Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Something We All Need to Remember

snow, vdaycards, primrose 2.10 029 Picture of pink Primrose
Just wanted to pop in and share a post with you that my sister-in-law posted. I thought it was powerful and something we all need to remind ourselves of from time to time.
Click HERE to see Kim’s Post
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just Because………

Here’s Where things are going to get a little random.  There are a few things I wanted to share but not really post worthy on their own so I thought I would mush them all together. It’s another “Just Because” post.
Thank You!!!-Y’all were so sweet and left such kind comments on my craft room post! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this silly little blog let alone leave a comment. It really brightens my day!! I hope you don’t get too tired of seeing the craft room because I still have a few craft room projects I want to share and I have a bit more decorating to do.
snow day 2010 022Here’s a picture of the first craft I did in my new space. I made Valentines for family and friends using things I already had on hand, wrapping, paper, sheet music, card stock and glitter. I had so much fun! It’s been ages since I made a Valentine. I just may make this a new tradition!
*Book Store Jackpot-I love book stores and could spend hours flipping through books. One of my favorite book stores is Half Price Books, it’s perfect for a thrifty gal like myself. I stopped in my local Half Price bookstore the other day and hit the jack pot!
Random blog2.2010 003 That’s right, your eyes are not deceiving you. I found these 2 Martha Stewart Annual Recipe cookbooks in the clearance section. They were $3.00 each! I about peed in my pants when I saw them. Their now the nicest cookbooks I own. The recipes sound so delicious. I can’t wait to start cooking from them!
Random blog2.2010 005 I also picked up these two bad boys for $3.00 each! Do you remember my post about the Night Huntress Series? I’m just in love with these books. I leant my copy of the 1st book to my aunt. It’s being passed around the family and as sad as I am to admit it I want to reread them so I picked up another copy. If you’re into these kind of books (and by these kind I mean awesome books ;o) ) give them a try....!caution! they are NOT for teens.
Craft Group: My gal pals are coming over again this weekend for another crafty get together. I like to practice what we are making so I’m able to help them. Here’s what were making…….
Random blog2.2010 013Fun huh! My favorite is the owl birthday card. I’ll be back next week with a few pictures from the event and a how-to. I pulled this craft right off the Martha Stewart website.

Are you tired of reading post about snow yet?- We had so much fun playing in the snow with my family. There were snow ball fights, snow Olympics, and hot coco. I won’t bore you with all the details but I did want to share a few pictures from the day. And really this is just a few….I took way too many.
snow day 2010 122

snow day 2010 224
snow day 2010 102
snow day 2010 126
  snow day 2010 092

snow day 2010 098
snow day 2010 239
snow day 2010 204

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sometimes You Have to Cheat to Get to the Gym

I was working on our menu/grocery list when I had a………hummm,
let’s just call it an out of body experience.
Trist 2010 001

I looked in our overstuffed and very unorganized freezer to see what meats I had to work with and that’s when “IT” happened. I spotted a frozen package of cookie dough. Not just any cookie dough but turtle cookie dough. You know, the one with a caramel center and pecans on top. I had a package left over from a recipe I made a few weeks back. The plan was to keep it in the freezer and pull it out when an unexpected guest arrived. Sure was a nice idea until I blacked out…………..
Trist 2010 003

and woke up the sweet aroma of baking cookies! WHAT, how in the world did those get there? My sweet tooth must have taken over and forced me to do it, it wasn’t MY fault! No, I would never bake a whole batch of cookies just for me, especially when I’m cutting back my sugar intake. But there they were, smelling like heaven and looking delish! I couldn’t help myself (hanging my head in shame). I ate some and let me tell ya, they were just as delicious as they looked.
Trist 2010 005
After I devoured my sinful treat I felt awful. I had a sugar headache and was feeling gross. I’ve been cutting back my sugar intake and that was the first super sweet thing I had in weeks. I think my body was in a sweet shock. I couldn’t believe I ate them, ok yes I can they were delicious but still.
I knew I needed to do something to right my wrong. So, I guilted myself into hitting the gym headache and all. I did 45 minutes of cardio just enough to work off 1 cookie; too bad I had more than 1.
Trist 2010 007 

Trist 2010 009
Moral of this story is: Sometimes it takes a wrong to make it right. I cheated and ate cookies but it gave me them shove I needed to get my butt back in the gym!

