Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day in Texas (lots of pictures)

This is unheard of in Texas! We’ve had a 3 day this winter with snow and I’m loving it. Seriously I never get tired of it. I looked out the window this morning and started jumping up and down. Here are a few pictures of our little Texas winter wonderland.
snow, vdaycards, primrose 2.10 073
snow, vdaycards, primrose 2.10 066
snow, vdaycards, primrose 2.10 061
snow, vdaycards, primrose 2.10 078
snow, vdaycards, primrose 2.10 080
snow, vdaycards, primrose 2.10 092
snow, vdaycards, primrose 2.10 122
Parker’s Favorite place in the yard! Yes we have one of these “beauties” right in front of our house. Not my favorite thing but Parker thinks he’s the luckiest dog in the world. snow, vdaycards, primrose 2.10 113
Abby hates being in the cold. She was hiding out under a chair.snow, vdaycards, primrose 2.10 139
snow, vdaycards, primrose 2.10 146
Don’t forget the golden rule……………….snow, vdaycards, primrose 2.10 128
snow, vdaycards, primrose 2.10 133
stay away from the yellow snow!!

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  1. Great photos! I'm sure snow is a welcoming sight for texans. It looks this way in Central NY for 5 months!! and we are SICK of it..haha

  2. you make the snow look so pretty! im almost fooled into thinking we should have some more! so ready for spring!

  3. Looks soooo PRETTY...we are getting it tonight here on the gulf that's odd.


  4. Thank you for sharing your snow day pics with us. I am hoping that maybe a few flurries will sprinkle this way. ..Your dogs are adorable!!

  5. Your pictures are beautiful!! I can't believe how much snow we are getting!!!

  6. Great pictures. I am with Abby - I do not like the cold! Bot of your fur babies are so cute.
    Stay warm!

  7. These are beautiful!!! I'm from FL :( no snow here. I love the pictures of your puppies...I have such a soft spot for dogs.
    Happy Thursday and warm wishes!

  8. I can't believe it has been snowing ALL DAY! It's so awesome....except the part where they didn't cancel school and I had to go to math...blah! I absolutley love the pic of parker!!!!!

  9. Parker looks so cute with the snow all over his face! The yellow snow...not so much! Eww! :P

  10. Beautiful pics.. Except for the last one, HA!

  11. Cute post! I have small little pups too. LOVE your snow pics! Funny, on Friday I took a pic of my dog in the snow by a hydrant. LOL!
    I added as a follower. I hope you might do the same, if you feel like it. No pressure.
    Stop by sometime!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville


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