Friday, October 28, 2011

Something I Thought I MUST Document -Lost CF Card: Part 2


I’m always taking random pictures. Pictures that I look back at and think what in the world!

When I saw this on the lost CF card I was confused at 1st……. then it clicked!


The last episode of the Oprah show!

That’s worthy of documenting, right? That’s me watching it from our living room!


If you missed part 1 click HERE

I’ll be back Monday with part 3: From the Garden

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Taking Cover – Lost CF Card Part: 1

I found my missing CF card! I lost hope then BAM out of the blue it appeared. Well it was actually under a stack of papers on my desk. I cleaned my office last week and found it…..WOOOO HOOO!

As soon as I found it in I popped it the computer to see what was on the card and came across some funny pictures I totally forgot about!

Sooooo this leads me to our 3 part series….The Lost CF Card Pictures! Sounds super intriguing huh?


Part 1: Taking Cover …….

We live in Texas.

Taking cover during tornado season is just part of our lives!
Some if us (KENT) are more fearful of tornadoes than others. Kent worries enough for the both of us when it comes to storms! He doesn’t even want me parking the car anywhere near our fence in fear that our fence will blow over and hit our car during a rain storm.

Yes I said rain storm. He’s not only concerned about tornadoes. It’s pretty much all storms in general.

I take more of a lackadaisy approach to the whole thing. Why worry? I’ll let my sweet hubby take care of that!


So here we are, taking cover again. 
Kent said this was going to be it! 
This ONE was for real.  

I’m not going to lie I kind of fell for it this time. I even grabbed my must have itmes.



Our “safe place” is in our1/2 bathroom. It’s teeny tiny and has VERY bad lighting so let me apologize for that in advance!

Water bottle
Pop light, you know in case the flash light runs out
Water bottle



Bringing your husband when you take cover is very important!
Kent thought the rain boots were a joke. I told him he would be jealous if we had a flood and my feet were nice and dry.




My purse was full of snacks and makeup!




Ninja always takes cover with us! I usually just hold him but since this was for REALLLL I thought I should bring his little travel cage and some food. Kent said Ninja could just eat some of our snacks if need be BUT bunnies have very sensitive systems so I chose to pack a bag of bunny food and hay!

Awww isn’t he just the cutest thing!



Abby took cover as well. Can you tell who she’s taking cover behind? If you’ve been following along for awhile I’m sure you can take a good guess! 


What does one do when they take cover?




Play on your phone………





and take silly pictures of each other!
I guess I didn’t think it was important to put on makeup on before we hid from the big bad storm.


The storm passed and no tornado!
I love Kent so I’ll let him keep his role of resident weatherman even though he can be a little dramatic sometimes!

Question for you!
What are your MUST HAVE items that you would
pack if you had to take cover?
Leave your answer in your comment or stop by my facebook fan page and leave a comment. I would love to know what your must have items are!



Lost CF Card Pics: Part 2 
Coming up tomorrow  
“A Moment in Time that I Guess was Something I Thought Should be Documented”

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Gussied up Notebook and Calendar

I picked up these notebooks from Goodwill for $.25 cents a pop and the mini calendar from Hobby Lobby for $1.00.

Yes I prefer to keep up with important dates the old fashion way……pen and paper!

Since I’ll be using these items in for work I wanted them to match my branding so I gave them a little love using things I already had on hand.




I picked out coordinating scrapbook paper pulled out the trusty Mod Podge and went to town! 




Tip: When I’m using Mod Podge I always get out my rolling pin. In fact I use my rolling pin (which I bought at Goodwill by the way) more for crafting than baking. Use the rolling pin to roll out any air bubbles that may be trapped under the paper. This will help with wrinkling!  They make a mini version of this just for scrapbooking but why buy that when I already have this honker!




And there ya have it! Simple, easy, and cute!


I added a couple die cut Ks….well because my name is Kendra and my business is Kendra Pryor Photography. Makes sense right?


This would make a cute gift as well! You could include a matching pen and a pack highlighters!



Side note:
I’ve found some really cute clothes at Goowill lately!
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

When Beauty Stops you in your Tracks

I took this during a walk in the countryside with my mom and my hubby (Kent) last weekend. This sight made my stop in my tracks…..which happens often especially when I have my camera in hand. My walking buddies continued their walk while I got lost in my own little world.

A world that I love.

A world that calms me.

A world that makes me forget about all the craziness going on in my life.

A world that’s just me, my camera, and beauty.

This moment made me think of my favorite quote…….


“If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things in nature have a message you understand, Rejoice, for your soul is alive.”
- Eleanora Duse

I would say my soul is alive and kicking!
What about you?




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Monday, October 17, 2011

Ninja the Bunny is a Model



I hosted Halloween mini sessions over the weekend and just I couldn’t help myself….

I had to snap a few pictures of little Ninja before I cleaned everything up.

He was soooo stinking good!

He has this whole modeling thing down! I always have a camera jammed in his face which I guess is paying off because he just sat there and let me snap away. I even put him in his Halloween costume for a few pics.

YES, I got him a Halloween costume! You can laugh all you want but wait until you see how cute he looks, then you’ll want to apologize!



Another one of Ninja’s modeling pictures.

He’s so fancy!

Poor thing probably hates when I have mini sessions at the house because he knows what’s coming next!

I’m doing Valentines mini sessions towards the end of January. Maybe I’ll dress him up as cupid for those pictures.

I’m  kidding….

or am I?


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Friday, October 07, 2011

Staph is Scary

Last Wednesday Kent and I were heading home from a dinner at a friends house. Our bellies were full and were happy after having a fun night with our buddies.

I got a call from my mom on the way home.

She said that my brother was in the hospital…
had to have emergency surgery…
and the doctors did not think outcome was going to be good.


He was being tough and thought he could fight whatever it was that was making him so sick  all on his own…..WRONG!

IMG_9843-editfbMe, my brother, my niece, my mom, my brother’s girl friend

His kidneys shut down, his blood pressure was dangerously low,  and his body had gone into septic shock.

If he pulled through they thought he have to be on dialysis….




You see my brother is  a carefree guy. I could tell you “Crazy Brandon Stories” for hours on end.

I refer to him as cat with 9 lives. Although I think he’s surpassed his extra lives by far. 

Due to his carefree mentality he’s been in the hospital, ICU in fact several times.

But this time was different…….

I was scared. It was hard seeing my big strong brother so sick.




He had fallen victim to staph infection, a very, very nasty one at that.

The infection started in is leg.

During his surgery they removed a large amount of flesh and muscle.

The incision is still open, my bro is still in the hospital but out of the ICU, his body is still fighting off the infection.

His doctor told me if he waited any longer to go to the E.R he would of have died. He said he was shocked that he pulled through and only with a few minor issues.

He leg will never look the same.
He will need some rehabilitation.
But he’s able to walk and did not end up needed dialysis.

My bro sure gave us a good scare.


Warning the picture under this one is GROSS! Don’t look if you have a queasy stomach.



This next picture is really gross so I’m going to leave it small so you don’t get too grossed out…..cause I’m nice like that….and your welcome! Winking smile


The doctors left his incision open.

They’re still trying to decide how they want to close it up as it’s fairly wide and long.

They have him attached to a wound vac which pretty much suctions out all the grossness from his incision 24/7.

My brother has to carry it around wherever he goes. Not that he’s going far but still….
Isn’t it pretty? BLAH!




He gets better every day! 

He’s coloring is starting to return to his skin and he’s getting his sense of humor back!

Love him to pieces.

He will always be my crazy brother that’s cheated death on more than one occasion.





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