Monday, February 08, 2010

Meet My New Sisters

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen my tweet about our new family members.We went to the local Flea market with my Mom in hopes to find a few great deals on home d├ęcor but ending up leaving with a few new family members instead. Let me just say the ride home was very interesting. My Mom lives on a couple acres and has horse stalls that were not being used. We’ve been wanting a horse but thought we would start off slowly with a few smaller animals uhh I mean family members. Well let me officially introduce………….
Ellie Mae the pigmy goat who my be expecting. We’ll know for sure in 4 months.She’s super cute and teeny tiny. She’s still a little shy but with a little time we hope she’ll be following us around like a puppy. At least that’s what the previous owner said she would do.
canton1.31, ellie mae 025
Do you see a family resemblance? ;o)
canton1.31, ellie mae 043

canton1.31, ellie mae 044
canton1.31, ellie mae 045
 And The Dixie Chicks! We hope to add more chickens latter but we thought 4 would be a good number to start off with. The black ones lay spotted colored eggs! I can’t wait to cook with fresh eggs!
canton1.31, ellie mae 057
canton1.31, ellie mae 064


  1. I really think i need a goat to mow our big back yrad! Wonder what the neighbors would think?

    Thanks for your kind words. I am feeling better today, but not the 8pd wieght loss like I had hoped.

  2. Goats are so dad has 20+..and has raised them all my life....

  3. So excited for you. We love our chickens. We have about eighteen now. We just got six eggs today and for us that was good since it has been so cold.

    Is your goat a milk goat? She is a pretty thing.


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