Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I Have a Secret……

I’ve been debating weather or not I was going to share this juicy secret
with you guys but as you can see I’ve deiced to spill the beans.

I was in Barnes and Noble killing sometime when a cheesy romance novel caught my eye. My exact thought was...."Why in the world do authors think silly, cheesy, covers (like the one I was holding in my hands, sorry Jeanine :o) will make people want to read their books?" "I would be embarrassed to read something with a cover like this in public.” But I flipped the book over to see what it was about and started to get interested and........yep, I bought it; even though I was a little embarrassed when I checked out (again, sorry Jeanine). Let me tell ya I am sooooo glad I put the cover aside and gave this series a chance because I am head over hills in love with it!!!!! I will even say that I LOVE these books more than Twilight. Yes I said it! I never thought that would be possible but I really do! I’ve torn through the first 3 books and am working on the 4th. The other great thing about this series is that it’s a continuing series so Jeanine Frost (the author) will continue to release more and more novels and I don’t have to say goodbye to the least not anytime soon!
The reason I was not too sure about sharing this little gem with you guys is because it’s an adult romance novel and as some of you know those usually come along with in depth sex scenes. This is NOT a book for teens. I even felt a little guilty reading it sometimes but hey let me be honest, I kind of liked it too! Sex is not the main drive of the book and is only sprinkled throughout every now and then so don’t let that turn your nose up.
I’m sure not many people are still reading at this point and I apologize that this is so long but trust me if you are a Twilight fan and an adult GIVE THIS SERIES A TRY!!!! It’s full of action, love, lust, and laughs.
Just because you guys are so awesome and this is my 100th post (I know I can’t believe it) I’m going to giveaway the 1st book in the series to 1 lucky winner. I’ll even make it easy for you.............
*Just leave a comment with a way for me to contact you. For a second chance to win tweet about this giveaway and come back here leave another comment letting me know that you just tweeted about our awesome giveaway. That’s it, easy-pezzy!*

Just to be fair: Please only enter this giveaway if you are actually going to read the book…..not add it to your pile of books to read. I need some peeps to dish over this book with!

If you’ve read or currently reading this series…..e-mail me!!!! I’m dying to talk about it with someone.

I’ll announce a winner on January 10th
PS… I’m going to a Twilight party this weekend. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures to share next week.
Series Title: Night Huntress
Author: Jeanine Frost
Books: 1-Half Way to the Grave, 2-One Foot in the Grave, 3-At Grave's End, 4-Destined For An Early Grave


  1. I'm so glad you posted this! I love finding a new author to read!

  2. I love new book ideas! I am in the process of ordering some right now :)

    ps- love your new profile pic!

  3. Ok, I'm posting a comment to be entered into the drawing....I'm not a Twilighter...but you make this book sound SO good! I'm willing to try her out. Good luck to me :)

  4. I think these would be totally cool to read! I LOVE books! LOL! Just ask my boyfriend! I can be contacted if I was to win (yeah right) through my Blogspot.

  5. I'm always looking for a new book to read. I Love Twilight!!! So, I'll take your word on this. I would love to start reading. misskatie81atgmaildotcom

  6. Oh Kendra - if you only posted this two days ago! I just ordered Dead Until Dark (aka True Blood) because I wanted to read another vampirey book, lol. Count me in for the drawing. I'd love to read this one too.

    kristin [at] prudentandpractical [dot] com

  7. I just tweeted out a message too with your handle so you should get a mention. My twitter is @Kristin_PandP

  8. I love the Twilight series and have been dying to find something as good to read. Thanks for letting me know about these books!

  9. You should check out the Sookie Stackhouse novels. They are the basis for True Blood on HBO, which is way better than twilight. They are more adult, like you said about those books you are reading.

  10. Um, ok I read these in NO time at all because I LOVED them! Plus they were like $6 each on the Kindle so how could I just not click and buy all 4?! I know you love your bookstores but I am 100% a Kindle girl...

    Anyway, I believe her newest one comes out this month (if it hasn't already). Its about her human friend and Spade...I can't wait to read it!


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