Sunday, February 07, 2010

Follow Up to Parker’s Attack

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Just wanted to pop in and thank you for all your comments on my post about Parker’s attack. I know you’re busy ladies and I truly appreciate that you took the time the read through my post and leave thoughtful comments!
I’ve taken what you said to heart and have decided to write a letter to the owner of the dog. I really think it will give me the closure I’m looking for. A few of you mentioned that I needed to report the attack. After the attack happened I did file a report with the local pound. They took my statement and information on the dog. They said the dog needs two reports before it will removed from the owner. They wouldn’t tell me if there were previous reports filed but at least I know if something like this happens again there is already a file started for the dog. I had a hard time decided to do this. I don’t want to be cause of someone’s dog being removed but I felt that I needed to repot it in case something like this happens to someone else.
Thanks again for your comments. They really mean a lot to me!


  1. The sweet little guy! You did the right thing by filing the report. It was a necessary thing to do.


  2. I read the previous post related to this one. You did the right thing. You should write them a letter and explain they should heed the warning about getting their dog under control. I love animals and children and when I see either acting out, I consider the home it is in. That being said, you are doing them a favor, because if Parker had been a child and been seriously injured those people could lose their home in a law suit.
    I feel horrible for your little dog. I have two small dogs and one had his spirit broken before I found him on Craigs List.

  3. You did the right thing. Hopefully your reporting your situation will stop a much worse situation from happening.

  4. Glad you've decided to write to the other dog's owner. They really need to know how dangerous their animal is and how it affects other pet owners!

    Parker is adorable! I hope he continues to recover. :)


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