*To see my chalk board menu get a makeover click HERE.
*Want to know what I previously made with the other batch of cookies? Click HERE.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Photo Shoot……

Wanted to share a few pictures from my niece’s photo shoot I did this week. She is just too precious. Being photographed is not always fun for a kiddo but I was a good aunt and bribed her with ice cream and gum. It worked!
Trist 2010 332
 Trist 2010 345

Trist 2010 464
Tristk 2010 473 This is one of my favorites!

Trist 2010 598

Trist 2010 604

Trist 2010 784

Trist 2010 742

Trist 2010 921

Trist 2010 524 

 Trist 2010 496

Trist 2010 800

Trist 2010 833

Monday, February 15, 2010

Craft Room Reveal (Pic Heavy)

Something I use to dream about has now become reality……….I have my very own craft room! I finished a few weeks ago but I’ve been pondering how I wanted to share it with you y'all. For now I think I’ll show you a few pictures and break down my favorite projects in later post.
I set a few rules for myself before I tackled this room.
1. Try to use mainly repurposed items (thrift store goodies, items I had on hand)
2. Keep the cost as low as possible. Who am I kidding; this should be my life’s mantra. Even if we were super wealthy I think I would still have a passion to thrift and do things on the cheap. It’s more fun that way! Don’t you think?
Ok, let get this little tour started!
soup, esty, 2.9.10 025The craft room is nestled between our dining room and kitchen. This is the view from the kitchen looking into the craft room. It’s not closed off which I love! I can craft away and still talk to Kent while he’s watching T.V. in the living room. Eventually I want to hang curtains in the open areas between the kitchen and dining room; mainly to hide the mess that comes along with crafting. ;o)
soup, esty, 2.9.10 069View from the dining room looking into the craft room.
craftroom, craft party, blog 1 24 201See the open area between the two rooms? This will eventually be where I’ll hang curtains to separate the two spaces. I hope to save my dinner guest the
pain from seeing my crafty messes.
soup, esty, 2.9.10 086The chair was previously in our bedroom and lived its life as Kent’s clothes rack. I figured this beauty was way too high class to be a clothes rack so I gave it a new life and moved it into my craft room. It’s now where I spend many mornings/nights drinking coffee and reading. Love it!
soup, esty, 2.9.10 091 I bought the little antique chest at an auction a few years back for the steep price of $5 ;o) (I know I got a good deal….right?). No one wanted it but I thought she was reallll purty (aka country talk for pretty). It use to be nasty green but I brightened it up with a little spray paint. The white basket was a Goodwill find.
soup, esty, 2.9.10 051
Most of these items were purchased at Goodwill or things I already owned.
soup, esty, 2.9.10 038
soup, esty, 2.9.10 054
soup, esty, 2.9.10 096 This little guy has been shoved in a closet for the past few months. I had no idea where I was going to put him when I brought him home but knew I couldn’t pass him up for $7.00. He use to be bright gold so I gave him a good coat of black spray paint and added a little bow.
craftroom, craft party, blog 1 24 162
An old garage sale picture turned into an inspiration board (more on this later).
soup, esty, 2.9.10 135
soup, esty, 2.9.10 134
craftroom, craft party, blog 1 24 183Don’t really know what this thing is called but I call it my ribbon holder.
I picked it up at GW for $1.99.
soup, esty, 2.9.10 143
My favorite thing in the room is the antique lamp I purchased for $7.00 at a local thrift store. I paired with a modern lamp shade I wasn’t using. I love mixing old with new and do so throughout my home.
soup, esty, 2.9.10 112 soup, esty, 2.9.10 114
Closer look at the lamp. I still can’t believe I found this!
soup, esty, 2.9.10 098 soup, esty, 2.9.10 100
I love the rough leather handles on this GW basket.
I did pretty good sticking to the guide lines I laid out for myself. The only thing new that I bought are the two black shelves next to the desk. Trust me, I looked high and low for some used ones but I couldn’t beat their super low price tag. They were on sale at Wally World for $25 apiece!
Want to know where I got the inspiration for this room? You’ll never guess……
Yup, and Altiods container! Here’s proof that inspiration can be found anywhere! I still have the original Altoids container that inspired the color palate for this space and have a fun craft planned for it. I’ll share once I finish it up.
Before…….craftroom, craft party, blog 1 24 040
craftroom, craft party, blog 1 24 201
soup, esty, 2.9.10 069
Thanks for hanging in. I know this is a LONG post but there is just too much to share. I’m loving my new space and really can’t believe I have my very own area to create in. No more lugging craft supplies up and down the stairs! I still have a few more things I want to do to finish out the room (rug, curtains, lampshades for the chandler) but for now I’m enjoying
my little getaway it as it is.