s for sure!

What did I do while he was gone?



Picked some junk up off the stairs. Did a few loads of laundry.


Made myself a little pumpkin spiced goodness!

Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte (ON THE FlY)

-Strong Brewed Pumpkin Spice Coffee
-Add a little Splenda, cinnamon, and pumpkin pie spice to the hot coffee (stir)
-Mixed in a little almond milk and a touch of pumpkin spice coffee creamer
-Leave in the freezer for 30min to chill or take the easy route and add ice. I like mine super cold and didn’t want the ice to melt and water down my concoction so I went the freezer route.

Can you tell I made it up on the fly? It was good though!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Watched Big Brother. Not too crazy about the cast this season. I miss Jeff and Jordan from last season they were so cute!



P1013179Dissected a few magazine. BIG thanks to for my sweet aunt for all the awesome magazines!



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA            Enjoyed my drink and made a huge mess!




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Called in the cleaning crew. Don’t they look eager to help! I think they thought there was some type of treat involved.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Got my craft on……..


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         and made a little pumpkin tassel which is now hanging on the ugly gold doorknob in our kitchen. I thought our sad doorknob needed a little sprucing up. You know, make the fact that it’s all tarnished and pitiful stand out a bit more. ;o)


So there you have it! My 1st addition of “While Kent Watches Football……”

-What do you think?

-Are there any other non football lovers out there that would like to share what YOU do while your sweetness is watching football?

-Should we make this a weekly linky party during the football season…..hum? 


  1. I love Big Brother and have to agree with you about this season's cast! I do hope Hayden wins though!

  2. I love football and was disgruntled when my pro team was not televised in my area this past weekend! I ended up doing laundry, and reading blogs.

    Hope you are having a wonderful week, Kendra. La

  3. Well, as you know I do like football but for the most part I only watch complete games if LSU or the Saints are playing. While Dean watches I do a lot of catch up on my "mindless tv" that's on the DVR!! You know like Flipping Out, Real Housewives, etc.

  4. Love it...u r so funny and I wish I could have those days but when my hubby watches the games I have 2 kids to entertain so not much else gets done..except the mess part, they always seem to have that covered ;)

  5. Cute post! :) I don't mind football, but I wouldn't sit all afternoon and watch it. I'd rather craft, look at magazines, get some work done, etc. Hey, that sounds like your day! ;) Thanks for the recipe...I might try that one. :)

  6. Must say .... I'm pretty much in shock .... never would've thought you'd be the type to have piles on your stairs, too!!!! :-)

  7. Ah! So sounds like you and your man have the same sort of relationship when it comes to football season that I and my man do. :) My man even goes to the neighbor's to watch on their big screen. :) I like to utilize the time to be crafty/productive/working-on-all-the-things-nesting-instinct-requires-that-I-get-done-no-later-than-asap! :) Your blog is so very inspiring... ;)


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