Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Few Things Around the House that Make Me Smile

We all have them. We’ve all made them part of our everyday life and without them things just might not be as easy. I’m talking about little gadgets or tips that we’ve taken on and made a part of our home. I thought it would be nice to share a few things around the house that make me smile; not because they are pretty but because they make my life a little simpler.

I know it's silly but I sure love my Splenda bowl! I use to keep Splenda in a baggie tucked away in a cabinet. Now it’s much easier to get to and if a guest needs a little sweetener for tea or coffee they are able to find it.

Ahh my Keurig! I’m still not sure if I’m pronouncing it right when I talk about to friends or family. Even though it has a crazy name…..I still love it! I use this guy on a daily basis. I’m the only coffee drinker in our home so this single serve coffee maker is a genius do-dad for a house hold like ours!

All you do is lift a little handle, insert your coffee pod, and within second (I’m not kidding, seconds) you have a fresh steaming cup of joe. This also comes in handy when we’re entertaining. They even have pods for tea and hot coco.

No, I’m not getting some type of kick back for talking about this product. I just really love it!

You may think this is just an ugly plastic pitcher and you’re right, it’s not very attractive but I love it! In the South we're BIG ice tea drinkers. Other pitches I used in the past were too open and would allow my tea to go bad very quickly. I found this guy at Walmart one day and had no idea just how awesome he would be. He’s made by Sterilite and cost around $3.00. The cool thing about this pitcher is the lid is a tupperware type lid which keeps my tea very fresh. It also has little spout that closes and locks into place after you use it. One last thing, notice the shape? It works great for a packed fridge.

This is inside my bathroom cabinet. I use a Lazy Susan (purchased at Ikea) to hold all my girly products. I use to have them on my counter top which was not pretty. This way my bathroom counter is not cluttered and I can easily find what I need by spinning the Lazy Susan.

When we first moved into our home we lined every shelf, drawer, and cabinet with laminate tiles. I went to Home Depot and found the cheapest tiles that were not too ugly and stocked up. I rallied a few friends and we tackled the project together.

I can’t tell you how many times these little tiles have saved me from a huge headache. They stay in place unlike contact paper and are a sinch to wipe down. They were super easy to install and very cost effective.

We have little dogs that love to lay on the couch. When they do this they leave little doggy hairs behind. That’s when this guy comes in handy. Never fear PET SPONGE is here! Just a few swipes and all the dog hair is gone. “Where does it go” you may ask. That’s where my next item comes in.......

I HATE sweeping! All the floors on the lower level of our home are either tile or laminate which I love, but that means I have to do a lot of sweeping. See the cream color rug in the picture? It sheds more than our dogs! If you don’t have a Swiffer Sweeper I would recommend it. I can sweep my floors in half the time and it’s very easy to maneuver. I’m cheap or "frugal" however you want to say it so I use the sweeping pad multiple times. I just remove the hair and dust and it’s ready to go for the next sweeping session.

What are some items that you use around the house to make your life simpler? Do you have any of the items I talked about above? If so, what do you think about them? Please let me know in your comment :o)
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  1. I have the exact same pitcher! I totally agree that it's the perfect container for iced tea. That's what I've been using mine for :) I have been wanting a Keurig ever since I saw it demo'ed on QVC last year. I never would have thought of lining drawers with laminate tiles...what a great idea!

  2. Okay, I have one! I actually use old wash cloths in on my swiffer to wet mop. I dip the cloth into Lysol water, sqeeze it out and stick it into those four little holes. I rinse it several times in the L. water during the mopping and toss it in the washer and dryer. Of course, I have a special stack of cloths just for this chore.
    I loved all of your tips and I love that you left such a nice comment for me.

  3. I have the same pitcher and use it for sweet tea also. I love the Lazy Susan for the bathroom. I have one in my kitchen, but never thought to put one in the bathroom. I will have to try the pet sponge for all the dog hair in our house. Thanks for the tips and ideas!

  4. I love the tile idea instead of using contact paper. I think I'll try that. Thanks!

  5. What a neat idea to use tiles to line the shelves and drawers! I never would have thought of it. I also love the idea of a lazy susan for the HBA.

  6. I love the tile idea for the drawers!! You rock!

  7. I have an award for you on my blog!

  8. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  9. I have the same pitchers from WM! Love um! One for my peach tea and one for my husbands lemon aide.

  10. I love my floor duster too. I have similar narrow juice pitchers from Tupperware. Have had them for many years and love them too. I joined the linky party and would love if you stopped by.

  11. The Sci-Fi coffee pot is the bomb! My friend has one.

    And that was smart about lining your cabinets with the laminate.

    Thanks for coming by and playing!

  12. I'm going to line my cabinets with tile, thanks for the idea.

  13. What a great idea about the tiles.

    I second that Splenda pick!

  14. Responding late to this post, but I have that same pitcher & use it for our iced tea too.


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