Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sometimes You Have to Cheat to Get to the Gym

I was working on our menu/grocery list when I had a………hummm,
let’s just call it an out of body experience.
Trist 2010 001

I looked in our overstuffed and very unorganized freezer to see what meats I had to work with and that’s when “IT” happened. I spotted a frozen package of cookie dough. Not just any cookie dough but turtle cookie dough. You know, the one with a caramel center and pecans on top. I had a package left over from a recipe I made a few weeks back. The plan was to keep it in the freezer and pull it out when an unexpected guest arrived. Sure was a nice idea until I blacked out…………..
Trist 2010 003

and woke up the sweet aroma of baking cookies! WHAT, how in the world did those get there? My sweet tooth must have taken over and forced me to do it, it wasn’t MY fault! No, I would never bake a whole batch of cookies just for me, especially when I’m cutting back my sugar intake. But there they were, smelling like heaven and looking delish! I couldn’t help myself (hanging my head in shame). I ate some and let me tell ya, they were just as delicious as they looked.
Trist 2010 005
After I devoured my sinful treat I felt awful. I had a sugar headache and was feeling gross. I’ve been cutting back my sugar intake and that was the first super sweet thing I had in weeks. I think my body was in a sweet shock. I couldn’t believe I ate them, ok yes I can they were delicious but still.
I knew I needed to do something to right my wrong. So, I guilted myself into hitting the gym headache and all. I did 45 minutes of cardio just enough to work off 1 cookie; too bad I had more than 1.
Trist 2010 007 

Trist 2010 009
Moral of this story is: Sometimes it takes a wrong to make it right. I cheated and ate cookies but it gave me them shove I needed to get my butt back in the gym!

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  1. High five for hitting the gym! I found myself in a bit of a cookie coma recently - minus the coma. I made a roll of Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough and ate the cookies for dinner. Okay, they lasted two days, but still! Shameful. :) But tasty. So how about your menu for the week looks really really good!! I'm curious about the chicken packets. Sounds yummy!

  2. They really look good...I can't say that I blame you!


  3. Working out with a headache is the worst! Good for you for getting in there and doing it.


  4. Hey at least you went! Most people would've just called it a day. You are adorable and refreshing Kendra!

  5. Ya gotta get back on the wagon and not let a weak cookie moment sidetrack you! Way to go.


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