Thursday, October 27, 2011

Taking Cover – Lost CF Card Part: 1

I found my missing CF card! I lost hope then BAM out of the blue it appeared. Well it was actually under a stack of papers on my desk. I cleaned my office last week and found it…..WOOOO HOOO!

As soon as I found it in I popped it the computer to see what was on the card and came across some funny pictures I totally forgot about!

Sooooo this leads me to our 3 part series….The Lost CF Card Pictures! Sounds super intriguing huh?


Part 1: Taking Cover …….

We live in Texas.

Taking cover during tornado season is just part of our lives!
Some if us (KENT) are more fearful of tornadoes than others. Kent worries enough for the both of us when it comes to storms! He doesn’t even want me parking the car anywhere near our fence in fear that our fence will blow over and hit our car during a rain storm.

Yes I said rain storm. He’s not only concerned about tornadoes. It’s pretty much all storms in general.

I take more of a lackadaisy approach to the whole thing. Why worry? I’ll let my sweet hubby take care of that!


So here we are, taking cover again. 
Kent said this was going to be it! 
This ONE was for real.  

I’m not going to lie I kind of fell for it this time. I even grabbed my must have itmes.



Our “safe place” is in our1/2 bathroom. It’s teeny tiny and has VERY bad lighting so let me apologize for that in advance!

Water bottle
Pop light, you know in case the flash light runs out
Water bottle



Bringing your husband when you take cover is very important!
Kent thought the rain boots were a joke. I told him he would be jealous if we had a flood and my feet were nice and dry.




My purse was full of snacks and makeup!




Ninja always takes cover with us! I usually just hold him but since this was for REALLLL I thought I should bring his little travel cage and some food. Kent said Ninja could just eat some of our snacks if need be BUT bunnies have very sensitive systems so I chose to pack a bag of bunny food and hay!

Awww isn’t he just the cutest thing!



Abby took cover as well. Can you tell who she’s taking cover behind? If you’ve been following along for awhile I’m sure you can take a good guess! 


What does one do when they take cover?




Play on your phone………





and take silly pictures of each other!
I guess I didn’t think it was important to put on makeup on before we hid from the big bad storm.


The storm passed and no tornado!
I love Kent so I’ll let him keep his role of resident weatherman even though he can be a little dramatic sometimes!

Question for you!
What are your MUST HAVE items that you would
pack if you had to take cover?
Leave your answer in your comment or stop by my facebook fan page and leave a comment. I would love to know what your must have items are!



Lost CF Card Pics: Part 2 
Coming up tomorrow  
“A Moment in Time that I Guess was Something I Thought Should be Documented”

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  1. lololol.. I never take much of anything when we're locked in the bathroom for tornado's. I always grab my purse and make sure my laptop + phone is charged in case the power goes out. Oh, and my kids and the dogs. Haha!

  2. Whoa! I could NOT imagine being in a tornado! Earthquakes are quite enough for me thankyouverymuch! Hmm, what could I take if I had to leave/shelter in an emergency....
    - Poppy (cat)
    - Laptop/camera/iPod/phone
    - Photos/scrapbooks
    - Gumboots/raincoat/warm clothes etc
    - Also probably other stuff that I can't think of straight away.


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