Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just Because………

Here’s Where things are going to get a little random.  There are a few things I wanted to share but not really post worthy on their own so I thought I would mush them all together. It’s another “Just Because” post.
Thank You!!!-Y’all were so sweet and left such kind comments on my craft room post! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this silly little blog let alone leave a comment. It really brightens my day!! I hope you don’t get too tired of seeing the craft room because I still have a few craft room projects I want to share and I have a bit more decorating to do.
snow day 2010 022Here’s a picture of the first craft I did in my new space. I made Valentines for family and friends using things I already had on hand, wrapping, paper, sheet music, card stock and glitter. I had so much fun! It’s been ages since I made a Valentine. I just may make this a new tradition!
*Book Store Jackpot-I love book stores and could spend hours flipping through books. One of my favorite book stores is Half Price Books, it’s perfect for a thrifty gal like myself. I stopped in my local Half Price bookstore the other day and hit the jack pot!
Random blog2.2010 003 That’s right, your eyes are not deceiving you. I found these 2 Martha Stewart Annual Recipe cookbooks in the clearance section. They were $3.00 each! I about peed in my pants when I saw them. Their now the nicest cookbooks I own. The recipes sound so delicious. I can’t wait to start cooking from them!
Random blog2.2010 005 I also picked up these two bad boys for $3.00 each! Do you remember my post about the Night Huntress Series? I’m just in love with these books. I leant my copy of the 1st book to my aunt. It’s being passed around the family and as sad as I am to admit it I want to reread them so I picked up another copy. If you’re into these kind of books (and by these kind I mean awesome books ;o) ) give them a try....!caution! they are NOT for teens.
Craft Group: My gal pals are coming over again this weekend for another crafty get together. I like to practice what we are making so I’m able to help them. Here’s what were making…….
Random blog2.2010 013Fun huh! My favorite is the owl birthday card. I’ll be back next week with a few pictures from the event and a how-to. I pulled this craft right off the Martha Stewart website.

Are you tired of reading post about snow yet?- We had so much fun playing in the snow with my family. There were snow ball fights, snow Olympics, and hot coco. I won’t bore you with all the details but I did want to share a few pictures from the day. And really this is just a few….I took way too many.
snow day 2010 122

snow day 2010 224
snow day 2010 102
snow day 2010 126
  snow day 2010 092

snow day 2010 098
snow day 2010 239
snow day 2010 204


  1. I'm a little jealous of your snow! Love that coat by the way!

  2. You got some good deals on the cookbooks and looks like you all had fun in the snow.
    This is going to sound crazy but don't laugh! :-) Thank you for saying "I about peed in my pants" instead of "I about peed my pants". I see this so often and it is right up there with "I seen" instead of "I saw". Sorry - I just had to say that - carry on! :-)

  3. i LOVE the cards! Idk if you have the store Old Time Pottery i TX but I went to one here in Orlando today and thought of you. It's all home and decorating goodies but it was HUUUGE. I behaved and only got a few things but goodness, I could have redone my whole apartment. And the stuff is so cheap!

  4. Here are my random comments ; ), love the valentine's day cards. Great book site need to check it out. "Thanks a Latte" thats cute , which I could come over and you, looks like fun. I am sorry but I can't look at any more pictures of snow , its depressing me ....where is SPRING!!Thanks for sharing

  5. I love your blog. And I need to find a half price books out here- $3 for each of those books? So jealous right now.

    And the Night Huntress Series sounds like my kind of book. Thanks for the tip :)

  6. We had soooo much fun in the snow with you and Kent, even though he hit me in the mouth with a snowball!!! I feel honored to have won the first family snow Olympics!:) Can't wait until Craft day! See you Saturday. Tori wants to come, btw. Let me know if it is still okay. Love ya!


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