Monday, January 25, 2010

Cleaning the Blinds

There has been a lot cleaning and organizing going on around here.
I got this bad boy cleaned out
cmas09 033
We can finally get to our plastic containers without them all falling out of the cabinet.
When we moved into our home we lined all the shelves and drawers with linoleum tiles. To read more about it click HERE.  
cmas09 018
And I finally cleaned the dreaded blinds in the kitchen. They are awful, I mean really awful! We have 2 windows in our kitchen. The oil from cooking mixed with dust and made a nice paste on our blinds. It was a disgusting. I tried scrubbing them, washing them, nothing would get it off. So I opened them just right so I couldn’t see the how gross they were and forgot about it; or tried to, it still drove me nuts.
  I bought some of this                                  to clean this ………..
cleaningblings2           cleaningblings1
and thought hummm I wonder if it would work on my pasty blinds? 
This picture doesn't capture just how gross they were.   
I gave them a little spray and wiped them down and like magic
the nastiness was gone! Look closely at the paper towel….yuck!
blinds4 09 040 
I can now leave my blinds open and not have a freak attack about how filthy they are. If you give this a try be sure to open the windows and wear a mask. I skipped the mask and I pretty sure I lost what brain cells I had left that day.

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  1. Wow, everything looks great! Thank for the inspiration! I am tackling my closet today! =) ~Liz


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