Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thrift Store Tips: 1

I’ve received a few e-mails from some lovely ladies asking for a tips and tricks when thrift store shopping. Not that I’m any kind of thrift store master (if there is such a thing) but I do enjoy my all too frequent trips to thrift stores.
I’ve been wanting to do a few segments with a few things that help me when I walk into the unknown abyss otherwise known as Goodwill. As some of you know at times it can be a huge mess and even a stressful experience especially when you have Sally Sue pushing and looking over your shoulder while you’re leisurely trying to shop.
In the next few weeks I’ll be doing a few post highlighting tips and tricks that will help you on your thrifting trips (OH that was a tong twister). Who knows I may even ask my best bud Jennifer to tape a few clips of us in action at our local thrift store.
Let’s Get started with our first installment………
2968862996_e41b25de23[1] Photo from: Markopolo
1. Always grab a shopping cart when you walk in the door. I know, you may think your just looking and your right you may not find anything this trip and if so the shopping cart will be a lovely purse rest. So grab your shopping cart, take your purse off your shoulder and get ready to shop, you’re going to need both hands free to dig!
2. If you see something you like but are not sure, put it in your cart….see the shopping cart is coming in handy already. At the end of your shopping trip you can find a quiet corner to look through all your finds and narrow down your purchase. As you know thrift stores do not usually have multiples. You may have seen something you liked but didn’t grab it in the past since you didn’t want to carry it around. You decided you wanted said item went back to grab it and it was gone! This won’t happen if you put items you’re interested in your cart. I can’t tell you how many times people in line have told me they almost picked up the one of the items I had in my cart but they didn’t want to carry it around.
We’re of course going to be courteous shoppers and put any items that we decide not to buy back in their appropriate places…….right?
3123094324_f43f597bcc[1] Photo from:Rozanne
3. Don’t be afraid to dig! Get on your hands and knees if you need to. Sometimes the best stuff is hidden under a pile of not so great stuff.
4. Always look in boxes. Sometimes the item on the inside of the box does not match the picture on the outside or perhaps the box is unmarked…’s ok take a peek inside! I just brought home 2 boxes of votives that I found from looking in an unmarked box. Trust me you’ll find some goodies.
Ok, I think we’ll end there. Next week I’ll share a few more tips. I also have a little craft project I whipped up using a few tips from next week’s segment.
What do y’all think….
Will Thrifting Tips and Tricks be fun? helpful? boring? Let me know. If it doesn’t sound like something you would be interested in we can skip it. If it is something you would like I’ve have a ton of thrifting tips up my sleeve ready to be shared.
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  1. I just wanted to tell you I love reading your blog! Any advice is throughly enjoyed!!!

  2. i love the tips... keep it up!
    i always walk around with a cart full of stuff and as i continue shopping i start narrowing down everything... most other shoppers think i work at the store because i am clearing out my cart instead of filling it! ;)

  3. Fun and helpful. I rarely go into thrift stores, because I get overwhelmed and confused and leave angry. Bu then I see all these awesome finds on the internet and think "dang, I need to try again."

    I am super excited about this idea!

  4. always bring hand sanitizer! i love thrift stores, but i always have the NEED to wash my hands when i leave!

  5. I agree. All of those tips are A+. And so so true ...If you think you want it, don't leave it on the shelf. carry it around while you shop and it gives you time to think, and if your answer is Yes, then you didn't risk losing it to another ambitious shopper while you were considering...AND do not walk out of the store saying to yourself...I really should get it...I really should get it. I'm gonna kick myself for not getting it. ..because...sigh. ...yes you will!
    Because tomorrow when you race back to get it...8 times out of's GONE with the wind. Thanks for the excellent tips. I concur.

  6. Yes - get a cart. BUT - NEVER EVER use it as a place to park your purse!! You may not see your purse and/or your wallet again. I know someone that happened to. :(

  7. Cute post. I agree with all things you said. The best items I have found always seem to be on the bottom shelf. :)

  8. I could not have said it better myself!

    Glenda, last night at my thrift someones purse was stolen. Someone created a diversion, which the cart pusher turned to look at, when she turned back around her purse was gone. The rucus people also disappeared .

  9. Forgot to say...
    Thanks for linking up to Tales from Bloggeritaville.

    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  10. Very wise advice! I hit two or three Goodwills every week just because it is such fun to go treasure hunting. I fell in love with this big painting of some cream roses, and finally after a lot of thinking put the huge thing in my cart. I must have gotten about ten comments from other shoppers how they loved the painting and that they had almost gotten it,or were going to go back for it.

  11. Very cool! If you're interested in thrifting, here's a blog you might enjoy:


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